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Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw SPN Roundup - There's Something About Mary

There's Something About Mary

Opening words

Well, that just happened. If I am being truthful loosing Eileen hurt pretty badly for me and I have hard time to focus my thoughts because of that. Still I will try to give my plusses and minuses with an open mind but at least you understand why this roundup might be short. My mind went completely blank after that opening scene and I have not recovered. It has been a wild ride also in the fandom the week after so that has not helped me at all. It only says that I really cared about Eileen as a character like I did with Charlie. Luckily the good buzz for the last two episodes has helped a bit but Eileen will be remembered, always!

Now, let’s get on with the show…


Title:                There's Something About Mary
Episode:           12.21
First aired:        May 11, 2017
Directed by:     P.J. Pesce
Written by"      Brad Buckner, Eugenie Ross-Leming
Monster:          British Men of Letters, Hellhound
Location(s):     South Carolina, Lebanon, Kansas, Fall River, Massachusetts


We start the episode with Eileen running in the forest and she is escaping something. She shoots at the invisible monster and then she is brutally killed. It is a hellhound and Ketch is controlling it with a whistle. Meanwhile the guys check out Mary’s hotel room and she is not there. Dean calls Ketch and he lies to them. Jody calls Sam and informs him Eileen has been killed. Other hunters have been too. They worry about their mom as they head out and drive to the morgue and to Eileen’s body. It is not pretty. In hell Crowley is frustrated that his demons have not found the Nephilim. 

The story moves to Mary. She seems to be alright and visiting a hunter friend Rick she then kills. Except she wakes up and it seems it was just a dream. Toni comes into her holding cell and Mary remembers that she was tortured and drugged. BMOL seems to be brainwashing her. Toni hits her and leaves. Then she notices the hand wound and stitches that she got in the dream. She realises that it was not a dream. Crowley visits Dr. Hess and now we know where Ketch got the hellhound. Crowley and BMOL have a deal and we don’t know what it includes. Crowley returns to hell to Lucifer who has found out the polarity is shifting and he is actually controlling Crowley. Sam calls Crowley who pretends he knows nothing about the hellhound.    

Mary is at breaking point and she relives over and over how she killed Rick. Toni, Hess and Ketch watch the show and they have a poking at each other match going on. It seems Ketch and Toni are in a battle to get Mick's position and Hess is worried about Ketch’s feelings towards Mary.

On their way back to the bunker Sam and Dean stop by the PO box and they find Eileen’s letter. I guess she didn’t trust emails or phones anymore… She warns them about the BMOL and that they bugged her place. The boys head home and search the bunker for the bug. This was a very cool scene! They find the bug and then they lay a trap for the BMOL by letting them hear what they want to hear.

Toni and Ketch have another pissing match beside the hellhound and then Ketch goes to see Mary. She is broken and pleading to Ketch to help her. She only had her own will and now it is going away. She has truly lost everything she knew. She goes to hug Ketch that does seem to care for her. It was a trick though as she grabs his gun and tries to shoot herself. Ketch stops her and then Mary pleads for him to kill her. Ketch refuses and says it will all get better soon. Sam Smith was phenomenal in this scene.

Sam and Dean have laid their trap at an abandoned warehouse where a BMOL hit team moves in. Toni is also waiting nearby in her car. The hit squad is locked in and the Winchesters tag team capture Toni outside. Meanwhile Lucifer plays with Crowley in his “palace”. The boys and Toni are heading back to the bunker and she taunts them from the back of the car. Neither are thrilled about her humour. Meanwhile Lucifer continues to play with Crowley. He tosses him around and shows his wings. Crowley tries to get out of the situation but he fails. Lucifer wounds him and then “kills” him with the angel blade. And the body does nothing which should have been a clue to Lucifer.

Back at the bunker the trio is ambushed by Ketch and in some great fight choreography they get the upper hand. Toni is still held captive by Sam. Things change though because Mary enters the scene and she seems to be brainwashed. They take off and leave Sam, Dean and Toni to die inside the bunker that is now a death trap running out of water and air. In Crowley’s palace his body is taken a way and a rat is following it. Mary is like a robot in the car with Ketch and Lucifer goes to the top of the world and he utters the word: “Son.”      


