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The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 11x05 "Thin Lizzie"

-by sweetondean

Sooooo have we all come down off our "Baby" high? NO! NEVER! EVER! Yeah. Pretty much that.
But we've got to get ready, because it's already time for another episode! Don't you love it when we're at the beginning of the season and we have lovely new episodes every week? Weeeeee! It's the best! let's kick off the preview!


They sang
They talked family
They hunted things
They ate burritos
They Jerk/Bitched each other (which sounds vaguley dirty when said like that)
Oh yeah, and they found out the monsters are scared of The Darkness and that it's most definitely coming! Thanks for the intel, Matt Cohen!

Lizzie Borden took an axe, and gave her mother forty whacks.
When she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty-one.

Ooooooooo it looks like a good old ghost hunt...maybe. Probably not.

Let's check out the synopsis!

"Thin Lizzie” 
JARED GERTNER GUEST STARS — Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a series of murders at a local B&B that also happens to be Lizzie Borden’s old home. When a local man, Len (guest star Jared Gertner), tells them he saw a little girl around the B&B around the time of the murders, the brothers realize Amara (guest star Yasmeene Ball) may be responsible. Rashaad Ernesto Green directed the episode written by Nancy Won (#1105). 

This episode is the first from writer, Nancy Won. She previously worked on Being Human (amongst other things) which was Jeremy Carver's project before rejoining Supernatural. This is Rashaad's second episode of Supernatural, having directed the season 10 episode, "The Inside Man".

And this is cute!

Lizzie Borden, for anyone who doesn't know, was a historical figure, who in 1892 was charged with, but acquitted of the axe murders of her father and step mother. No one was ever charged with the murders and Lizzie Borden to this day remains the popular suspect. She lived out her life in the town where the murders took place, dying in 1927. The poem above isn't quite right, by the way, her step mother sustained 18-19 axe blows, her father 11.

Right, history aside! Let's take a look at the promo from the CW.

I have to say, it looks like fun! And in case you missed it - Dean is the one tied up for a change!

We have a CHCH promo this week.

Yep. That doesn't give us any more. NEXT!

The sneak peek.

Sam's face when they talk about danishes, cracked me up, because that's seriously what you do when a conversation is happening around you and you're listening in without being involved. I would totally pull that face. And eat all the danishes. Then Dean's smart ass comment at the end, and Sam's "you smart ass" look at him. I totally would have that exact conversation with my brother, for reasons of he's my brother, so I like to tease him. Lighter sassy Dean is welcome back. And I've always loved Sam's disapproving face. He can cast shade with one look! Bless him.

So, really, this looks like the first, true, monster of the week episode - "Baby" doesn't count because it was so much more than that, and a concept episode and of course, there was a whopping gob of mytharc in the lovely shape of Matt Cohen. 

However, I bet there's more conversations of an important nature, because these promo pics...which I may love! A lot.

Looks like a BM to me. That's definitely Dean's BM eyebrow! And look how good Baby looks. So dent free and shiny! Dean's done a great job of restoring her! Lucky they have another 7 for parts! Oh wait. That's the show. Confusing reality 

In other gosh they're pretty.

Okay! Here's The Carver's preview!

So we will see some Darkness stuff too! I love a MOTW episode that still checks in with the season mythology. The boys get to find out what that nasty soul sucking Darkness has been up to! Is the murderer one of her sucked out soul victims? Will there be more visions? (Will we get more clues? P-leeeeease?) 

Yay! Supernatural day!

Enjoy the episode!

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