Saturday, 10 October 2015

Review: Supernatural Season 11 Premere - Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire.

How good does it feel to have our show back? No really, HOW GOOD IS IT? I always know during hiatus that I’m missing Sam and Dean, no matter how many rewatches I do! But it’s never until they're back on my screen, all new and shiny, and I’m once again immersed in the chaos of their lives, that I realise just how much I miss my Winchesters.

On premiere day, I spent the whole day at work watching the clock and trying to figure out exactly when I could escape and get home to watch Supernatural. I kept off twitter, I stayed spoiler free of the day, I hadn’t read or heard a thing about how the episode was or what people thought. I raced home and sat down and prepared myself. I was ridiculously excited. So excited. My show was back!

And it did not disappoint. Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire was epic, and wonderful and I loved every anxious inducing, disorientating moment of it!

Welcome back, Show. In your 11th season, you are still as surprising as you were in your first.

I loved opening up exactly where we left off in the season 10 finale. I always love when that happens. It gives such a nice sense of continuity. Like we’ve never been gone. Like the last 5 months never happened!

Seeing the Darkness roll in through both Sam and Dean’s differing perspectives was genius. As was the disjointed timeline. Hopping back and forth throughout the hour, kept me just a tad off kilter, which added to those tense, and impending doom feelings I was most definitely getting! As did that drone under so much of the soundtrack, and those really loud bug and bird noises that became almost wince inducing! The whole thing made me feel uneasy in the best possible way.

We were promised a backed to basic vibe, and that’s what we got. The episode felt familiar yet new all in one. The brothers were together, and sure, arguing…they’re bull-headed Winchesters after all, but together…whole…talking…and…listening! It felt like the start of something really great, and something the show has been steadfastly working its way towards over the last few seasons. The brothers being brothers again, but with a grow’dupness that allows them to speak out, and even if they don’t like what they’re hearing, stop and pay attention. Weeeeee!

In fact, this episode felt very much like season 2’s Croatoan to me. Sam and Dean trapped in a hospital, a rage-inducing virus overcoming a town, Sam infected. The tautness, the fear, the feeling of helplessness and claustrophobia their situation and the Darkness swirling around them was stirring up. And Croatoan is one of my favourite episodes ever. So colour me an extremely happy fan. Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, ROCKED.

Remember when Jensen said at the Australian convention AHBL6, that he'd pitched to Carver that when the Darkness clears, one of the boys should be missing? HUH! Guess he either knows his show so well that he was pitching something they were all ready planning, or they listened. Of course, Jensen had an ulterior motive, that of wanting some time off! A few eps with Dean gone, only to find him on a beach in Hawaii. Nice try Jensen! That’s not exactly how it played out!

I loved seeing Sam witness Dean disappear before being knocked out cold in the trauma of the Darkness overcoming him and Baby. Dean in the churning mass of smoke confused, as this new enemy calmly stands before him. It was all so gorgeous.

Have you ever seen anything as pretty as Dean waking up in a bed of wildflowers? I think not! The peculiar juxtaposition of seeing this tough hunter, surrounded by the reds and pinks of nature, all soft and sunlit glowing, made the shot even more striking. Dean asleep is a beautiful thing, Dean asleep surrounded by flowers is stunning! Actually so was Sam coming up over the hill, hair and worried swirling thing on his forehead in full force! We don’t often get to see our boys in sunshine!

*sigh* It was so good to have them back.

And it was great to have them talking.

For a while now, their job, the toll it has taken on lives, has created pragmatism in how they deal with not only the supernatural, but also the victims of the supernatural. Whether it’s killing demons with the demon knife, and in consequence killing the vessel, or openly talking about killing a teenage girl infected with vampirism, when they actually know a cure. It’s hardened them to the plight of those that they may have once considered saving first. Sam was right; they rock at the Hunting bit of the bumper sticker (loved that reference) but the Saving People bit…they’ve strayed away from. Not entirely of course, but it’s somewhat secondary to them now. When facing off against evil, kill first, ask questions later is how they roll, and it wasn’t always like that. It’s the fallout from years of fighting and watching those you love being destroyed by the life.