One thing that occurred to me in this episode was that how Mary’s story mirrored everything that has happened in all the years to Sam and Dean. Sam Smith acted perfectly to what Mary Winchester was going through. She has not been the perfect mother everyone wanted her to be. She is flawed and she has lost almost all that she remembered after she died. She is a stranger in a strange land. Who she is and what she has done is not far from her boys. If you examine her from this point of view she should have the same rules as Sam and Dean as we forgive them if they make mistakes. We are angry and sad when they have lost everything, almost everyone they have cared or loved. So why not Mary? 

She has gone through worse. For her everyone she knew REALLY has died. Her young boys died to her (not literally but figuratively speaking) and even if they are alive and older, those young ones died and were taken from her. They were gone in a split second. Only thing that she had left was her own mind and will, and the BMOL took that away too. Her sons have also experienced that and it is terrible. She is totally broken. The boys also worked for good guys that turned out to be bad (Angels). And they were manipulated to release Lucifer. Mary even got a cut to her hand that told her the truth like Sam did when his wall broke. Both had stitches there and the pain made them see reality. In a way Mary has gone through everything her boys have but just in a shorter time span. And like her boys I feel for her. I hope the boys get her back.

Eileen Leahy, you were great and you fought bravely against an enemy that you could not see. I can only imagine how terrified and alone you felt. Even with the odds you put up a fight and I hope when all is said and done you will have your honorary hunters’ funeral. Shoshannah did great job with Eileen and it is a great feat to get all the fans to love her so that we are sad/angry/devastated that she  was killed. Everyone that I knew wished she would be alive again.

Even if I was not fond of their dance, Crowley and Lucifer had their own power battle which Crowley seemed to loose. Both Marks are great at doing what they do. Like the demons and the BMOL, the demons were no interest for me and the BMOL were just irritating which is what I think was the point. Mr. Ketch is the one that interests me the most from them. They make my blood boil but not in a love to hate way.    

Here is the full list of characters:

Jared Padalecki - Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles - Dean Winchester
Mark Sheppard - Crowley
Mark Pellegrino - Lucifer
Samantha Smith - Mary Winchester

David Haydn-Jones - Arthur Ketch
Elizabeth Blackmore - Lady Toni Bevell
Gillian Barber - Dr. Hess
Shoshannah Stern - Eileen Leahy
Andrew McNee - Rick
Alex Barima - Lucifer's Demon
Ian Edwards - Demon
Serge Jaswal - Tech #1
Chelsea Gill - Paige

Set design

Got to hand it to you, I feel like my writing is lackluster  for this episode in all areas, because there was not much to grab hold to. With the sets it's the same case. Mostly we have the same as we have had many times, the bunker, BMOL HQ, Crowley's dungeon to name a few. BMOL jail with the lights that form crosses was a pretty good addition though. And the new ones we got were not looked at that much like the morgue. 

The ones we got to look at the most was Mary's motel room that looked pretty great. The moss green and wooden colours and the birch trees on the wall paper and on the shower curtain. I really liked the old looking stone wallpaper/wall at the back end of the room. Rick's flat was simple and homey. Pretty normal looking for a hunters' digs. Some vintage colours, old design and dust.


We saw the weapon room of the BMOL in the episode and it had a lot of stuff in it. Even the hellhound cage where the hound that killed Eileen was held. But still only prop that really stuck out in my eyes was the hellhound whistle. Did they get it from Crowley at the same time they got the hellhound? I guess it works against all hounds because originally Crowley and was it Lilith were the only ones that could control those beasts and not mere demons. Too bad the boys don't have those whistles to use against them.


No songs in this week so I need to improvise. If I think of this episode one song popped up in my mind so I will use a part of it for this. The song is deeply emotional so it fits. The song I chose was Hurt by Johnny Cash.  

What have I become
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know goes away
In the end
And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

If I could start again
A million miles away
I would keep myself
I would find a way "

Here is the short +/- rundown for There's Something About Mary

+ Eileen Leahy
+ Eileen warned Sam and Dean
+ Sam and Dean trick the BMOL
+ The bunker search scene
+ The bunker fight scene, boys being badass
+ Dean’s slide to catch Ketch

- Eileen Leahy is murdered by Ketch & a hellhound in a grotesque manner
- Mary is tortured and brainwashed
- Crowley WORKS with the BMOL
- Mary killed a fellow hunter
- Crowley is “killed” (I saw that rat, show!)
- Mary tries to kill herself
- Toni Bevell (Me no likey)
- Mary traps the boys in the bunker
- Dr. Hess
- Lucifer is free
- The music in this episode seemed off
- Crowley’s control spell did what now? :o

-/+ Oh God…

Mary Winchester

Back to back episodes are next so can't wait!

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