Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 10x07 "Girls, Girls, Girls"

And we're back for another preview! There's only 3 episodes left until the mid-season finale, so you know shit's about to get real! That nice little relaxing Winchester love filled mini-break we've been having...yeah, I think that's done and done! Not their love of course, just the relaxing bit!

Anyhoo...here we go! 


Well Sam and Dean had a little holiday by the river and drank some beer. 
Sam said, "what she said" and Dean hung the fake Samulet in the Impala.
The boys went old school mystery and Sam likes Dean.
Dean went all Mark of Cain and turned up the radio rather than have to face what just happened.
We all has worry....


Cas and Crowley are back! 
The new ginger in town makes an appearance.
And there's witches and you know how Dean feels about them!

So let's take a look at the synopsis! 

SUPERNATURAL “Girls, Girls, Girls” — Nov. 25, 2014 ROWENA REAPPEARS 

Sam and Dean stumble upon a demon who is running from Crowley. Before they have a chance to shut him down, Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) steps in and takes things into her own hands. Realizing Rowena is trying to recruit and train followers in the art of witchcraft, Sam and Dean come up with a plan to catch her before she can do much damage. Meanwhile, Hannah runs into a blast from her vessel’s past, which complicates things for her and Castiel. Robert Singer directed this episode written by Robert Berens (1007). 

Ok, so yay! Bob Singer directed episode. I'm always excited when he directs. He's been with the show since the beginning as an Executive Producer as well as a Director and an occasional writer and co-Showrunner (and Voice Over talent!). I always feel like the episode is in good hands with Bob at the helm. 

Robert Berens has previously written 3 episodes of Supernatural; the Castielcentric "Heaven Can't Wait", the return of Kevin, "Captives" and Sherif Mills' episode, "Alex Annie Alexis Ann".

Okay, so...witches. We've had witches in the show before, but never in any significant way in relation to mythology or the arc of the season. However, we do know that Crowley purports to having a witch for a mother, who taught him a thing or two - which we saw play out in the episode "Clip Show" with his killer hex bags. It makes you wonder if he's going to know Rowena, especially as she appears to be Scottish too. Crowley, at one time was Scottish tailor Fergus MacLeod - or so he says! Is this Rowena character someone from his past? Or doe her history not stretch back that far. And why exactly is she recruiting followers? To what end? Mysterious!

Mean while in Heaven's camp... Who is going to be the blast from Hannah's vessel's past? That's kind of interesting isn't it? I've actually never thought about how an angel's vessel may run in to old friends or work colleagues or something! But it could most definitely happen! I've randomly run into people I know from Australia when I've been on the other side of the world! One time a friend of mine while on holiday OS, went into a pub in a backstreet of London to use the loo and sitting in there were two of our friends from work back home! I mean, the odds are outrageous, but it happens! I like the idea of Hannah having to deal with a person who knows her vessel. Interesting turn! How it complicates things for Cas and her I guess that depends on the direction their relationship is heading or who this blast is to Hannah's vessel.

Right, shall we check out the promo?

For some reason, we didn't get an extended promo this week...or a sneak peek (at least not yet)! Geesh! So we have a whole 21 seconds to deal with...though they crammed a bit in there.

What's a bet Dean isn't really on a dating app. That's got to be something else...but let's just enjoy the hell out of it for a moment! *(see later...)

I'm not sure about the using his real name and putting down the address of his super secret hunter's lair! I've noticed the boys being rather laissez-faire with their names of late! But yeah...I'm betting that what we're seeing here is absolutely not representative of what's actually happening in this scene! We promo producers like to do stuff like that. I love how in Seeking, Dean just has, Women. Bless!

Anyway, that's awesome and I can't wait to see what's actually going on with it...because somehow I don't think Dean Winchester is looking for a date (or would have to look if he actually wanted one). That photo is hilariously hot though!


I can't deny my heart may be racing the tiniest bit. OKAY A LOT! Sam is having way too much fun, Dean is super hot and so damn cute and the whole scene is just... GUH! Oh I love these two so much and even more so when they're all playful like this. AND OF COURSE DEAN'S ALERTS ARE BLOWING UP and..stuff!

"Rolling through town. No strings attached. Interested?" Oh, Dean Winchester...how you make me swoon.

Honestly...just between you and me, I've gone all thing!

Okay - now where the hell was I...um, back to the promo!

There's a bit of kissing going on in this promo! Hannah is kissing Cas. Some girl is kissing Dean! Weeeeee! And is that Hannah nekid!? Hmmm! I'm very interested to see where the show takes the Castiel and Hannah relationship. I've been enjoying their blossoming friendship and I like the idea of Cas having an angel in his life who he can trust and who isn't out to use him or kill him! Hopefully Hannah will turn out to be that angel.

There's also a lot of demon smoke happening and that means some killing is going to go down...and by Dean...which most likely means MoC problems! That is a very bloody demon blade in Dean's hand there. Eeeep! I figure that Dean's struggle with the MoC is going to play into the mid-season finale and at least the beginning of the back end of the season - especially as Timothy Omundson spilled the beans at Burcon that Cain will be back in episode 14 of the season! How excitement! So I feel that we're going to start seeing the affects of the MoC ramping up now and starting to take hold. Poor Dean... Here's to the bros facing it together...you're not alone Deano, remember that!

I will say, I've been totally enjoying the focus on the brothers and their relationship, it's been so wonderful to spend a bit of time with the Winchesters and I'm loathe to let go of those happy feels - but writing this up and looking at the pics and promo, I'm excited to see what happens next and see where this is all going. And the bros are all good...and like them, I can face anything if they're side by side!

Gah! I love this show so much!

There were some super fun behind the scenes photos released from this episode....

Hey look, Fake!Sam!

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to this one? Any theories on what's going to happen?
Hit me up in the comments! And enjoy the epi, everyone. See you on the flipside!


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  1. I hope that wasn't someone going through the windshield of the Impala. More Sam laughing this season....yay!

    1. I was thinking that too! Not after all that tender loving care Dean's been giving Baby!

  2. Amy, the "Rolling through town. No strings attached. Interested?” is what Jensen said at SDCC14 !! (source supernaturalwiki.tumblr). .. a fan saw the connection and tweeted to Bob Berens. Sometimes I just can’t believe how awesome the fans and spn writers are.