“If we don’t change, right now, all of our crap is just going to keep repeating itself. I unleashed a force on this world that could destroy it, to save you and I’d do it again, in a second I would do it again. This isn’t on you, this is on us, we have to change."

This was an incredibly self-aware moment for both the show and the brothers, and after so much water under the bridge, it felt like that big reset button being firmly pushed once and for all on the brother’s relationship.

Of course they will always save each other, that’s who they are, that’s who the show is. But facing what they’ve brought about together, without finger pointing, without wallowing guilt, which out anger at each other, that feels new. “We broke it, we brought it.” “Lock and key”. How I loved that.

And sadly, they will always keep secrets – that’s how they were raised, and they’ve been doing this since we first met them. But I give Sam a pass on not telling Dean he was infected by the Rabid nurse in the storeroom (what a great gig to get, fighting Jared!). If he’d had told Dean, Dean would have hightailed it back to Sam without hesitating. And I give Dean a pass on not telling Sam about what he was remembering of the Darkness, they had other fish to fry in that moment, and I’m not even sure Dean knew what he was remembering – and certainly wasn’t able to make sense of it. But I do hope they both come clean at some point…in the near future…she says…knowing better.

And what about all that stuff with the Darkness? What the hell did that mean? I wasn’t even entirely sure that Dean was actually remembering, or if only we were seeing what happened. Or was that yet to happen? Were we seeing a future conversation? Was she there, or did she just manifest in Dean’s mind? I was as disoriented as Dean was – which was so well done and really kinda perfect.

I do think that “I’m screwed” look on his face at the end, probably meant it was all coming back to him in dribs and drabs though, and none of it sounded good. Poor Dean, truly out of the darkness into the fire.

What will it mean to be bound to the Darkness? We certainly saw the affect the always protecting the Darkness thing had on him when it was revealed at the end that the baby named Amara wore the Mark of Cain. A teeny weenie Mark of Cain! I gasped! Then clapped my hands because it was so damn deliciously unexpected!

So was the baby the Darkness herself? The Darkness born into this world, kinda like Damien. That might explain why the mother died. Or maybe she was a new lock against the Darkness, that might explain why the Rabids all focused on the hospital – trying to destroy the new lock? Or maybe the Rabids were the opposite - maybe they were a side effect of the Darkness being released, like antibodies and they were coming to destroy the baby - maybe that's why Dean wanted to kill them all so bad. I saw some people theorising that the baby was in fact the progeny of the Darkness and Dean – they did look like they were about to make out! #Hot. Though that never entered into my head (and I totally hope Show doesn’t go there).

And did it all feel like this was another baby that was carried to saftey by Dean - a baby also infected with something supernatural... Powerful ties back to something so familiar, when Dean carried Sam out of their burning house, Sam infected with demon blood... Nice.

I loved everything about the Darkness. Her menacing stillness, how she said she felt peaceful around Dean (Jensen can be quite calming!), questioning whether Dean was saying he wanted to kill her or he shouldn’t kill her – placing doubt in his mind and ours. She was beautiful, her smoke was beautiful, and she was a scary as hell. She’s everything a malevolent, ancient entity should be, and I can’t wait to find out more about what the hell she is, and what that means to our boys. Being freed after so long locked away and thought forgotten, what are her plans for this world, and the man she has called her protector. Eeeep!

And that was the thing I loved the most about Out of the Fire, Into the Darkness, the questions it raised, the confused and unsettled state I was left in, just like the brothers. It was like we were truly experiencing their loss of equilibrium alongside them, as we all struggled to understand this latest apocalyptic disaster. It was beautifully done. Perfect and intriguing. And I’m desperate to see what happens next - which is just how a season premiere should leave you.

