Thursday, 30 March 2017

sweetondean's Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 12x16 "Ladies Drink Free"

Anddddddd...we're back (again). After another little hiatus it's time for a new episode! Now, by my calculations, based on the unconfirmed by press release but rumoured finale day, and counting on my fingers a la Dean Winchester, there should be no more breaks... I HOPE!

Anyway...on to this week's preview!


Crowley got a hug
Lucifer got punked
Cas got heavenly
Sam got honest
Dean got onboard


Yep! Werewolves! We're on a hunt for werewolves...

Let's look at the synopsis!

“Ladies Drink Free”

A WOLF IN THE NIGHT – Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) let Mick Davies (guest star Adam Fergus) tag along on a case as they search for a werewolf. The three men run into Claire Novak (guest star Kathryn Love Newton), also working the hunt. However, the reunion is short lived after Claire is bitten and the brothers race to find a way to help her before she turns. Amyn Kaderali directed the episode written by Meredith Glynn (#1216). 

This is Meredith's second episode - she wrote the Hitler ep, The One You've Been Waiting For, and this is Amyn Kaderali's first time directing Supernatural. Amyn is an award winning writer/director/producer who's directed some television as well as feature films. So, welcome to the family Amyn! If you want to check him out, Here's his website, and here's his Twitter! werewolves...we know a couple of those! Kate and Garth! There's nothing here to suggest that they're involved...but I guess we never know with this show! I'd sure be surprised if they weren't referenced somehow - particularly Garth.

What we do know is that the boys have a relationship with both Kate and Garth. Kate they've let walk twice, knowing that the choice to be a werewolf was not hers and that she's living her life as best as she can given her circumstances, and without killing. Garth, of course, is a friend, and a hunter who got accidentally bitten during a hunt, and is also living his life as a werewolf without killing humans.

One of the things I can't help but wonder about as the brothers align with the British Men of Letters, is how will this affect their alliances with the supernatural? Sam and Dean know two werewolves, they know and work with a witch, they know and work with the King of Hell, they know and consider an Angel family...and that's just the regulars! All of these beings...yes even Crowley...I don't believe the Winchesters would be onboard with killing, I mean obviously not Cas, but even not Rowena and Crowley. Crowley, though evil for sure, can be a handy asset, one the brothers often call upon, and though they've threatened to kill him many times, and even attempted it a couple of times, I don't believe that in the current state of play the Winchesters would want to take Crowley out (of course, they don't know about the Lucifer situation...that may change their minds...). I think there was a reason that both the brothers thanked Crowley last week, I feel like that was purposeful, not only because of the partnership Sam and Dean are about to venture into and how their association with the King of Hell could be seen as a conflict (I'll say!), but also because of the nasty little secret Crowley has locked in the hole! Lordddddd....when the bros find out....

The British Men of Letters, as we have come to know them, have no problem killing anything supernatural, and cleaning up any and all loose Magda who Sam ensured was safe and alive when he left her, and the Special Forces soldiers the brothers were at pains not to kill. 

So what happens if, or rather when this difference in attitudes towards hunting becomes an issue for the Winchesters...that the Winchesters' lots of greys approach to hunting clashes with the BMoL's black and white approach to hunting. What happens if the BMoL go after someone or something that Sam and Dean do not want to see dead? What happens when the brothers discover what Mick and Ketch have done and who they really are (not like they'd probably be surprised).

Anyhooooo this being a werewolf episode, made me wonder if we're starting to head in that direction this week?

We also have the return of Claire, and she gets bitten by a werewolf, which means she will become one, and the Winchesters have to figure out how to help her. 

Way back in season two's Heart, there was no way to help a human bitten by a werewolf. That ended tragically, with Sam having to shoot Madison, because she didn't want to live her life chained up when the moon was full, or accidentally killing someone. Garth certainly couldn't find an answer to his werewolf problem, and we know he searched for one. He now lives with his Lycanthropy in a family of werewolves who feast on cattle hearts rather than human.

Now, we also have Mick of the BMoL joining the brothers on this particularly complicated hunt. We know, that even though Ketch is the killer, Mick has certainly been onboard with, and has ordered kills that Ketch has carried out. What if for Mick, Claire's situation is simply black and white? Claire is bitten, there's no known cure to being a werewolf, kill her. That would go down like a tonne of bricks with the brothers! Or will Mick play the brothers? Appear to go along with them to gain their trust...particularly Dean's, and then double back - or rather have Ketch double back - to clean up anything/anyone he agrees to leave alive. Gulp.

Just theorising this new partnership will wind up go pair-shaped...the minute, I mean the second, something feels off.

Anyway...enough of me and my thinkyness!

Here's this week's promo!

Funny promo! Makes me think it won't be a funny ep! I'm just suspicious like that!

