Saturday, 17 October 2015

Review - Supernatural 11x02 "Form and Void"

That was one hell of an episode! Wasn’t it? I was so stressed. Like super stressed. TENSE! I didn’t even realise until how freaked out I was until the episode ended and my shoulders seemed to be up around my neck and I was clutching a pillow to my heart! OMG! OUR SHOW IS AMAZING!

“Form and Void” left me a little formless, like a jittery, melty, puddle of anxious! I loved it. It was scary…like I was spooked out! Creepy kids do that to me…creepy babies even more so! It was like watching a horror movie! Every little beat of drama was right on the money, and the pace kept ratcheting up. It was unrelenting and really damn awesome.

I never like it when the bros are apart and aren’t fighting shoulder to shoulder, but I do like it when they’re apart, yet still feel very totally together. There was never a time where I was pining for them to be physically in the same space, because, well I couldn’t really breathe for an hour, and when they are emotionally connected, as they are now, I don’t notice the physical distance between them. They still feel like one unit. I love it when they are together, even when's so them!

Sam, oh Sam. SamFuckinMacGyverWinchester. I think we all have a bit of a kink for the boys being highly capable. Smart Winchesters are my favourite kind of Winchesters. Or maybe it’s funny Winchesters. Or badass Winchesters. Or emotional Winchesters. DO NOT MAKE ME CHOOSE BECAUSE I LOVE THEM ALL! But Sam, in the hardware store, grabbing bits and pieces to battle the Rabids. SO COOOOL. That makeshift cattle proddish device he concocted was brilliant. As was bucket speaker! And working out the Holy Oil thing was Sam at his brainiac best. The Holy Oil toasted marshmallow (okay, gauze bandage)! I loved it! So glad Dean decided to slip that ancient urn into the duffle!

Oh and Sam's prayer in the chapel *sniffle* praying for his brother because he deserves a life…oh Sammy, you both do…but how I loved that he was thinking of Dean in that moment. I thought it was because he wasn’t sure right then and there if he’d ever see Dean again…so he prayed for him to be okay. Oh I’m going to make myself cry! The weight of the guilt Sam’s obviously feeling over releasing the Darkness on the world is obviously heavy, but as he said last week, he’d do it again to save Dean and I’m sure the fact that he knows that, also weighs on him…

Sam has always had a connection to God, outside of the obvious vessel status! He surprised Dean way back in season 2’s Houses of the Holy, when he said he prayed every day. Even though the brothers both know that God has not always been there for, well anyone, Sam still has faith and hope and that's something so beautiful and Sam Winchestery, and I dearly hope that he will never ever change.

Running into Billie the Reaper, as he did, felt super troubling. I think I winced when she talked about how Sam and Dean can die now. It felt like a point was being made by the show. All bets are off and the stakes are back up to eleven. The Winchesters can die again…not that I expect them to…but the risks have been elevated, if not for us, certainly for the boys. They've always had that get out of dead free card, but not anymore, and that'll make them even more protective of each other's back!

I liked Billie a lot. I liked hearing her to sing O Death. I found that super powerful. Like humming while she worked – a song that we know so well and is deeply rooted in the show’s mythology around Death and the Reapers. The shadowy hand reaching for the dead Rabid. Her anger at Sam and Dean. Her threat to let them drift off into the Empty…which does not sound good! And then telling Sam that he was unclean, in the biblical sense. Of all the things to say to Sam! The boy with demon blood, the boy born to be the Devil’s vessel in the Apocalyptic war; I don’t know that I could think of anything worse.