Though the focus was well and truly on Sam and Dean, we also found out what the outcome was for Crowley and Cas.

Cas, whammied by Rowena’s attack dog spell, is trying to control his homicidal tendencies. It was touching to see him reach out to the brothers and check in on Dean, playing down his own dire predicament to ensure his friend was okay. Wonder where he learnt that! I do wish he hadn’t put his faith back in Heaven. Geesh. Maybe he was hoping for Hannah and her sisters (and brothers) to come to his aid. Instead he got who knows what! Two rogue angels? That was my immediate thought. Or two pissed off angels. Metatron’s henchmen? I wonder what they want from him? It doesn’t look good! Especially in the next promo! (Spoiler alert!)

And Crowley made an excellent and crafty escape. Nice work, sir! I love seeing his red smoke, it’s so luscious! And he lucked out getting a bit on the side before calling for his minions to reunite him with his usual meat suit! The aftermath of the orgy…I don’t even want to know. I feel like the Darkness and him are not going to be friends...which will throw him awkwardly back in line with the Winchesters - well, maybe not with Sam after all the trying to kill him stuff!

And then… the Cage was mentioned.

Michael and Lucifer and THE CAGE! O.M.G.!

Okay, bear with me while I indulge my crazy, overactive, fangirl brains!

The Croatoan virus was Lucifer’s end game in the Apocalypse timeline. Lucifer was the original wearer of the Mark of Cain, the lock for the Darkness, and the evil of the curse associated with it rose up inside him, turning him into to what we know now as The Devil. If the Darkness’ smoke did in fact cause this “28 Days Later” affect on the locals of Superior, maybe that’s where Lucifer got the virus idea – from his connection to the Darkness? And the fact that demons, which Lucifer created, are like tiny clouds of Darkness…OMG, I really love all these connections! Even if they’re only in my mind!

What if…when the Mark was removed from Dean’s arm, it was also removed from Lucifer, the original lock and key? I’m assuming, of course, that it was still on him somewhere – Cain retained the Mark and it’s affects, even when he passed it on to Dean. What if that was who was screaming in the Cage…Lucifer, suddenly clear of the Mark? Tormented by what he has become, and knowing that this ancient evil he was the last line of defence against, was now free – and he was now free of its influence. 

Lucifer is the Morning Star, the bringer of light… And now we have the Darkness… Huh? Huh? You reading my mail on where I’m going with this?

WAIT! I never theorise because I’m always wrong! Always. Without fail. Usually proven by one of you guys in the comments! But I love Lucifer (that still makes me awkward to write) and I would dearly love his story to somehow be woven into this latest mess…as long as if we get to see him, he's Mark Pellegrino (maybe not so rotty tho)! 

Or course it could have been Michael screaming…and I'd like that to be Matt please (which doesn't make sense I know but still), I’d be cool with that too. I AM EXCITED THAT THE CAGE AND LUCIFER AND MICHAEL WERE MENTIONED, CAN YOU TELL? Someone is screaming in the Cage. Someone. Is. Screaming. In. The. Cage.

Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire, was a powerful, intriguing, suspenseful opener, which set the scene for what already feels like an exciting season. It was beautiful to look at, with sassy dialogue and an inspired constructed script by Carver, and more of the spot on performances from our main cast, and guest stars that this show seems to continue to deliver. There was a familiarity to the vibe of the thing that feels good and right and that I was longing for without even consciously knowing it

I’m already loving how the brothers are talking and relating to each other, sharing blame, not wallowing in guilt, (and yeah, lying, but I’ll reserve judgement on that). Sam’s determination to be heard. Dean stopping and actually hearing his brother. Both allowing the other to do what they do best. *swoon*

The questions around what the Darkness is, what she wants, and what’s her bond to Dean is, are fabulously fascinating.

The questions around Sam’s infection – did the Rabids back off because they knew he was already one of them, or because of something else? Demon blood? Lingering Grace? How is he going to cure himself and what will that mean? More deliciousness!

