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Review - Supernatural 10x07 "Girls, Girls, Girls" - Love And Souls And Magic.

Well, my bromantic mini-break is over and it’s back to business, because we got work to do!

It really does feel like that, like I had a little respite from the chaos and heartbreak that is the Winchester’s day to day.

We were given 3 episodes where we got to hang out with just the brothers, as they got to hang out and work on their fractured relationship. And it was glorious. The teasing. The joking. The everything! It feels like a reset, a real one. 

In amongst the mayhem that continually surrounds them, the brothers have grown into men. They’ve grown into complex individuals, and their relationship and history mirrors that. We’ve seen them both contemplate and attempt a life away from hunting. They’ve both soul searched as they’ve lost faith in the job and each other. They’ve both been angry with and disappointed in each other on a pretty monumental scale. They’ve both given each other some hard truths. They’ve both faced a world without the other in it. They’ve both faced what they’d do to ensure they don’t have to live in that world. And they’ve come out the other side, looking stronger and more committed to their relationship than they ever have. Because one thing became clear to them and to us, no matter how pissed they might be, they do love each other, that’s the essence of who Sam and Dean are, and they do want to be side by side, fighting the fight, driving down Crazy Street…together. And it’s a beautiful thing to behold. They were given a few episodes to take a breath and learn to be a team again and we took that breath with them. This is the most honest I think their relationship has been. And it feels all the more significant, real and valuable knowing what they’ve gone through (and what we’ve gone through), what they’ve overcome and put aside to get here. It makes their love feel that much more powerful, because we know how much hurt there’s been in the past. Yet here they are, still with each other’s backs and still preferring to be with their brother than anywhere else. It no longer feels like they’re together just because they’re siblings, on a mission that their dad brought them up to follow. There is no big bad, no monster who killed their mother, no hell deal, no end of the world. They’re together because they want to be. It feels different. And I love it. And I love each and ever scar on their hearts and souls that they’ve got on their way to here, because they wouldn’t be the beautiful men they are today without those bumps in their journey. 

But we can’t just live in a Winchester brothers love bubble forever! There’s a story to tell and other characters to catch up with!

I thoroughly enjoyed “Girls, Girls, Girls”. The introduction (or, I guess technically it was the reintroduction) of the character Rowena was delicious and intriguing and the story around Castiel and Hannah intriguing and heartbreaking. Oh and surprising…I so didn’t see that coming!

You know, I’ve often wondered about what will happen with Castiel – mostly because I’ve always thought, when this journey ends, I believe it will end how it began, with just the boys. So it’s made me ponder Cas, and if he had an exit prior to the end of the series, what would that exit look like. I never pictured it how Hannah’s exit played out…but now I am, because that would have been perfect. But Jimmy Novak is presumably gone. Cas has been killed and resurrected multiple times. He’s inhabited the same vessel over and over, even while without Grace. The assumption is Jimmy‘s soul was set free at some point. So I guess, for Cas the ending, if it comes, will be different.

I feel sad that Hannah has gone (if she has, I mean…Supernatural!), because I’d grown to like her character and I liked the blossoming friendship between her and Cas. That Cas may have found an angel friend was a nice thought. Most angels want to stab him in the heart, so it was nice to think he’d found an angel who trusted him and who he could trust in return. 

I really thought the show was heading for a romantic entanglement between Cas and Hannah, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Hannah start to identify the conflicting feelings that she was having for Cas, as Caroline’s complex, human feelings and not her own. She started to feel for her vessel. Feel what her vessel was going through and sympathise in response, and understand that what she was doing was quite possibly wrong. I thought that was all kinds of surprising and wonderful. 

It’s actually a horrid thought. These angels, essentially holding these vessels hostage. Sure, the vessels are devout and said yes, but still – bet they had no idea it would be for months, years, forever! Hannah obviously saw this. Saw that Caroline was a person, with people in her life that missed her. Hannah was able to sift through what was going on and realise that everything she was feeling and experiencing was being coloured by her vessel. She was able to take a step back and realise that what she was doing, was not what of her purpose in this world, which is to love and protect humanity. I was gobsmacked when Hannah released Caroline. Gobsmacked, touched, impressed… I thought that was fantastic. So unexpected, yet so right.

