Monday, 1 May 2017

Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thoughts on 12x19 The Future

The Colt is dead.😢 Yet another character brought back just to be killed off. Oh show, why do you break our hearts like this..💔. May she rest in peace. 🔫 Oh Dean, I'm sorry for your loss.  Maybe this will cheer you up🍔.  Actually I must say that I thought the Colt had a pretty good arc.  She served her purpose well and she was yet another piece of canon not cannon💣 that was given closure.  I think this is for the best as we seem to be getting back to basics here where the boys are back on their own without magical weapons to resolve their issues.  Show sort of clarified that the Colt wouldn't be able to kill Luci's child anyway.   It certainly didn't kill Luci.  She made a few mighty kills before her demise though and she will always be a part of Winchester history. 😉 

I must say this was quite an interesting hour.  I quite enjoyed this episode, even though it was Sam and Dean lite.  I don't normally enjoy eps as much as I did this with so little Winchesters, but what we did see of the boys....excellent stuff.   I love smart Sam, and I can't help but think that his plan was probably the best way to go.  Fingers crossed that Cas is doing the right thing here, because the last time Cas was in the wind,  well let's just say it didn't end well. 😮


I love Sam's perseverance and his resolve not to give up.  The scene opens with Sam researching through the night, trying to figure out when Kelli's baby will be born.  I also love that he is still  trying to find an alternative means  to stop Lucifer's child without necessarily killing it. Sam still holds onto his credo to save lives and I must say that I found his solution to be a good one.  I thought the grace extraction idea was brilliant (Smart Sam is a sexy Sam) and it would also give value to Sam being possessed by Gad in the first place.  Sam kind of broke my heart a wee bit in this ep, he's literally losing sleep trying to find a way to find out when the Nephilim will arrive and how to stop it.  I feel as though he feels that it's up to him to find the solution to this problem  I get it, he's so often been the one to come up with Plan B, I feel now that he might feel it's expected of him.  Still, it's not unlike Sam to put pressure on himself as I was reminded by another poster recently.  He has always been presented as the one who never gives weight to the credo to always keep fighting.  💪 


I thought Dean had a right to be angry with Cas.  I know that Cas is free to do what he wants, when he wants, without Dean's permission, and for the most part I totally agree.  This was different though.  Things are hot and heavy now and Cas just took off, leaving Dean to worry.  Cas gave this whole speech about loving the Winchesters and seeing them as his family, yet he couldn't  find the time to simply text either of the boys to let them know he's fine and he'll be out of touch for a while.  I'm surprised Dean didn't haul off and sock him though I think that might actually be coming given Cas betraying the boys the way he did at the end of the episode.  You remember what he did to Sam for taking the car right?  I doubt he'll let Cas off that easy.  Of course, Dean will rightfully recognise Cas' actions as a betrayal.  Cas already duped him by handing him back the tape Dean made just so he can get to the Colt.   Not nice Cas...bad angel.  I fear that Cas going off on his own is exactly what he shouldn't do.  I just hope he realises this mistake and makes his way back to the boys sooner rather than later.   Whether Dean will so easily forgive this time...actually wait, he doesn't really easily forgive....Cas you most definitely screwed up betraying Dean and Sam once again.  Prepare to take your medicine.💊 You will have earned it this time. I'm not even sure Sam will bother to be peacemaker this time.   Hell hath no fury like a Dean Winchester scorned. 😠


If Luci can psychically talk to Dagon, would he not also have a connection to the woman carrying his child?   Shouldn't, at the very most,  he be connected to his baby? Is it possible that Luci is, in fact,  connected to the child and he was the one to send the fake vision to Cas? Is it out of the realm of possibility, I mean he sent a couple to Sam.  I know, why would Lucifer want Cas to believe he can take care of his child?  I was thinking that perhaps Lucifer sees Cas as a failure and easy to manipulate and destroy once he is free of Crowley.  I mean Sam and Dean wouldn't kill Cas right.  So leaving his child with him could be his alternate plan because Dagon was proving to be a liability.   This of course is just one of a hundred possible theories that this episode has wrought on.  All I do know for sure, Lucifer is one scary bastard😈 and I'm not sure if he ends up being worse or better than his child.  He needs to be now.