What on earth is the deal with the baby? Who is she really? And will Dean have to ask for some skin to make sure everyone he feels passionate about saving in the future isn’t actually secretly marked? Heh.

The torture angels what's their deal, and the crying out in THE CAGE! Is Crowley going to go check it out? We're going to see the Cage aren't we. Oh God. That's so damn exciting.

There's so much I don’t understand and that’s just awesome. Like, so awesome I can’t even. Because really, should a show 11 seasons in, be this damn surprising? I watched this episode 3 times back to back and every time I was blown away and excited – maybe even a little more than the time before. I’ve since watched it a few more times. And I’ll watch it again when I’ve finished posting this. It’s up there with my favourite openers. There. I said it. I loved the tone of it. I just love the not knowing. I love thinking about what everything means. Reading theories. Talking theories. I don’t do this with any other show, and I know in my heart I never, ever will. Supernatural is just that special. 

Welcome back, Show! I missed you like crazy. ❤



  1. Great review as always Amy. I always enjoy reading them. I love the Darkness and watching that scene between her and Dean and then looking at the stills, to me it looks like she is zeroed in on Deans lips (understand that distraction totally) and he just seems to be looking at her eyes (Deans way of reading people), just an observationally observation (Sam said that once now didn't he, a long, long, long time ago.). I loved every bit of this, every bit, and the Michael and Lucifer references brings some excitement as to what is to come.

    I had our WOL Phoenix Chapter watch party at my house with 14 devoted fans and we all had the same reactions at the same time. It was nice to laugh again with and at our boys. The quick-witted lines the boys were given to deliver throughout the episode but especially in the first few minutes were just so Carverish (I know, is that even a word?). I love Carver's writing and wish he would do more. I don't know how it is that this show just keeps getting better and better each year but this old gal sure is glad it does. I'm with you in that I cannot even fathom what I would do (will do some day) with out having my show to look forward to each and every week.

    1. I so wish Carver would write more too, Sue. Love his episodes!

    2. BEST episode EVER tonight! Lucifer is now walking the earth in Cas Vessel! Totally rate a TEN On this episode! Can't wait until next week!

  2. Awesome review Amy. I also loved the premiere... and I actually tried this morning on Twitter to pick my top 5 favourite moments (unsuccessfully I might add because there were too many great moments to include in my list). One thing I neglected to mention was the brilliant musical score - as you said, the drone under the soundtrack was so unnerving and really added to the sense of dread as the boys kept discovering more and more dead bodies.

    The apocalyptic nature of the scene on the road with the dead family in the car made me think of the Walking Dead... but, you're right about Croatoan being the best reference (I also loved that episode, and it makes me cry every time I watch it). I wonder why those infected were so isolated to that one small area - as Dean only had to drive 20 miles or so to find everything somewhat normal? Is the Darkness going to spread across the country slowly? There are lots of questions, and I'm looking forward to seeing where we go in the next episode.

    I also loved the scene with Dean lying among the wildflowers. It was so strangely beautiful, yet oddly disturbing because it was so out of place with the carnage that came later (and in the Winchesters' world).

    Anyhow, I could ramble on for ages. I loved all the performances. Jensen's chemistry with Emily. Jared's portrayal of Sam's courage in distracting the Rabids and his anguish when he got infected. Castiel's struggle. The lighter moments with Crowley. The menopause comment made me laugh a lot louder than I was expecting (I had a guest staying with me, who was watching the episode with me, lol).

    So excited to have the Winchester boys back on my TV :)

    1. Thanks Karen! I'm so excited too! Can you tell? ;)

  3. So good to have the new season and just fabulous to read your insightful thoughts in the review. You always get it right, imho. I love so much about this episode, especially all the questions it's already set up. One episode in and so much potential!

