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Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thinky Thoughts on 12x15 "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell"

I want to just take this opportunity to express how much I adored the end scene between Sam and Dean.  I love watching how far they've come in their relationship and seeing how much each has matured and changed, yet at the very heart they are both still the same. Glorious.

 I'm going to start out by saying that I simply cherished the fact that Sam had been lying to Dean at the beginning of the episode.  I know you must be thinking 😵.  Why the hell would Sam lying to Dean be something one should cherish?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  The way I see it, despite the whole ongoing debate about each brother being capable of making their own decisions regardless of whether or not the other agrees, I still adore the fact that the boys, in this particular case Sam, do give a damn what the other brother thinks.  You see, no matter what, they still each value the other's opinion and that opinion has an impact.  Sam's lying to Dean at the beginning illustrates how much Sam cares about what Dean thinks.   Some people might think, Sam shouldn't give a damn, he should do what he damn well pleases. I do respect that, but I also think that's a concept that is easier said than done. Even when we as children do something our parents didn't want for us, though we make our own choices, we still want that support.  It's natural to want to make those you love proud of you,  to want them to respect your decisions, to have their support.  I'm not saying one should change their decision without that support, I'm just saying that I think embarking on that decision would be an easier journey if one had it from the ones they desired  it from the most.    If Sam didn't want or care about Dean's opinion, he simply would've flat out told him what he was doing and it wouldn't matter what Dean thought one way or the other.  He didn't though.  He tricked Dean by telling him that he was getting cases from an algorithm app on his phone...the computer was telling them where to go.

I would like to make something perfectly clear though.  In no way do I think for one second that Sam was going out of his way to manipulate Dean.  I'm talking about Sam here, not Mary.  I believe without a shadow of a doubt that Sam was genuinely afraid to tell his brother that he chose to help the BMOL.  It's my true belief that Sam felt that Dean would take what he's doing the wrong way, as a personal betrayal, instead of what his true intention is...which is to help in the goal of ridding the world of monsters.  I have no doubt in my heart or head that Sam was simply waiting for the right moment to lay this all on Dean.  I also think he needed time to gather up the courage.  So he and Dean went on these hunts, these successful hunts I might add, without Dean knowing who was really giving them these cases.  What's important here is how happy Dean was, what a good mood he was in after this hunting spree.  When Sam's phone rang again regarding the hellhound case, Dean was raring to go.  I don't think it was planned, but Dean was beginning to get in the headspace Sam needed him to be in so he can work up the courage to tell Dean the truth.  Get him while he's on a high and in a good mood.  Don't we all do that when we need to tell someone a truth we're afraid to tell them?

Gwen made Sam understand that waiting for the right moment because you're afraid of their reaction isn't going to make things better in the long run. It's best to face your fear and be honest, because the perpetual lying might seem to be the betrayal more than why you lied in the first place.  So Sam sucked it up at the end, bit the bullet and told the truth, whether he was ready or not.   I think Sam and probably a few other folks were expecting a much different reaction from Dean.  I was worried, like I feel Sam might have been, that Dean would look at it as an act of betrayal instead of seeing it as it was. Guess what folks,  Dean did see it the way Sam did.  He understood why Sam chose to work along side the BMOL, even though, as Sam agreed, they both don't trust them.  Dean like Sam saw it for what it was, a way to save people, lots of people.  He and Sam have in the past and currently worked with people they don't trust for the greater good.

I will say this though, I do believe if Dean had reacted in a different way, I can see Sam using the experience of the hunting sprees they went on as a defense mechanism when he tries to make Dean understand why he made the choice he did. I can see Sam use in his argument the fact that  these cases they went on stopped the monsters, saved Innocent's, saved a lot of lives and they did it quickly and efficiently. I do think Sam would use the fact that they did good here as a way to win Dean's favour.  Again, please let me make it clear, in no way do I think for a second that Sam made Dean go on these missions so he can see for himself that working for the BMOL isn't a bad thing.  In no way do I believe an incy ouncy iota that Sam was trying to manipulate his brother.  I believe that Sam was indeed for lack of a better term...just a plain ole scaredy cat 🐈.  He was simply too afraid to tell Dean the truth yet and he was just gathering up the courage, waiting for the right moment. That doesn't mean though, if Dean viewed Sam's act as a betrayal instead of what it really was, that Sam wouldn't have used the boys successful hunts to make Dean understand that he wasn't choosing the BMOL over his brother, he was choosing saving lives, making things better, ridding the world of monsters, for everyone, including Dean. 