I'm looking forward to seeing more of Mick. I will admit that I find both Mick and Mr Ketch disarmingly appealing. Regardless of what I think of them deep down, or how little to none I trust them, I won't deny that they're both charming, fascinating characters who are being well crafted and nicely acted and are taking us along for the ride with them! The best villains are likeable and the best villains are not outwardly least not to our heroes. We are for certain, being led to like Mick and sheep to the slaughter!

Okay, weirdly we got the Producer's look at the episode before a sneak peak clip,  so let's take a look inside episode 12x16 with Bob Singer and Andrew Dabb!

Oh Sam... you're over 30 bb, the kids think you're an old sckeezer! SCKEEZER! His face though. Bless. all gets a bit serious...Mick bosses his way onto the hunt with a very I'm the boss tone...which I'm so sure is not appreciated. I have a feeling that the brothers disagreed on whether Mick should tag along, from what comes next....

We have werewolf craziness, followed by an angry Dean and an angry I told you so, followed by an angrier Dean confronting Mick with a shove to the chest, "Don't tell me how to do my job!" 

I mean Mick's partially right, the Winchesters do work with a witch and a demon...but I would hardly call it palling around, it's not like they're all having tea! They use the witch and the demon and the witch and the demon use them in's pretty symbiotic that way. Dean's not going to want to hear any of what Mick's peddling because 1. well... it is kinda confronting in it's truth... and 2. I'm sorry...don't tell Dean Winchester how to do his job.

So is this the minute, I mean the second....?

AND AND AND...we are left with a great big teaser from Bob! A cut and dry werewolf case that quickly becomes far more complicated than the boys anticipated.... "And it very suddenly tees up something that we're going to revisit next year" 

OH. MY. GOD. What do you think the something that we're going to revisit in season 13 is? Sound off with your theories in the comments! I know you have some! I KNOW YOU DO!

[Next day...]

Right! Finally we got a sneak peak!

You know what I always think? When we get frivolous clips like this one, shit's about to get real! It always feels like they're hiding how heavy an ep is going to be! I mean, right? I'm pretty sure big stuff is going down in this ep!

Oh a cuter note...

I love that Sam's all "We're in separate rooms?!" Awwww bless the Winchesters and their screwed up life where even a little 3 star luxury is the lap of luxury. And I love the way Dean pockets some mints as he walks in the door! Just bless these two!

I could watch a whole episode of the boys geeking out over their, really not so fancy, suites. The cable TV, long showers with the little baby shampoos... Personally, I think we should have a scene where the brothers try out the pool! Dontchya think?

Anyhoooo, enjoy the epi everyone! I'm so excited! I missed our show!



  1. Well we all know that there is no way in hell the boys are going to kill Claire so I am suspecting they will send her off to Garth to fit in with their Lycanthropy family. I already love the scene where Dean pushes Mick and tells him not to tell him how to do his job. Really, not too bright of Mick but he will learn not push Dean if he wants him on his side and hunt his hunts. So excited for tomorrow night but that is an every Thursday night excitement anyway.

    1. Yes, I wondered if they'd call on Garth to help out. But I also wondered, if the BMoL have a cure that the brothers aren't aware of. I mean, there is a cure for being a vampire, and a demon, so maybe there is one for werewolves they just haven't discovered.

    2. Yep turns out it was the BMoL but one has to wonder now, did it really cure or just cause it to go dormant for now. Funny how we have learned to not always take things for what they seem and always have that little bit of doubt and wonder there but that is one of the very many reasons that we love this show.

  2. Hmmm....Jim Michaels teased something interesting. I don't know what it means but lots of theories are going around about the teaser.
    I think that either the Brits will have a cure for Claire and that will suck the brothers further into their control...or...the brothers will end up on opposing sides of the solution. Dean will not be controlled and maybe Sam wants to continue working with the BMOL's. Lots of intrigue with this one.

    1. I do wonder if there is a cure that the brothers are not yet aware of. I wonder if the BMoL have that kind of info.
      I loathe the idea that the brothers will wind up in opposition with Dean refusing to work with the Brits while Sam does. I find it hard to imagine after all the work done rebuilding the brothers' relationship, that they'd rip it apart like that. I hope that Sam sticks by Dean like Dean stuck by him - and like he said he would when Dean agreed to join in on the proviso that if it felt wrong they'd both be out.

      I didn't see the Jim Michaels teaser, so I have no idea what you're referencing there.

    2. I didn't see a Jim Michael's teaser either, only the Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb one

  3. Mick got bit. Why didn't he turn?

    1. Mick did not get bit, he got scratched and that does not cause one to turn, only a bite does.

  4. didn't dean get a cure for werewolf bite from grandpa sam