  4. Great review as always Amy. I don't think that the brothers are lying to each other in the 'normal' sense. I think they're both trying to make sense of the situation they each find themselves in before saying anything. Sam with being infected and Dean with the meeting with The Darkness. Dean especially seemed 'off' somehow and I think it's because he is discombobulated. We will probably see more of the meeting in the smoke which may explain why. I remember Carver saying in one of his interviews that episodes 1 and 2 should be viewed as one episode so I assume there is more to come (Why don't they use "To be continued" anymore?). Obviously I don't expect Dean to be back to his normal self right now, considering it was probably just a few hours ago (canon wise) that the Mark (and the darkness it raised in him) was removed. It may take some time before we see our Dean.
    I love the talk Sam and Dean had about saving people again and having to change. The one thing that I hope doesn't change is saving each other when push comes to shove.
    I think that the baby and the lady in the smoke are one and the same. The baby will age up quickly to become her. Remember the spoilery set photos of a Mark of Cain wearing (in the same place as the baby and the lady) teen/young adult? They are all Amara. I definitely don't think the baby is the progeny of The Darkness and Dean.
    I love your theory about what is going on in the Cage. But did Lucifer actually wear the Mark before giving it to Cain? We know God created it, but would he curse his favorite son to wear it? Or did he entrust Lucifer with it's safekeeping and Lucifer turned it into a curse when he gave it to Cain? Much like you, I am mostly wrong in my speculation so I could be totally off base here.
    I wonder how Mark Pellegrino or Matt would fit because when they fell into the Cage they were wearing Sam and Adam. So Lucifer has to find another vessel and the state that Nick was in the last time we saw him? I doubt he made it. Remember Raphael's vessel? I don't think Lucifer cared much about how he left his temporary vessel. And sorry to say but I really don't want to see Adam again. If Michael and Lucifer are released then I would love to see Jensen as Michael for a little while (I was really peeved when he and Dean didn't get the chance in S5, although I understand why they did what they did). Maybe the Archangels could come to an agreement with Sam and Dean like the one Gadreel made, where they remain 'dormant' until needed? Sam and Dean are the true vessels and well, it seems like it will be an all hands on deck situation to defeat The Darkness.
    I love the mysteriousness of the mytharc and the back to basics feel. Jensen especially has mentioned how this season feels like early seasons and as soon as I saw the title card I thought "Wow! They really are going old school". One thing is for sure, I cannot wait to see what this season brings.

    1. Hey Nadia
      Death said that God gave his favourite son the Mark as the lock for the Darkness, but that it started to exert it's own power on Lucifer - guess that's why he went bad?

      But whether he continued to have it, who knows. But if the Darkness is out, there are no locks anywhere anymore (which is why Cain must actually be dead).

      I think Lucifer could probably recreate his vessel. Pretty sure we could easy handwave anything away to get Mark P!!

      Thanks for your great comment!