What was so damn beautiful was the fact that Sam never had to use this argument to convince his brother of this, Dean recognised it already. He didn't see this as an act of betrayal as Sam feared he might.  Dean saw it for what it was.  Of course Dean, being Dean needed that reassurance from Sam that they both agreed that they weren't trustworthy, that they both were on the same page.  Guess what my friends..... they were and are.  Sam absolutely doesn't trust them.  He will always stand by his brother, always choose Dean over everyone else. If Dean needed to hear that one more time, than of course Sam will comfort Dean with the promise that if things go south, even just a little, they're done.  

I love that Dean supported Sam in this.  I do wonder though if he hadn't had an inkling already.  I'm not 1000% sure if Dean actually bought into the computer telling them what to do.  I guess to me, he didn't seem all that surprised when Sam told him the truth.  I just felt like Dean knew something was up at the end of the Raid. I could be seeing something that's not there. I will say this though....  A few years ago this situation most likely would've been handled in a different and not so peaceful way.   I can't express the joy in my heart💖 at seeing how much stronger and more mature their relationship has become.  Still as far as they have come, I still love how important it is to both of them to have the support of the other.  How much they each value what the other thinks of them.  This is the codependent part of their relationship that I will never tire from.😍 


I'm wondering about Crowley. He seems to have a plan up his sleeve. He is taking measures to ensure that all those who may be more powerful than he is are weakened (luci) or killed (like his desire to kill the spawn baby). Ramiel is now conveniently dead due to his run in with the Winchesters, set up of course by the BMOL. One prince of hell gone. Only two to go. He's been really kissing up to the Winchesters too. Playing the role of frenemy to the nth level here. Crowley has been present/part of every world ending event and he sees the boys as an asset. Despite being a Mcleod, he has an English accent.

Just kind of wondering if Crowley might be one of those old men the BMOL keep referring to?
So let me see if I got this straight; Crowley jimmy rigged Lucifer's vessel in such a way that leaves Crowley in control of it?  I'm glad that show has continued to keep Crowley ten steps ahead of everyone else.  I also love that he always seems to have a bigger plan set in motion.  Honestly though, the whole locking Luci in Nicks vessels with runes and warding of a molecular level?  Doesn't that seem a bit far fetched?  After all Crowley is just a demon after all....or is he?   I'm still unclear of how this whole thing works too.  Lucifer killed those moronic minions with a snap of his fingers, so it seems to me he is still powerful.  It was only when he was speaking to Crowley that he seemed to lose his mojo.  Is that the deal then?  Did Crowley rig Luci's vessel to "break"  at the sound of Crowley's snapping fingers?  He didn't use a spell or say anything.  Another question, does it only work when Crowley snaps his fingers?  What if the Winchesters snap their fingers, will Lucifer succumb?  What if Luci figures it out, if he found a way to break Crowley's fingers or chop off his hands, would Luci still be enslaved?  I know these questions may seem silly on the surface, but I actually think they have validity.   For serious though, Crowley said that he used runes and warding of a molecular level based on the Cage material.  Was not the Cage built by God?  Is there really a way a mere King of Hell can replicate this in such a short amount of time?    Crowley is supposed to be a demon right?  He's the King of Hell, I know, but basically still a demon.  So how is it that Crowley is able to come up with all these spells in the first place.  His excuse had been that his mother was a witch, but Rowena ran off.  She never spent time with Crowley.  Rowena claims she's a Natural, at least I think that's what she said in Girls, Girls, Girls,  so is that the case for Crowley?  Is he part witch?    I'm just having a bit of a hard time trying to decipher who/what Crowley truly is.🤔

So if anyone has any answers, please don't hesitate to share. 


