Sunday, 23 November 2014

Review - Supernatural 10x06 "Ask Jeeves" - Isn't it Bromantic.

The last 3 episodes of Supernatural have left me with a great big happy. They really have! So much bro love… *sigh*

“Ask Jeeves” was fun! A tonne of fun! I laughed out loud a bunch of times. The cast was great. They played their rolls perfectly! And frankly, the reaction of the two sisters to Sam and Dean is the most realistic reaction ever depicted on the show! I never understand why everyone doesn’t double take when they first clap eyes on those boys! I mean…LOOK AT THEM!

Dean and Baby *sigh again*. I guess all this work he’s doing on her is his way of apologising for the lack of care she got during his time as Demon Dean!

I love that the last two episodes have opened with Dean tinkering with the car. Making her all perfect. It’s helluva sexy seeing Dean working on Baby... I could watch a whole episode of him doing just that! And there have been so many beautiful driving shots, both real and CG. Baby is getting back into form…just like Sam and Dean are.

Seeing the brothers working together and so in-sync…well it just makes my heart swell. Like I said last week, it’s lovely that they want to be together, driving down Crazy Street with their brother, as opposed to just being there because that’s where they always are. It’s just so great. I adored it when the hilarious, pheasant hunting Dash said to Sam about family…

“We don't really like each other... But then what family does?”

And Sam replied, “Mine does. For the most part. It's just my brother and me.”

Zinnnnnnng! There go my heartstrings! Bless you Sam Winchester. I love that they boys actually “like” each other on top of their love. Gosh. That was too perfect. Sammy’s had a couple of cracker lines lately. It’s just wonderful to see him so openly caring for and loving/liking Dean.

The episode had a fantastically sassy and playful script, with LOADS of great one-liners. I loved all the references to Cluedo (Clue) the game – the candlestick, iron pipe, rope, wrench, knife and pistol. The billiard table, attic, hallways, Mrs Peacock and Colonel Mustard – it was all spot on. The score danced around merrily sounding like an old whodunit movie. I guffawed at the dead body outline with its head drawn separately – that was gold and the actual decapitation was amazeballs! I think it’s my favourite decapitation the show has ever done and they’ve done a bunch!

The scenes with awkwardly ogled Sam were a pure joy. “I’m lactose intolerant”! I can’t even type that without laughing out loud! Jared’s comic timing was perfection. Then the scene on the couch as he tested the two women for being shifters as they snuggled into him! Too damn funny! And I gotta say, his “Darlin’” drawled out was… HUBBA! Swoonage all over the place! Dean’s reaction was just precious, “And it’s all going to hell, right here right now”. I loved how amused Dean was by Sam getting chatted up! He was loving Sam sweating! (And I’m not talking about the real sweat…like in the kitchen…Sammy all sweaty……….wait…what was I saying?)

The monster was a Shapeshifter and Shifters happen to be my favourite monsters in the Supernatural Universe. I liked that, similar to the baby Shifter in season six’s “Two and a Half Men”, she was born of an affair between her human mother and a Shifter father. Unfortunately, in the end she made the choice to be a monster. Sure, being locked in the attic most of your life is going to screw with your head a tad (!!), but when Sam said to her that being a monster was a choice, she plainly chose that route. The show since day dot has toyed with the idea of what constitutes being a monster; that it can be a choice as opposed to simply the way you were born or made. I love that we keep revisiting this theme, especially as how this episode ended. Eeep!

Dean going all Mark of Cain on Shifter Olivia was…well it was hot, let’s face it, smokin’ hot…but it was also a bit of a wake up out of my happy Winchester bubble! Sam sort of cowered on the floor as I sort of cowered on the couch! We knew the Mark would make a comeback, and this being Dean’s first kill since he was de-demoned... MEEP! That nasty-ass tattoo is going to need a good feed now. Damn it!