  5. Thoughts
    - Adult Amara is what the baby is going to be and SURPRISE! she's very pleasing to Dean's. Dark, mysterious, sultry, intelligent, and yet open.
    - I think the Darkness had to manifest thru human form as a baby. A baby is the perfect camouflage for an entity expecting to be attacked. She said matter WHO I am. Implying that her form was going to be changeable. So... right now, I think the baby is the Darkness. And yes, Dean HELPED her. It's standard good-guy code. But it's going to screw with his head. And here's the kicker... how much you wanna bet he can't stop himself from being drawn to her and helping her. It's gonna mess with him. I just feel it.
    - I think Mike was able to hold off on the rabid because of "power of love".
    - I believe the Rabids were AFTER the Baby. I think they also wanted to convert as many helpers but left Sam because he was already infected.
    - Oh sweet SAM! He looked like he was near a breakdown during so much of the episode. Was he horrified by what "he" had caused? Was he trying to figure out how to help the person? IDK. I just know I felt like he hesitated. I was so proud of him declaring that they need to focus on the rest of the bumper sticker. It's a version of the same speech Dean gave as he rationalized taking Sam out in the finale. Also THRILLED that he said he'd do it again in a heartbeat. For ONCE, Sam got to save his big brother. And Dean needed to know Sam would do it again. He NEEDED to know his brother is committed to him. NOW they can agree that they BOTH need to change.
    - And Dean! Trying desperately to hold onto something concrete. "I can save that Freakin' Baby'. And being the parent Dean who wanted to hold the baby but didn't. Who gave excellent advise to the poor 3-week sheriff who is out of her depth. All his interactions with her were gold. I WANT an AU where they get a baby and raise it.
    - The sheriff was excellent. A nice blend of pragmatic, tough, and compassionate.
    - Cas! Was he actually WORRIED that he killed Crowley? And then his single minded determination to find out if Dean was okay. <3 <3 Oh my baby. He's SUCH a freakin' Winchester. Personally, I was proud he called in the God Squad. He can't fix himself and he knew he needed to be controlled. I'm SO GLAD Dean said "rescue Cas" three times. He knows his boy is in trouble.
    - Crowley cracks me up. Of COURSE he's going to stop and have a proper orgy before harvest the blood. How FUN would it be to sexually shock the hell out of those suburbanites in a way that only Crowley could dream up??? He was having the time of his life. Toying with those people was like torturing little puppies. After the year he had? I think he felt he deserved it. The actress who played menopause Crowley? PERFECT.
    - I think letting the disease kill them off rather than shooting the Rabids IS the correct moral choice but I'm a little surprised they would risk their lives for that. Maybe Sam thought he could avoid them long enough to sort out a cure. Is he overcompensating? Regardless, I'm glad Dean let "Sam be Sam".
    Wild-Ass'ed Speculation:
    - WHY were the Rabids trying to kill the Baby if the Rabids were created by the Darkness? So either the Rabids weren't trying to kill the Baby OR...the Darkness didn't create the Rabids? What if the smoke was a God-class Booby Trap) on the Lock aspect of the Mark. When opened, it shot out and created Rabids to kill off the Darkness while it was still in transition. Maybe God wanted to stop the Darkness and killing off a few to protect the world would be okay as a fail-safe last-desperate-chance maneuver. A maneuver STOPPED by Sam and Dean when they saved the Baby. Bottom Line: GOD created the smoke and not Amara. It's why it had a limited shelf life.

  6. Now I gotta watch it again. There was so much goodness. Dean: "You let me get in the car?" Sam: "You were on a roll" Hilarious! Dean and Lady Darkness = Hot. Sam the tortured infected hero = double hot. Crowley with hot flashes--hee hee--loved that actress. Loved the red smoke down and up the drain. Cas is in a pickle--why are there always these mean angels around. Sheesh. I love everyone's theories. Can't wait until part 2. Glad to have your wonderful review, Amy, to keep me distracted while I wish my life away until Wednesday! xoxoxo -RG

    1. Haha! Right! We spend our life wishing it away for Supernatural! :D

  7. Loved your review! Don't have much to add. I liked almost everything in the premiere. Specially the woman that was TD, Crowley's actress, Dean in the meadow like a sleeping beauty. Sam's words. The list goes on and on and on. And mentioning the cage! Who could forget that. Can't wait for the next episode.

    - Lilah

  8. Thanks for all the interesting ideas and the review. Gives me a lot to think about time for another re-watch.

  9. love your excitement and positivity it almost matches my own LOL

    I loved this episode & the changes that are in the air, both with the boys and the format.I very much am looking forward to spn getting back to it's original roots, those roots have after all borne a mighty that will live on for the ages.

    loved both boys in this episode. as you may know, my heart lies with sam so I gotta say he impressed the shit out of me I wanted to hug that man & squish him til he begged for mercy...LOL only sam Winchester can get dean to listen, trust me when I say I was very proud of dean for not only listening to sam but truly hearing him. I think these boys will do that more with ea. other & holy hell does that have me squeeing in my pants.LOL

    i know some didnt' fare well with Crowley's orgy, but i thought it was down right hysterical.. his/her debauchery, then killing everyone soon after, without a care in the world..yes the king is back. finally.

