Saturday, 7 November 2015

SUPERNATURAL THINK TANK - Theories and Thinky Thoughts on Supernatural 11x05 "Thin Lizzie"

-by Anna

I do so enjoy the creepy eps and this episode had that creepy feel to it.  I really enjoyed Nancy Won's first episode and I look forward to more from her.  Brother banter, creepy kid, psycho babysitter, it pretty much had it all.  I must say, the boys are looking more and more handsome with each episode. I think the original format agrees with them both. As dark as these eps have been, they seem to be glowing...I wonder if this is intentional.....the boys representing the light.

As far as monster of the week eps go, it's always the most discomforting when the monster turns out to be a human.  The Benders, Thinman....just your basic crazy homicidal maniacs and yet I find that scarier than any ghost or werewolf or changeling or even the darkness for that matter.  This episode calls back to Dean's quip "Demons I get, people are crazy." Sometimes it's actually the people themselves. It's a truth in life that some people are just born bad. In this case though, it's different...this time the crazy is brought on by Amara.

Crazy, is that even the right word Indifference? Darkness? Emptiness? Somehow I find this worse than those who kill out of hatred or jealousy or greed. Those who kill out of hatred or insanity, they have a reason, whether or not that reason is a sane one is another matter, but it's something that can be stopped if caught in time. One who hates can change. One who is mentally ill, there is a possibility for change... greed, jealousy, malice, it's senseless and tragic but there still lies the chance that one can be sorry. What Amara does to people, sucking out their souls, their moral compass, causing those she attacks to be indifferent, to kill simply because they can, because they're free to do so, to have no feeling one way or the other, that's a scary concept...that's a world on the brink of nothingness...what's left of a world when one no longer cares about anything? The Darkness was borne of emptiness and thrives in it. Her plan seems to be to recreate the empty from which she came from, to create a world of darkness...of nothing. She's far worse than those who longed for the Apocalypse because at least with the Apocalypse, there would be paradise. There would be something. She most definitely is one that needs to be destroyed before she systematically destroys everyone, one soul at a time. 

Amara is all kinds of bad and she's totally creepy in that Children of the Corn kind of way. She had me thinking though when she had noted to herself that she would see Dean real soon. As I often do when I watch Supernatural, my mind began to wonder and all these thoughts come swimming in my head. As I watched Amara watching the boys drive off, I started to think about Dean and Benny....I know, how the hell does that happen? In my mind it totally can.....LOL....I got to thinking about what she said about her and Dean being bonded. I started to wonder if it's more like the same kind of reciprocal relationship Dean had with Benny. Dean didn't kill Benny because he needed him to help him get out of purgatory. Benny didn't kill Dean because he needed him to get out of purgatory and he can only get out through Dean. They needed each other. It was a reciprocal type relationship. Now I wonder if Dean and Amara have the same type of relationship. We know that Dean wants to kill Amara, but perhaps he can't, maybe that's what she means when she tells him that they are connected. It could be that the fact that he had the mark for as long as he did and now she bears it, that she got it from him, it connects them in a way that prevents him physically from harming her, even if he wants to do it.

This idea of course led me to another. Sam. If the Darkness is bonded to Dean in some way, what does that mean for Sam? Sam wants to stop the Darkness, hell he needs to. He feels responsible for its release and believes it's on him to make it right again. When it comes times for the boys to come head to head with Amara, will Dean try to stop Sam? Will Amara be able to control Dean...even to the point of getting Dean to hurt Sam? 

This leads me to this. Perhaps Death isn't dead at all. I don't think he is. Maybe, just maybe what happened in that saloon was a test. A test for Dean Winchester to see whether or not his love for his brother, his love for his family is stronger than the MOC and it's call for his brother's blood. I think Dean passed the test. I think it's very significant that Dean chose family, he chose Sam. This could very well be a foreshadow for what's to come.

The way I see it, Sam has always represented the light, more importantly, Dean's light. My thought is that the fact that Dean's love for his family and more importantly his brother is in fact stronger than the MOC itself, this is what will enable Dean to beat the darkness...Dean's love for Sam will trump the connection to her.

The Big Picture: This all goes back to my theory that everything that's happened to the boys has happened for a reason, even the crappy stuff. The way I look at it, God knew once Lucifer passed the mark to Cain that eventually the Darkness would be released. I think the order that Sam and Dean Winchester be born came from God himself. These two human brothers, who's love for free will, family and most of all each other have helped them not only stop the end of the world, but have helped them overcome their own darkness within...a battle they needed to fight and win if they were going to be able to fight against the Darkness. Each and every event that these boys have been through have all led them to where they are now....God has tested them in many ways and these Winchesters always come out on top...battered and bruised at times, but always together, always stronger and always ready to fight another day. I think the last few season especially have been preparing the boys for their biggest battle yet and with each and every episode, I am more and more confident that Amara is not long for this world. 

After all, as Jared pointed out......We're not the Losechesters

That's all for this week.

Hope you enjoy the read.


  1. Anna, love your theories, love the way you love the show, as much as Amy and as much as I love this show... you see what I see in the boys, in the story, I do love that there are - still - some of us, who, come rain or high water, we still LOVE THE SHOW, thank you, thank you so very much... I already had so much fun with this blog, now the fun is doubled... Tks for sharing you ideas and thoughts with us - and me... Have a great week.

  2. Thank you so very much. I've been with show since Day 1, ten years ago....and it's been an amazing ride. These two boys and this show have done so much for so many....they've saved lives, they inspire, they make us laugh, they make us cry, they help us love....they've created friendships....they are a miracle and i'm proud to be a part of it.

    I love everything about this show and about these boys. I've always been a glass half full type, but this show, this show has always brought out the positive in fills me with such joy, that I want to spread it so everyone can feel as happy as I do. It's not always easy...there are a lot of unhappy fans at times, a lot of negativity....and I've always tried to show the positive side....Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.....but Supernatural always keeps me's inspirational...

    I'm so glad that you enjoy my theories and thinky thoughts...I do so love hearing other people's thoughts as well. I'm so grateful to be given the chance by Amy to be able to just throw ideas out there for us to speculate about...a place that's positive and safe and fun...

    would so love to hear your theories...til next week