Dad loved this thing.”
-Dean to Sam about a baseball bat covered in barbed wire, a reference to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character on The Walking Dead

Computers: monsters, porn, is there anything they can’t do?”
-Dean to Sam

Who you gonna call? Douche-busters.”
-Dean to Sam about the British Men of Letters 

“What are you gonna say? ‘Hi, my name is Sam Winchester, this is my much handsomer brother Dean. We hunt monsters. Oh, and that guy you were banging, we’re pretty sure he made a deal with a demon, so a hellhound came and dragged his soul to Hell. But you, you’re cool, and since there’s nothing around for us to kill, peace out.’"
- Dean (to Sam)

“I’m still gonna peel off your skin and eat your soul.”
-Lucifer to Crowley
Hellhound, kind of hard to explain. Basically, giant, invisible hounds from Hell. Oh, that wasn’t hard at all.”
-Dean to Gwen

“Right after God said ‘Let there be light,’ He made a whole bunch of things: posies, koalas, hellhounds.”
-Crowley to Sam, Dean and Gwen
“We work with people we don’t trust all the time. Hell, I just Liam Neeson’ed it up with Crowley.”
-Dean to Sam 

Dean Winchester:
Take care of her.
Sam Winchester: Of course. Dean, look, even if Ramsey circles back, as long as we keep moving, Gwen's gonna be just... You're talking about the car.
Dean Winchester: You tend to ride the brakes.
Sam Winchester: Dean, I know how to drive.
Dean Winchester: I'm just saying. Okay, just imagine she's a... a beautiful woman. A beautiful, beautiful woman.
Sam Winchester: Oh, come on. I'm done.
Dean Winchester: Sam...
Crowley: Ew.

Dean, you're covered in ghoul, man, and wraith. I think you have a piece of siren in your hair.


I'll admit I'm not much for the angel plot.  I most often don't really pay much attention to them, not since S5.  With the exception of Gadreel and Metatron, I just find them a bit lackluster.   I will admit though to being intrigued by Kelvin's speil to Cas.  I did like Joshua and I'm kind of curious to hear him out.  I wonder if we would be getting the same man who played him the first time.   I don't know if the angels are trustworthy, but I do sense that Cas, no matter how much he loves the Winchesters, still feels like an outsider on this planet.  It could be very tempting to him, to get the opportunity to come and go as he pleases in Heaven again.  I can only imagine that having the forgiveness of his brothers isn't something that Cas would turn down given the chance to get it.   I guess we shall find out soon enough.

Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

If one were to contemplate where that might be, the logical place would be Earth.  So then I ask myself this question....Whom does the title refer to?

Is it about Crowley and his big plans?  Is he playing nice for the moment to distract what he's really doing?  Is he gleaming all the power he can so that he can rule Earth?  He's pretty bored with Hell.  His minions are morons.  He can't take over Heaven.  Could he be after Earth?

Or maybe the title refers to Cas.  Does Cas want to go back to Heaven and be among his brothers?  Is Cas content to remain here on Earth, guarding over the Winchesters and helping humans along the way?

Or does it refer to Sam and Dean?  Humans, not saintly ones, not evil ones, but humans who live on Earth and represent all that is good in humanity. 

Perhaps it's none of the above and I just read into things too much. 😉


I really liked the girl who played Gwen and I loved her interactions with the boys and even Crowley.  I was glad to see someone stand their ground and not allow someone to convince her she was out of her mind.  The boys, as usual were gorgeous.  Oh and how hot are these boys in their glasses🤓😍.  I loved that Sam got to kill another hellhound, this time without the glasses.   I giggled at the shoutout to Dad with the bat. I totally love having Mark P playing Lucifer,😈 no one does it better.  Crowley helping the boys seemingly against his will is always such a joy; and Gwen's hug, the look on Crowley's face...worth the price of admission.  Let's not forget, not one, but two Winchesters uttering the words...thank you.  Crowley might have to just wash the whole incident off. 😄  All in all, this was a pretty entertaining episode with an ending that made me do this😀.  I love where the boys are.  I love that Dean has finally reached that confident level where he knows, when he tells Sam to pick a side, it will always, always be his.

That's all for this week.  See you at the end of the month.



  1. I enjoy reading everyone's point of view regarding my favorite show. I've given up trying to come up with where things are going because I'm always way off base. I really thought Sam was doing an undercover thing with BMOL. Oh, well, I guess we'll find out what happens when the writers let us in on it. Thank you for your thoughts and time doing this. By the way, we had 30 inches of snow here in PA. I'm all caught up now.