    let's remember that for the boys, they literally just left the bar, so i don't expect change to come that quickly...they are the Winchesters and it wouldn't be real if all of a sudden they started being open and honest instantly. they are men after all & i don't think they're going to start speaking truths right off the bat like we do. it takes a little longer but it does and will happen, they just need a few eps...

    that being said, i gotta say that i really don't see either's behavior at the moment as being secretive. dean is remembering stuff in bits and piece. he's not even sure of what he's really remembering. the more it starts to freak him out the more he'll open up to sam

    as for sam, well i don't see the way he behaved in the end much different than when he didn't stop dean from getting into the car, while it was stuck in a hole..dean: you were just going to let me get in? sam: you were on a roll. he was. dean was in pure motivation mode & sam just rode with it, as he always does. when sam was on the phone with dean, dean had just gone on & on about saving the baby, finding a cure, destroying the darkness, i mean he was literally on a roll. it doesn't surprise me in the least that sam would keep what happened to him to himself..i mean dean was like a kid with a brand new balloon that he wanted so badly.... sam telling him the truth? he would've been the proverbial pin. Sam knew dean couldn't do anything & he didn't want to distract dean from his mission, which at the moment was saving the sheriff & baby, not to mention that while dean was talking, for the first time in some time now, dean sounded confident, determined & dare i say it..optimistic?....hell if sam was going to take that away from his brother....not at that moment...not when he was "on a roll"..

    now will sam confess to dean what happened if he happens to cure himself before dean ever realizes he was infected? i guess that'll depend on how sam is able to cure himself. i mean if it's done supernaturally or he ends up immune or something that totally freaks sam out....he may very well keep it to himself for awhile until he understands or can no longer handle by himself what's going on...he did keep his psychic stuff from dean at first because he was afraid of not only what they meant but what it would mean to dean. i know they've come along way since then...but sometimes that fear is hard to get rid of....not saying sam won't eventually spill, he most likely will...just like i know that dean will most likely spill...
    but i also think that stuff like this, where they often try to protect the other or fear what the other might think...i still think they have to work on that...i think that's a hard babit to break...but not an impossible one.

    so whatever happens....i have faith that the boys will work together on this,....eventually be more open and honest ...and will find a way to kick the darkness's ass.

    1. Hi Anna

      Totally agree! Like I said, I had no problem with them withholding information in that moment, they had a lot of other stuff going on that had to be the focus for themselves and each other, but it may bite them on the ass if these things become big issues and remain secrets. (Spoiler alert) Jensen did say in his meet and greet in Dallas that Sam continues to keep it a secret and doesn't come clean. They were shooting ep 6 or 7 at that point so I assumed he meant to that point.

      Both boys were magnificent. Sam was magnificent for saying what he did, and Dean was magnificent for listening <3


    2. it's ok..i knew about what Jensen had said in his meet & greet ( i read all your stuff). If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that Sam ends up curing himself in a way that probably freaks him out...and that he probably will keep from dean, at least for a little while. i know he still shouldn't think that that kind of stuff would have dean think any differently, but that kind of self doubt and fear is hard to let go of. I'm sure, as he did in Home, there will be a reason that sam will have to come clean....but i expect that he will keep it to himself either because he's freaked out and doesn't understand it....or he may think dean will become freaked out and see him "differently"...i still think that in time they will come clean about everything...i think part of their maturity will be in dealing with this stuff together without worrying about what the other will think of them...

      yes...totally optimistic and without doubt about that.

  10. Yep me too. I think how he's cured will be something a bit freaky, and so he's all CRAP! Like Dean with the Darkness stuff. But I think eventually, they'll both come clean, because that's where their relationship is talking them. I loved how Sam went "I'm going to find a cure" and Dean went. "I know you will". That kind of faith is wonderful to not only see, but see articulated.