Billie was creepy and scary and sexy and powerful and I hope she is a reaper we see again. I’ve always loved the reapers. I love their place in the Supernatural Universe and I love the relationship we and the Winchesters have developed with them. They are shadowy. Not good. Not bad. Pragmatic. Frightening. I’m sure Sam was well wigged out by what Billie said. I hope he fills Dean in. Pretty sure he’s not going to tell his brother about being infected – though I see that as Sam proving to himself as much as anything, that he can do this, and do it without putting Dean at threat. How could he know that he wouldn’t be so far gone, he’d turn on his brother? I saw this as Sam in protection mode as much as anything. I wonder if he’ll tell Dean about his freaky visions, or like Dean and his Darkness visions, maybe he’s keeping that little nugget close until he can work out what they are. They had to be cage visions though right?? Cage memories - he looked like he was being hung on hooks, like Dean was in Hell. Or were the visions being sent to Sam from the cage? I mean, the whole mention of the cage is a big deal. Now Sam’s having these visions. Sam is right to yell out, “What the hell does that mean?!” I loved that scene though, as mysterious as it was, because the whole cage thing being back in play has me salivating.

Deaaaannnnnnnnn OMG. This character. He was soft and badassed and sassy and heroic and all the things I love. Plus he’s so damn handsome, I can’t even. Him walking down the hallway, all bowlegs and fury, GUH. Holy cow.

The whole chicks dig me. Then the spin around back to rescue Jenna. All so Dean. How I've missed him. I loved that he was snacking in the car on his way back to Sam! And that he rang Sam to get his thoughts on the Rosemary’s Baby thing going on back at Jenna’s grandmas. The way Dean can just roll with his situation has always been one of my favourite traits of his. Not much fazes him. He just gets on with it. He already feels in a much better place, emotionally speaking, and though you know he’s wigged out by all the Darkness stuff, and harbouring his own level of guilt over the Darkness and Mark of Cain stuff, the shift in him is palatable. I love it. I was worried when we got back to the bunker and he saw the pile of books he’d be all…oh God the things I did…but he was, WE NEED A MAID (I offer myself as Tribute!). Bless Dean Winchester. I love this move back to a less dark Dean, and Jensen plays the subtle shift magnificently. Not enough to be jarring, but enough to notice and feel right.

His post breakup banter with Crowley was super fun. Those two can out eye roll and snark the world! Dean’s face when he saw Crowley…and his ebbing tolerance as Crowley made him wait while he finished his tea. Every single conversation between them was magic. Velma. Gold!

Having Crowley almost back to his evil bastard self is great. I say almost, because he didn’t kill Dean and I’m pretty sure he wasn’t bored when soulless Jenna had Dean pinned. I don’t think Crowley is ready to kill the elder Winchester, at least not just yet. Their breakup is still fresh after all! Same goes for Dean not killing Crowley. Though I also think Dean knows that at least with Crowley, they have a pretty good idea what they’re getting, and getting into. Better the devil you know, and all that jazz.

Then finishing the episode with Crowley luring the creepy, now a little more grow’d up, Darkness child into the van with the promise of treats ­– being souls – was all kinds of wrong, and yet so right. Ewww. I think Crowley may have bitten off more than he can chew.

I was sad that we lost Jenna, I liked her and already had visions of her joining forces with Jody and Donna! I was also sad that we lost Hannah…though not those other angels.

How did dickheads like these guys become angels anyway? I mean, surely you have to have a trace of decency to be an angel! They were total tools. And sure I know they have a slanted opinion of Cas due to his patchy history of late with Heaven, and killing all the angels, then the whole Metatron thing...but still... DICKS! 

I’m so glad Cas lost his shit and killed the pair of them, because badassed Cas rocks, and dick angels need to DIE! And they killed Hannah, and there was obviously still a connection between our trench coat wearing friend and his old sidekick, even if she did betray Cas here. The actor who played Hannah the last two times we saw her, was wonderful. I'm sad to lose the angel and both the actors associated with her.

And thank goodness Cas bee lined it to the Bunker – which he either has a key to or Sam left unlocked when he went to meet Dean - or the door is still busted after the Stynes. Yeah, probably that. He still can’t zap without the tattered wings, so he must have driven to the Bunker and then let himself in! Maybe there’s a key in a fake rock in the garden out front! Heh. Anyhooo…glad he’s safe with the boys and hopefully, hopefully, they can help him sort out this attack dog spell business. 