Then there was Cas sitting in the car, so alone - he looked so totally alone in that moment - as he fired up the internet and started looking for clues about his own vessel’s life. Where this is going – well part of it is in the synopsis for 10x09 – but beyond that, where this search takes him, I look forward to finding out. I look forward to seeing what this very personal journey holds for our favourite trenchcoat wearing angel.

Meanwhile, we also properly got to meet Rowena. She’s a super powerful witch with a totally sassy attitude. The Scottish accent helps that! I still don’t really know what she’s up to. She recruited the 2 hookers from the demon brothel, but promptly sacrificed Elle to assist her escape. Then Caitlin showed just how strong she was and wisely punched Rowena in the nose and ran off. Okay, maybe that wasn’t wise – she got Winchester saved there – but at least she could tell that teaming up with Rowena was not a great career move!

I wasn’t totally surprised when Rowena turned out to be Crowley’s mum. We’d all made those kind of assumptions when we found out the new witch in town was a Scot, and being as Crowley was at one point a Scot and he had revealed his mum was a witch…well, it wasn’t too much of a leap. But it was still totally cool! And still exciting that the story took this turn. 

As soon as Rowena said “Wee boy”, the gig was up! Also, “King of Lilliput!” I laughed out loud. I think Rowena might be fun. I’m totally picturing her telling Crowley to pick up after himself! Hey, does this make Rowena the Dowager Queen of Hell?

Then we had our lovely boys. In a season that seems to be rebuilding the brother’s relationship, it was fitting that we kick off with Sam and Dean being classic Sam and Dean! The Sam teasing Dean about the dating app (I still can’t get over the awesomeness of the idea of Dean on a dating app) was just happiness personified. The way he said “Impala67”…. I laughed for about an hour. And I’m never going to say no to some Dean kissy-face, no matter how it turns out. “Sexy rules”, “No cash for ass”, oh Dean, don’t ever change. Seriously though, don’t ever change…because through all the hot and heavy he still saw Shaylene’s pretence about loving her job. *Sigh* Dean Winchester is the best. Oh, sorry…I had a moment.

Then there was the scene between Dean and Cole. 

How many times does Dean get Holy water chucked in his face! It’s become such a great on going gag. Jensen’s face was (of course), perfection. As was the scene that followed.

I can’t help but feel horrible for Cole. He finally thinks he’s got it all sorted. Understands what went on and what’s going on. His nemesis is a demon…except, he isn’t. At least not back then, and not now.

Travis Aaron Wade has done a wonderful job with Cole. So many emotions were flicking across his face as he tried to process what Dean was saying, and tried to find the truth through his bramble of emotions. His need for revenge was costing him everything. It was costing him his life and his family. This is something so very familiar to the brothers, whose father’s need for revenge cost them their entire future. It shows a great strength to Cole’s character that in this moment, his is willing to hear Dean, he is willing to hear Sam, and make the right choice. Cole has been great every step of the way. I’m going to be interested to see what’s left to his story and where he goes next. He’s had his eyes opened…how do you ever come back from that?

Then there was the beautiful fight choreography, as perfect, yet very different to the first fight between Cole and Demon Dean. Dean still had the upper hand here, but not quite as easily. There was one point where Cole slugs Dean in the face and Dean stumbles and catches himself, before shaking his head to clear the fog. Jensen Ackles never ceases to amaze me with these tiny touches he puts into his performance.

Then Dean goes and breaks my heart…again.

Standing in front of Cole, trying his best to explain what happened back when Cole was a child, he talked about love in front of the person who loves him the most. As Sam listened on, ready to protect his brother at a moments notice, gun down, trusting his brother, but totally with the drop on Cole…. He hears his brother say…

“The people who love me, they pulled me back from that edge.”

The brothers rarely say the word love, they just don't say it…they say and show their love in other ways. Yet here, with his brother looking on, Dean actually spoke the word out loud, with the person who put everything on the line to pull him back, listening, but not only listening…hearing. If Sam ever doubted that Dean was thankful for everything he did, he can’t be doubtful now. So much passed between Sam and Dean in that moment. So much said and understood. Dean said love as Sammy listened… and I cried.

Then Dean goes and breaks my heart again…again…

“Now the truth is... I'm past saving. I know how my story ends, it's at the edge of a blade or the barrel of a gun.” 

Oh please, let it not be so! Sam’s face when he hears Dean say these words – and his worried follow up question, which Dean dismisses as saying what is needed in the moment.