And then the final scene in the Impala as Sam, his brow all wrinkled with concern, asks Dean about what happened, was it the Mark or demon residue that made him shoot ALL the rounds into Olivia? I don’t think Dean’s mind even wants to go there. We know he’s concerned about the Mark of Cain – remember he mentioned still having it on his arm in “Paper Moon” – but I think he’s just not even remotely ready or willing to face the possibility that what happened to him in season nine, could happen to him all over again. So he turns up the denial along with the radio. What a very Dean reaction. Maybe if he doesn’t face it, it won’t happen. Frightened Dean makes my heart hurt.

But at least we know that come what may with this damn Mark of Cain, that the brothers are determined to face it together. This time around, I know that Sam will be right by Dean’s side doing whatever he needs to do to save his big brother. Epic yay! Epic *sigh*!

I’m going to be straight with you guys; one of the things I adored about the last three episodes was the focus on Sam and Dean. Of course, this was purposeful. Sam and Dean need to reconnect and get to know each other again out side of all the crap they’ve been piled under, so the focus had to be on them and their relationship to give the feeling of them rediscovering each other and remembering why they stay together through thick and thin. We needed to see them talking, working together, finding some harmony in their relationship again, LIKING each other even above their love. They needed to live it and we needed to be there living it with them. If they’d have simply jumped straight back into working side by side without the awkward conversations and the obvious gently-gently attitude they’re taking to their relationship, it may have felt jarring and untrue, but this way…it’s like we’re on the road to recovery along with them.

But I can’t lie…I HAVE LOVED IT. I know we all watch the show for different reasons, but this show is about the brothers for me and always will be. And no, that doesn’t mean I don’t love Cas and Crowley, I do, like, a lot...but…and like I said, I’m going to be straight with you guys…I don’t seem to miss them when they’re not around (and I feel a bit guilty about it.) When they’re in an episode I always enjoy them. Crowley is fantastic fun and Mark Sheppard has infused him with so much awesome, that I love him despite of the fact that Crowley really is a total bastard! And Misha has made me care for Castiel even when I haven’t much cared for his storylines! And I love the interplay of these characters with the boys and I’m very much onboard with the show’s perspective that these characters add another wonderful layer to the story and to the brother’s relationship (plus on a practical level, allow Jensen and Jared a bit of time off which I think has helped with them remaining so committed to the show.) But when Cas and Crowley are not there…when it’s just the brothers…I don’t wonder what they’re doing or what’s been happening in their worlds.

I think this show juggles the storylines of the three main characters super well…and yes I am calling Sam and Dean one character for the purpose of this statement – don’t yell at me, I know they’re individuals and have individual arcs too, but everything that happens to one, happens in some way to the other, so we usually have The Brothers, Cas, Crowley. Yeah? Okay… So, I think the show handles these 3 different storylines exceptionally well; the story always feels cohesive, but there’s something lovely about concentrating on just the one story for a bit.

I’ve been shockingly relaxed during the last three episodes! There’s been an old-school vibe I’ve loved and I’ve loved being able to concentrate solely on the aspect of this show I love the most…the boys. 10 seasons on, their journey still grabs me, keeps me interested, makes my heart race and jump out of my chest and swoon with love. I’m still rooting for them, I still care about them every single step of the way and I’ve appreciated having a bit of time to do that without them having to save the world, or worry about what the King of Hell is up to, or fret over all the Heaven crapola poor Cas has to constantly deal with. It’s been a lovely breather for them and me! 

Aaaaaaand…I think all that is about to end! Next week’s episode brings in the Rowena character and Cas and Crowley are both back and you know that the brothers are going to be sucked back into those worlds and those worries (along with us) and that damn MoC is going to be worrying us all as Dean kills again, and my nice little bromantic mini-break will be over! And I’m cool with it, because whatever happens next I’m on board and feel emotionally ready! Because the brothers seem to be a team again and the balance has been restored to my Universe!

But when my Supernaturally inspired stress levels start to sore, which undoubtedly they will, I’m going to close my eyes and remember my happy place of Dean working on Baby and Sam liking his brother and beers and the green cooler and “what she said”… 

I feel like the show has fortified me for moving forward just like it’s re-fortified the brother’s relationship. So I’m ready. Bring on the feels!