This was a chock-a-block, action packed,  roller-coaster of an episode. A show delivering its A game. It looked gorgeous and sounded amazing. How was that music? Especially at the backend of the ep! That was a very different music choice, but worked so well and increased the we needed it. There was an amazing sense of flow from one scene to the next, via a sharp edit that often had the audio from the incoming or outgoing shot, playing under the surrounding shot. You'd hear Crowley start talking under the outgoing shot of Cas, for example. This made it feel like the action was all happening at the same time, in the same time period. The scenes also got shorter and shorter, giving a sense of increased urgency. Nice job. Sorry, for the technical, but as well as producing, I also edit my promos! 

I remember at the start of season 10, we had Carver and Dabb episodes leading off the season, and we’ve had this once again and what a treat. Andrew Dabb’s “Reichenbach” was one of my favourite season 10 episodes, and his “Form and Void” feels like it’s going to be a favourite too. So much happened, but it felt cohesive and beautifully paced. Such good storytelling. We have a terrifying Big Bad in a creepy little body! We have the King of Hell feeling like a threat again. We have a new Reaper that is pissed with the Winchesters and feels otherworldly and scary. We have Cas being all stabby, but in a good way, even though he’s in a really bad way. And we have the Winchesters, on solid footing with each other and being pretty damn smart and awesome (if a little secretive – change can’t happen overnight!). It’s a truly epic start to season 11.



  1. Great review. Right on target. I loved this episode too and looking forward to the rest of the season. I also love how even though you are 'sweet on dean', you give love to both brothers. That's how it always should be :)

  2. They way they edited this episode was far and above the best I've seen. It really ramped the whole thing up and I loved the different music, very edgy and grungie. Everything was so heightened and intense! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Pretty sure this one is going into my top ten and we're only 2 eps in! We are so lucky!

  3. That episode totally rocked!! It flew by. I didn't feel the boys' separation because who had time?! Loved, loved the music and I let Jay Gruska know it. Especially the build-up with Dean and Crowley. It was like watching a horror movie in a theater! I loved it all!

    I did a rewatch while my friend did also. In another city and state. Interesting thing happened. My version had NO altar boy comment. I replayed it like 4 times. Not there. I swear. Do local affiliates have any editing capabilities? I'm going to rewatch online to try to catch it. Very unusual.

    I also replayed the voices in Sam's head as he was finding the cure. A couple did not completely sound like his voice. I had my ear right up to my surround sound speaker. Ha. And I heard either 'I killed her' or 'I cured her' towards the end of that. Did anyone else? I replayed it several times. Not sure it was Sam's voice. And I was wondering if it was Amara talking about jenna or grandma. Oh why do I over analyze?

    Sammy, or Sammy. Love that boy. Church scene was incredible. But he better come clean with Dean at some point.

    FEED ME!! Totally creeped me out. This show is in top form in S11.

    Thanks for the great review Amy. Agree totally!!!!!

  4. I did a rewatch too and the voices in sam's head were his own. what I was wondering was...the voices, were they his from when he was being tortured by Lucifer in the cage...coming back to him as he was burning himself with holy oil...or did the burning feel exactly like the torture he experienced in hell and he was telling himself please no, don't. either way, i believe it was only sam's voice he was hearing.

    Loved this eppy a whole hell of a lot. Very creepy, and I mean creepy...I haven't been creeped out since Bloody Mary. This was horror movie epic....super intense...super acting all the way around....just incredible.