According to angel lore Nephilims are considered to be an abomination and therefore must be killed.  I had been wondering why.  Why are Nephilims considered  to be such a threat?  What is a Nephilim anyway but one who is both infused with a soul and angel grace?  Is it the source of power which the angels fear?  I mean we have learnt that the human soul is extremely powerful in and of itself.  We know that Angels are extremely powerful entities, created by God to protect human kind.  This was of course their mission.  Humans of course are flawed.  Humans can be corrupted and humans can kill.   Does fear of the existence of a Nephilim stem from the fear that the human part can corrupt and the mix of the human soul and an angel's grace would be used for destruction? Or is it more along the lines that the mix of such power, the soul and angel grace would in and of itself turn the human vessel, as it's power would inherently corrupt, making the human feel superior to all others thus creating some type of megalomaniac? This is really just a potato...French fry🍟 kind of question...I guess in the end it's the fear that creates the biggest threat.   Still though does it necessarily have to be either or?  Is there a third possibility where the Nephilim just lives in peace as a human?  The one that Cas killed had done nothing to hurt anyone.  She lived as a waitress, a simple job that by no means would have ever made her a rich woman, just blending in with the rest of humanity.  She sought and lived a normal existence, so is it out of the realm of possibility for Lucifer's child to choose the same kind of a life, if given the chance?    I asked myself,  if Chuck/God had seen this Nephilim as a threat to his beloved creation, would he not have simply ended her himself, unless one chooses to look at it as Chuck using Cas to do so.   Still though, was it what Chuck wanted or was it simply what Metatron needed and just that?


I do sympathise with Cas and his feeling of unworthiness that he's likely felt for some time now.  Cas did note in First Born that the only one who screwed up more than Sam was he himself.  Cas does have a bit of a laundry list of major mistakes that he wrought on which very much has great influence on the way he feels about himself currently.  He failed at his attempt to rescue Sam from Hell, but worse than that, he knew what he'd done and instead of going to Dean right away and fixing it, he went off to work with Crowley thus allowing Sam to suffer a century in the Cage.   In his attempt to fight Raphael, instead of going to Dean as he should have, and likely saving Sam sooner, he partners with Crowley, a partnership that wasn't at all ideal, given his resolve to betray Crowley, which of course lead to Cas eating up all the souls and creating a monster.  Cas unleashes Leviathans on the world and in an attempt to redeem himself for that, took it upon himself to try to fix Heaven.  He teams up with Metatron, instead of sticking with the boys and alas, he is betrayed again and the angels fall.  Cas has a long list of failures which he seems to need to redeem himself of, causing him to feel unworthy.  I do understand his desire, no his need,  to do something for the greater good.  Here's the thing though, Dabb had tweeted this little nugget for us before the episode began:

"The best prophet of the future is the past"

I was thinking what this could possibly mean.  To me, it seems like he's saying the best way to a better future is learning from past mistakes.  I was thinking that this could possibly relate to two different things.

We learned from watching Lily Sunder that Cas' mission to kill a Nephilim was a false one and all he ended up doing was assist in the murder of an innocent child.  This conditioned fear and prejudice of a Nephilim created an enraged Mother seeking revenge, thus only to end up killing more angels in the process.  Cas killing the Nephilim back in Season 8 was part of the spell that was necessary to cause the angels to fall.  It seems that on both occasions, the killing of a Nephilim didn't just end in one death, but ended in many, including both angels and humans. Is the message here not to fall into the trap of making this same mistake once again?   Could this be the mistake not to repeat?


Could this be in regards to Cas in a different way.  Most of Cas' failures of the past happened when he went off on his own.  Dean mentioned Team Free Will again, the only other time he used that term was back in The Song Remains The Same.   Only back then Dean was talking to Sam about Team Free Will.  This time though when Dean spoke of TFW it was directly to Cas and acknowledging that Cas is part of this Team.  Dean, Sam and Cas, the way it's been for quite a few years now, or at least the way Dean has seen it.  TFW has always been the answer to the world's greatest threats.   Perhaps show is trying to tell Cas that he needs to recognise this.   The way to fight Lucifer and possibly his spawn as well is to do it together.  I think Cas going off and doing his own thing, even if he believes it to be for the greater good, could, as in the past,  turn out to be the opposite case.  Perhaps this time around Cas will recognise that he is stronger when he is with Sam and Dean.

Oh the Questions This Ep Has Posed

Of course we can ask ourselves:

Do the sins of the father necessarily have to carry on to the child?

There is that life long debate regarding nature vs. nurture.   Just because ones parent turns out to be evil, does it necessarily mean their children will end up the same way?   Sometimes bad people have good children.  Sometimes good parents end up with very bad children.  In the world we live in today, aren't there many more factors that influence what kind of person one chooses to become.  Free will, again brought up by Dean.  Doesn't our free enable us to decide what kind of people we decide we want to be?  Sure circumstances play a big role, but so often even with circumstances that have a negative or sometimes desperate influence on how one behaves, not all behave in the same way.   The question here is, does Luci's child necessarily have to follow in his father's footsteps?  Is it possible that this child, despite who his father is,  would choose to do the opposite of what Lucifer wants? 