Oh and did you see this great pic that the actress who played Amber, Clare Filipow, tweeted? Looks like they had as much fun making this ep as I had watching it!


  1. "I’ve been shockingly relaxed during the last three episodes!"
    That's it! I didn't know exactly what it was, but relaxed is a great description. I was just talking to my friend today and couldn't come up with summary for how I felt the last three eps. Sometimes I think you are looking into my soul and pulling out all my feelings since I agree with you so much.

    "There’s been an old-school vibe I’ve loved and I’ve loved been able to concentrate solely on the aspect of this show I love the most…the boys."
    Then you went and said this. Another near exact quote I told my friend today. But I can't take credit for that alone. Even the boys have commented lately at conventions and in interviews that it has a feel of early seasons. And I think that they love that. They seem to be having so much fun at conventions and talking about the season. The Burcon videos just cracked me up. Like the last 2 eps.

    But like you, I know it can't/won't last. MOC is lying in wait. It has been a journey back for the boys and I think much of fandom. I think even some of the fans that have spouted some bitter and nasty things about the last 2 seasons, about JC and the writers are even happy! Okay, maybe that's too Pollyannaish. But I don't seem to see as much bashing.

    And I'm loving the BM even with no bro hug. It's all awkward and rebuilding of a relationship. Very real that they aren't jumping into a hug. Lots of emotional scars for both of them. But they LIKE each other. I'm a happy camper right now.

    Thanks for another wonderful review. Oh, and I like Crowley and Cas too, but am with you that I wasn't wondering what they were up to or really miss them. The time flew by in the episode too fast to think about much else.

  2. Again, nailed it. I loved all the Cluedo references, and the whole feel was a classic Agatha Christie-style Whodunnit. Such a fun episode. I loved that Sam was, once again, a real cougar magnet. He plays awkward so well. It was a real worry at the end, though, when Dean when overboard with shooting the shifter. Sam is right to be worried, methinks. I feel we'll get into some heavier episodes in the next few weeks, leading up to the mid-season finale.

    Having seen a few of the BTS photos, I really hope we see some of their antics in the gag reel!

  3. Have been enjoying all the episodes thus far. Relaxed is a good way to put it. That has also made me wait when the anvil will drop and it started to drop on this episode. I guess it was a fear in the gut all the time but I am in for the ride. Can't wait for next episode!

    - Lilah

  4. Amy, you seem to have a direct connection to the part of my brain dedicated to supernatural (i.e., 95% of it), cause every week I read my own thoughts here (only in so much better words ;) ). Thanks for being the open, enthusiastic, sharing, loving fangirl you are, and especially for being our voice!

  5. I've loved these episodes. And Sam saying his family like each other? I nearly died from happy happy feels. His face as he he said it was so little boy Sam and wonderful.

    I think this episode for me is book-ended by that expression on Sam's face and then the expression on Dean's face as he killed the shifter so very thoroughly. The good and the scary. I'm nervous. And Dean turning up the radio instead of talking it out with Sam? So Dean, but so old school if-I-ignore-it-maybe-it-will-go-away Dean... DEAN TALK TO YOUR BROTHER DAMMIT.

    Yep I'm nervous. And I swear every episode I just fall more and more in love with this show. Will there ever be a love limit? I don't think so.

  6. Thanks Amy, I'm right there with you about the brothers finding each other again. I'm liking where they are at, but super worried about that bloody MoC still on Dean's arm. The look on his face when he killed that shapeshifter was reminiscent of DemonDean. I know he's worried, and when Dean is worried he turns up the music so he doesn't have to admit it to himself or his brother. Yikes. And as much as I like Cas & Crowley, I'm loving having the brothers all by their lonesome. It's almost like we have them to ourselves. I'm selfish like that.

    That episode was very much like old fashioned SPN monster of the week. The reaction of the women when they first saw Sam & Dean walk in was just bloody priceless! LOL That should always be people's reaction when they see these two, just open mouthed, drool fest. :)