    I've mentioned this on another thread so some might have heard this already, but I do believe that Billie had a purpose.
    First off, her insult to sam about being unclean in a biblical way...don't think it was meant to be an the feeling it was more of a clue for sam...a way to help him. secondly, it was Billie's speech that led sam to the chapel asking for a sign from God. And I do believe God answered. Now granted, at this stage in the game we're not going to be seeing Lucifer or Michael, but we did get a hint....sam's sign was his memories of hell, of being tortured...and who by chance did the torturing...yes luci the way I saw it God is basically telling sam he needs to contact Lucifer...i don't think sam's signs came from the cage...there has never been any indication that Lucifer can send messages...sam's hallucinations were just that...they weren't Lucifer, but sam's memories of Lucifer and his version of what Lucifer would say/do. Lucifer wasn't actually doing those things. I believe the sign came from God. Thirdly and most important....regarding Billie's threat to send the boys to the "EMPTY" I'm not sure if it was a deliberate hint on her part...death has been known to do it himself....but i don't think the actual reveal of the empty was to merely threaten the Winchesters...personally, I don't believe reapers decide where souls go anyway.....God does...I highly doubt God will send the Winchesters to the EMPTY...but Billie said.....nobody comes back from it....once in the empty there you my take on that is.....if the darkness cannot be killed then the only other solution is to contain it....and the best place to contain it...would be the EMPTY...since as billie noted nobody comes back from it....i think billie gave sam the solution to the darkness problem...he just doesn't know it yet....

    i don't think either brother will be opening up right away regarding their visions because i don't really think either one understands what they mean yet. I have no doubt that conversation will come eventually.

    i love that Crowley is trying to make nice with the darkness...i have a feeling it's one of those instances where he's like, if you can't beat em, join em....i think Crowley is trying to make nice to the darkness as a means of survival...don't feel like that's going to work out for him....but it's fun to watch him try.

    love that show is going back to it's roots....loving the brothers ...oh hell...loving the whole damn thing....

    til next week...

    1. Anna, totally agree with the hint. I don't think it was either in the cage sending messages. Don't think they would be capable of that or would have done it by now. I think too it's a hint that Sam may have to contact Luci.

      Love your theory on the hint of the EMPTY. Yes, maybe that's where darkness has to go. Thanks.

  5. I just loved Berry singing “O Death” herself as Billie.

    I would have liked Sam's cure take some time but there was the "time is of the essence" factor playing. They have said they are not having the boys infected or invaded by anything this season and I think it's great. Sam was fighting against time and he found a cure. Of course it wasn't immediate so it was not like with a snap of his fingers and they had shown people dying fast to the cure. Prolonging it like weeks would have felt silly so worked for me.

    I felt for Cas with the torture because torture is nothing people should stand. It is tough to watch and that is the point. I am sorry for Hannah because the new vessel did pretty good job playing her and now Cas lost the only friend he actually had among the angels. It made me also think a bigger reason. As we have gotten hints about that Michael or Lucifer might help with the TD or know about it. Maybe Hannah's demise made a room to another step in who actually would put heaven in line (and maybe they have had time to think about the error of their ways). Maybe releasing the darkness released Lucifer from his human hate and he knows now what he has done. Also, we need at least 5 angels that are like Billie male/female with them/against them or else the angels can begone. Cas is better off with the Winchesters. I think the bridge has been burned, build up, burned, stomped on the ashes and blown to the wind already. And I might just kill someone if Metatron returns to lead the angels....... Michael or Lucifer on the other hand... Cas would be perfect but how burned that bridge is it would never happen.

    Babies/children are scary...

    Also I were talking with friends about the empty/void. Maybe that is the place where also angels and the monsters that die in Purgatory ends up? I have had theory that they just cease to exist and The Empty sounds like that. I mean angels are not meant to die so God probably didn't think they need a place where they go after dying. (Also, death might be there if he is dead as he is said to be "The angel of death") I can't see Death ending up in Purgatory.

    I think Castiel's trench coat has magical abilities... People has also talked a lot about Castiel/angel getting in the bunker afterwards. I think he might have stayed close by to it/stole a car and drive to there (causing probably few accidents on the way) But they also pointed out how an angel could get in the bunker. Cas has been there many times and in season 4 when Castiel appeared they did say that nobody knew about angels and that they existed. Demons of course did but as angels were keeping to themselves in heaven they were not a threat. So, bunker was not warded against angels because they didn't exist (demons were also surprise to the MOL) And the attack dog spell effects only Cas so that goes there too.

    Yes, people do think these stuff. :D

    Loving the season a lot. So they better keep it coming! Great review.

    - Lilah