  2. For what it's worth, I don't doubt for a second that Sam is going into this blind. He flat out told Dean that he doesn't like them either. They both agreed that they don't trust them....but, as of the moment, what they're doing is in fact saving lives. Hell, they just got off a job with the King of Lies himself. The very fact that they are untrustworthy is the very reason the boys should be keeping an eye on them....and what better way than by working along side them. At the very least, the boys are saving lives here.

    Thanks for hearing everyone's feedback.

    holy hell you guys got pounded. They closed the schools here on Long Island for this snow...but all I saw out there from east long island was rain....looking forward to winter's end though...totally hate the snow.

  3. I don't know if I worded that my head it sounds better than how it looks....what I was trying to not eloquently say is that I have no doubt that Sam working alongside the BMOL means he trusts or likes them. He admitted that he doesn't. The goal is noble and the end result could mean a world without I get Sam's willingness to work alongside these people to reach such a goal. Sam often puts the greater good ahead of his personal feelings.

    1. I always enjoy your thinky thoughts and I should have waited to read your review before I totally tore poor amy's apart with what she said about the boys and Sam not lying to Dean etc. I could have went into her's with open eyes a little clearer. So I apologize Amy. It takes me awhile to see it from others point of view. but enjoyed how you did the boys first and what happened episode with them. then with Crowley and Cas.

    2. Don't worry Sue, we can take it...LOL....One of the most amazing and consistent thing about our that there is so much more complexity to them than what appears on the surface.

  4. I love the title of this episode because I think it is major foreshadowing. Take a look back at something Dean had told Sam recently, and I'm paraphrasing: stop riding the middle and pick a side. Somewhere between heaven and hell is a middle ground where we find the Winchesters hesitantly and cautiously hooking up with the BMoL. You have got the Crowley/Lucifer stuff going on in Hell on the one side, you've got Castiel going back to Heaven on the other side. Stuff is about to go DOWN.

    What I THINK is going to happen is that the BMoL, who want to rid America/Earth of non-human creatures, are going to want to obliterate Heaven/angels because they are one of the ultimate threats to humans. And who is in the middle of all of that? Dean, Sam, and Mary. They are going to have to choose which side to fight on: with Cas or with BMoL.

    I also think that Castiel's endgame is to finally choose between humanity and Heaven, once and for all. And by humanity I mean Dean. Whether you view him as solely Dean's guardian angel or a love interest, he IS bonded to Dean. A bond so profound that Dean broke through Naomi's brainwashing, even after Castiel had killed an unfathomable amount of "Dean" stand-ins during said brainwashing.

    On a complete tangent: I'm a major Destiel shipper. If anything were to become canon at some point, I think either Dean or Cas would die/disappear and they'd be apart. They can't just BE together and be happy. So yeah, we'd get our moment but those writers will rip out our hearts again. I'm actually okay with whatever happens. I think the writers and the entire cast/show have been good at leaving some things open to interpretation. But man they are laying in the symbolism SO THICK lately, more than usual it seems.

    Okay I'm done. Bye!

    1. very good point about the boys being stuck on middle ground. it should make for a very interesting predicament in the future regarding the Nephilim and the BMOL. I'm very excited to see what happens next.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read my rambles. They are a bit much at times I know. LOL

  5. I have to read your posts in bits, so I just read the bit on Crowley. You raise REALLY good questions. I didn't really think about his position in this episode that hard. The writers must want to develop and add to his character. I have zero clue about who or what he is beyond being a rank of demon. He sure does have a soft spot for the Winchesters, despite being King of Hell and all of this threats. Heck, he freaking saved Cas (I just found your site so I'll have to go back and read your thoughts on that). Other humans are very dispensable, even other hunters, to Crowley. Hmmm, I think he is super complex and I'll have to mull this one over!

  6. Nice review Anna. You always give me a lot to think about. Still wanting to see how the Colt issue turns out before I decide how Sam is lying/not lying to Dean about his involvement with the Brits and Mary.

    1. Looking forward to see how that plays out as well...hope we don't have to wait too long.