But Dean, we see you and so does Sam. The self-hate, the guilt, the shame…so much pain over so many things that he wishes he could take back. I wanted to reach through my TV and hold Dean Winchester tight. 

But as sad as Dean’s statement left me, I was also left with so much hope. I know come what may, Sam will save Dean…because Sam’s got Dean’s back. Dean won’t have to face what’s coming - what’s starting to dance around the edges of his and Sam’s and our consciousness - alone. Because Sammy is there, right behind him. The brothers are a united front and like Charlie once said, "There is pretty much nothing the Winchesters can't do if they work together." 

Yep, “Girls, Girls, Girls” was a good one. Robert Berens wrote a lovely episode, full of brother feels and character moments and story development that propelled this very intimate season forward. 

For a show that’s done over 200 episodes, it constantly keeps me guessing…because right now, I have no clue what’s going to happen next! Ain’t that grand?


P.S. I loved this moment with the gun...the little touch Dean gives Cole as the gun passed between them...  I gasped.  This show really is perfect.


  1. This was, in many ways, an almost postcard perfect episode. So many tangled threads woven artfully together. Some story lines neatly tied up and others set up nicely.

    I loved how Sam stayed behind to fight the bewitched girl leaving Dean to chase after Rowena, prepared to step up to the plate and show Dean he's 100% in tune with him as a team. Sam's complete trust in Dean's judgement when he obeys Dean's order to stand down while Cole had the gun on Dean. So many little things that sang about how these brothers were back to being a unified team.

    I love Rowena. I love Crowley. I am all excited about how their relationship will play out. Will they wind up teaming up to be a horrible threat that the Winchesters will have to deal with, or will they rip each other to shreds?

    And what is it with all the Gingers? Anna, Charlie, Abaddon and now Rowena. All good strong characters. There have been a smattering of brunettes and blonds along the way but it seems red heads are a favourite.

    I am very much liking where we have gone so far with this season, and am looking forward to where we will go for the rest of this season and into season 11 (because I truly believe there will be a season 11).

  2. I really liked this episode. It is in top 3 for this season at the moment even though I have loved every episode this season.

    I guessed Rowena with others a long long while ago. Sometimes spoilers should not be read... *cough* but all the same it was affirmation that she was his mother. There wasn't much told about the story yet except about the Covenant. It might have something to do with Crowley's son and space time continuum. We will see. Crowley's first reaction was stunned so we will see if it is happy/sad/angry reunion later.

    Dean has been thinking that he is beyond saving many many years already. Some other characters has said it to his face or just treated like he doesn't matter. I think that is the bigger edge where Dean needs to get off by himself and with help. If he only could realize he is worthy dammit.

    I have loved so much that Sam can be only Sam! That he is not possessed, soulless, addicted etc. That actually both of them are living the life again as brothers. That has been missed. As Sam's and Dean's stories are entwined always I see Sam doing the saving people, hunting things the family business with Dean and take care of the MoC when it is the proper time. We will see how it goes. They both mean a lot to one another and Sam has always disliked Dean to think that low about himself. He wishes Dean would see him like he does. Maybe Sam could slam that hope and happy thoughts in Dean's head?

    SAM: You've saved my life over and over. I mean, you sacrifice everything for me. Don't you think I'd do the same for you? You're my big brother. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you. And I don't care what it takes, I'm gonna get you out of this. Guess I gotta save your ass for a change.
    2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two

    Sam Winchester: Yeah, because I've been following you around my entire life. I mean, I've been looking up to you since I was four, Dean. Studying you, trying to be just like my big brother.So, yeah, I know you. Better than anyone else in the entire world. And this is exactly how you act when you're terrified. And, I mean, I can't blame you.
    3.7 Fresh Blood

    He has said it before and now he still lives by this. Also he values a lot what Dean thinks about him and that is his Achilles heel. Dean's is his low self worth. They need to work on those issues and I hope both of them will.

    Castiel's story can open a lot of new roads the story can take. I loved Hannah's decision. Even if I adore Castiel I see the angels and demons using human's as pawns to their own game. It is refreshing to see one of them at least to make the right choice. Maybe Gadreel put that seed to Hannah's mind. Also now the car sickness and how she acted got finally a reason. Hannah was feeling guilty and the emotions of her vessel.

    Hannah's story was a surprising twist and I am eager to see where everything will go from here. :)

    See you in next week!

    - Lilah