Is this what a lot of us fear this could be, that this child could very well be evil?  Many think this to be the case and with good reason.  After all, as a friend of mine had already mentioned in another post, to prove what Kelli was carrying was a threat, Cas had her put her hand on a bible, which much like his father's touch, caused it to go on fire.  Was this a bad sign for what was to come? We know that Lucifer is capable of sending visions to those he has or has had a connection to, does Luci have a connection to his unborn child?   What if the vision of the future Cas saw was a lie?  Was the vision even from the child or could it have been Luci induced?  If the vision was from the baby, is it possible that this child is deceiving Cas so that Cas would ensure it's survival?  Kelly believes the baby saved her life, but Dagon insisted it kept her alive simply because the child needs her.  Was Dagon the one lying?  I was wondering if this Nephilim is the cosmic consequence that Billie spoke of. Cas is the one who broke the deal and now it seems that Cas has been chosen by the Nephilim to be it's guardian... Is Cas protecting this child and giving it the opportunity to grow and become more powerful, a very possible threat to all humanity, the cosmic consequence that Billie spoke of?


Could this child be good?  Could the burning of the bible have been due to the incredible power this child has?  A power that is strong enough to flow through his mother's vessel, but not necessarily an evil touch as much as it was a powerful one, one that an infant cannot control?    Even though Lucifer is Show's own Darth Vader, could his child end up like Luke Skywalker?  Could cosmic consequences still be on the horizon and this child be the one to help the Winchesters and Cas stop whatever it is that these consequences might be?

Another question that was posed on another thread that had me wondering the same thing:  Was that the real Joshua?  Joshua talks to God right, or at least why would Joshua leave the Garden after all these millennia?  I don't know, makes me wonder if that was really him.

I really liked this episode because of the questions that it poses.  I honestly have no idea where show is going with all of this and I love that.  I love not knowing.  Show has been a bit predictable in the past.  Dean turning into a demon was pretty much where the story was heading, so that wasn't much of a shock.  The angels falling, not much of a surprise there.  Dean killing Death, now that was a surprise.   Now, I have no idea where they are going with this.  All I have are theories and I'm having so much fun playing this guessing game on what the hell I think is actually going on here.  A brilliant strategy by the writing staff to keep my attention and getting me to crave more.  That's superior television in my book.  I just want to mention the great job Amanda Tapping did of directing this episode.  The scene of Kelli killing herself in the tub, for such a dark scene, it was so beautifully shot.  Everyone did such an amazing job.  Desserts all around for everyone involved. 🍧🍪🍺🍷


     " Yeah, that's mine".🔫

    -Dean to Cas about the Colt

    “You, me and Sam, we’re just better together. So now that you’re back, let’s go, Team Free Will. Let’s get it done.”

    -Dean to Cas   

    “You get the chance to be Mary of Nazareth, Part 2: Evil Jesus Edition.”

    -Dagon to Kelly   

    "Find my boy or the torments I will visit upon you will be infinite. Promise.”👿

    -Lucifer to Dagon   

    As interesting as this ep was, I found the promo for next week to be all the more. Cannot wait for Thursday

    Til then.
    Thanks for reading.
    - Anna


    1. Anna, I'm having a hard time finding much enthusiasm for this season. Yes, the boys are united. That's nice. Yes, Sam is getting involved with the guest stars and killing big bads. That's nice too. Sam and Dean are backing each other up and sharing the more limited screen time that is due to 3 babies being born this year. That's nice too, I like babies. However, if the last 4 episodes do not have some great dramatic moments that make Mary's actions seem plausible or make the BMOL story engaging...then I'm not going to rank this season very high. It's not bad, but just slightly more than okay. If Cas is super powered up again, and the baby Neph is more good than evil, plus Lucifer keeps getting scarier and the BMOL is either defeated or the survivors are brought into the good guy side...then maybe it'll be fun. I'm just worried that with 4 episodes left, we'll be left with just an okay season.

    2. I don't think things will be wrapped up this season on either front...I feel like s12 has been the build up to s13. I liked this season. Not every ep was that exciting granted, and this season, more than any other felt too much like an ensemble cast than just our boys, something I had to adjust to, but from a stress level point of view.....The unity of our boys, without contrived conflict between them as been the high point for me. The them against the world, even if it's within their own personal family/friends vibe makes me so very happy. The show started with the boys only....and I like that this is where they are now. The BMOL, I think there's more to them and this mystery will evolve. Mary....Dean has always lived by the delusion of her, built her up to be someone she wasn't...his ideal of a 4 year old child.....that delusion has affected how he's lived. I feel like meeting his true mom will allow him a freedom he's never had before. While she isn't Mom of the Year or day for that matter, I'm glad that this delusion he's clung on to has been broken. This idea that she was's good that he knows that she was as messed up as the rest of them. I think it is a part of his character growth that we've been seeing so much of. I would've liked her to actually have spent time with them. I feel as though she will end up sacrificing herself at some point...whether this season or next. it would come full circle for her to do that, since she is the one who cursed them both in the first place. I just hope she at least apologizes to Sam for making that deal and bringing this on to begin with. He's at least owed that by her..

