Wednesday, 5 November 2014

SPOILERS SWEETIES! Promo Pics from Supernatural's 200TH EPISODE! "Fan Fiction"

Eeeeeeee! How excited are we all for this episode? I mean, 200! 200! It's so very awesome. Our little show that could hits 200 episodes. Anyway...before I get too misty eyed, today we got some promo pics to tease us, while we (im)patiently way for the episode to arrive!

And...they are amazeballs!

OH.MY.GOD. Where do I start. Single layer. All grubby and greasy from working on Baby. 
Look at him. I think the whole episode could be Dean working on the Impala and I'd be engrossed!
Look at his arm...

I feel like this is Jared. So pretty.......  Anyhoo...Sam and Dean in single layers working on the car. 
How cool is this? Who'da thunk it! I can't wait for this scene.

They wear suits and baffled expressions very well!

Dean is not amused.

Dean is still not amused - and he changed clothes!

I think they're about to flash their badges!

Nawww.  Super cute cast shot.

I feel like I'm going to like these two!

Sam and Dean and fake Baby!

Sam, Dean, Cas, Mary, John and co. Baby has the KAZ number plates! I think I love these girls.

I bet they all went off and gossipped about the boys. I mean...imagine them coming into your highschool...looking like they do and all. IMAGINE! (I'm just imagining...)

Isn't the lighting pretty in this scene? It's like they have halos.

What the hell is that weapon? Is that a stake?

Look at them. I love this shot.

Yup. A stake...

There's big brother Dean... With Mary and John over Sammy's cot.

The Yellow Eyed Demon. Love it.

I freakin' love how they depicted Mary. I think everyone shoulda stuck their heads through the hole and taken a photo, like at a fair!

Imagine if the girls actually figured out that Sam and Dean were the real Sam and Dean! That would be cool. I hope that happens.

I love the whole concept of this episode. Love it. Love that the highschool girls are putting on a musical performance of the Supernatural books, because they're fans. It's such a gorgeous idea.
A celebration of us celebrating the show.

I can't wait. I love it already just from the idea!

Only a week to go and we'll be basking in the glory of our show's 200th episode.

Get ready to celebrate, squee, and have all the proud feels. 


  1. I cannot wait to see that episode, it is going to be epic. I love the fact that it is a high school musical in an all girl's school. I'm the Librarian in a girl's school, and I have so many of them come up to my desk and when they see all the Supernatural paraphernalia (my computer background, my Dean calendar, my anti-possession tattoo) I get to meet fans of the show. They come to the Library to discuss the episodes with me. It's so darn cute. Now, if only I could get them to put on a Supernatural show so we could get Sam & Dean to come investigate! :)

  2. Oh my gosh the 1st pic of Dean is AMAIZING with the t-shirt and the grease oh my I don't think I can handle it. I am pretty sure I just drooled on my computer. Thank you for the pic I can't wait for the episode.

  3. I get the feeling in that first photo Baby is getting her revenge on Dean for all of the neglect (just a car, hmph!). Sam or Jared I could look at that smile all day long. I love the cardboard Impala, the props are high school play perfection. And they are definitely hunting something that needs to be staked. It all looks to be a very weird episode, I can't wait.

  4. I feel that we may need to pic you up off the floor after you wrote this and posted the pix here, LOL! More fun! 200 is gonna be epic and I suspect this # happening so early in the season is part of the reason DemonDean ended quickly....can't have the 200th episode with the boys NOT together, right? NOOOOOOOOOO WAY! Can't wait...

  5. Man, I always want to comment on every entry on your blog, be it review or spoilerlight preview etc., but I not always find the time to do it, dammit!!

    Anyway, I so cannot wait for this ep. It is truly unbelievable!! 200th ep!? Whaatt?! AWESOME!. Love the first two pics, Dean all greasy, and then Jarod (has to be him, Sam doesn't quite smile like that, right?), that smile --- Gosh, swoon!

    So, I meant to say something: I think I found my happy place in your blog. With every post you transfer your excitment and squeeing and love for the show, and I feel like I'm right at home here, loving every episode, even if they aren't a perfect ten through and through, but finding the good, where others only see disappointement of their expectations. It just fills my fan heart with so much joy to read about your love for SPN. So just, Thank You!!!! Keep up the great posts. Love them all the way....

    C.J. ;-)