    3. Wow, I love this season, as do so many others. We have gotten rich backstory and major character development. I do not enjoy the BMOL story arc but it isn't enough for me to say this season is a lost cause.

      Back to the article: I love the points you bring up about the Nephil. I am leaning more toward baby having the potential for good. This has been a season of surprise and misdirection. They want us to think Nephil is bad so it makes me want to think and hope the opposite. I'm getting Messiah-vibes about this baby. I definitely think Lucifer may be in the driver seat as well, manipulating Cas. He knows Cas is responsible for meddling and wants revenge.

      As for the two choices for Cas - I don't think it is one over another. I think he needs both of the points: they're better as a team AND the pattern of killing innocents has only made things worse.

      As for Dean: he trusts Cas. He loves him. How people choose to interpret that love is up to them. The entire episode Dean trusts him, start to finish. He didn't kick him out of the bunker (yet Dean told Mary to go when she betrayed them), he forgave him about the Colt (ironic that while Cas was stealing it, they were planting tracking apps on his phone and you can see Dean realizes that). Then he tosses the Impala keys to Cas without hesitation? The keys to Baby?! Dean defends Cas to Sam after the Colt and stolen car incident to excuse the behavior?! Dean is evolving as a character and it's so beautiful. And at the end when Cas puts him to sleep Dean doesn't even flinch. Just a soft, pleading "Don't," without moving away.

      Which leads me to the mixtape scene. I don't think that Cas returning the tape was to scam or hurt Dean. I think he thought their friendship/relationship was over (break-up) because he 1). Didn't return calls/texts, 2). He didn't have a win for Dean, 3). He's about to steal the Colt and feels guilty. He knows Dean will be upset. He KNOWS Dean. His heart is in the right place (protective) but he needs to trust Dean back (shouldn't trust run both ways throwback).

      He could've gone to Dean to talk and apologize without the tape. He could've stolen the Colt later when Dean wasn't around. No, the tape scene took up a lot of time to tell us something deeper.

      Music, especially in regard to Dean, is the heartbeat of the show. That tape was Dean's heart. He gave it to Cas and wasn't letting Cas give it back. The tape was to show us how deeply Dean trusts Cas. It was also to show us that Dean is going to fight for Cas (not letting him give the cassette back). It was seriously such a beautiful scene that I'm still in awe.

      Amanda Tapping is amazing. She did a phenomenal job. 👏🏻

    4. Oh and Sam! I love that he had more interaction this episode. He has been a quiet character, save for killing most of the big bads. I wonder where they'll take his character. I definitely see him being the new Bobby; helping hunters and offering knowledge.

    5. That's a really great way of looking at the tape scene. tracking Cas' phone, I think that was also more about concern than it was distrust. The boys expected Cas to take off it seems, so my guess is the reason to track him wasn't just about seeing what he was up to...kind of also more along the lines of making sure he's not in trouble. Sam traced Dean's phone in the memory remains...and dean has tracked Sam's phone in the past, like in hello cruel world, when he was worried about him. I kind of thought that was actually sweet.

      I love not knowing where the story will take us....I have no idea if they will make this Nephilim good or bad....i'd like for it to be a source of goodness, it would be a nice change.

      Thanks so much for reading and for your input. Love this season as well. Pretty excited for the next few eps. It's going to a long hellatus....LOL

      1. I agree with you on the tracking. Everyone has best intentions. Thinking of Dabb's tweet, perhaps this cycle of going behind one another's backs is one area that they want to change with moving forward. I cannot wait for the finale!

    6. I love so much how Dean, no matter what, kept trying to understand Cas and never wrote him off. That he was open and vulnerable with his emotions. I love how Dean has grown to own his emotions and be more available, and upfront with them. It's been such a lovely thing to watch evolve.

      I love this season.

    7. I love this season too. I feel like we're watching Jensen and Jared more than we are watching Sam and Dean.

      Back in s7 Levi Dean had made a comment referring to Dean....he said that Dean didn't have relationships, he had applications for sainthood. This seemed to have a variation of truth to it. It's nice to see that all these years later, and through all his experiences both personal and otherwise, Dean is more acceptable of mistakes, more understanding of other's decisions and quicker to forgive. I like that he finally gets that not every action to meant to be a personal betrayal on him....Levi Dean had noted that Dean also had a hero complex...I wonder if this contributed to his past behavior..his need to be a hero, thinking it meant one had to be perfect...when the true heroes are ones that are flawed and make mistakes. I think he's there now. It's so wonderful