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Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thinky Thoughts on Supernatural 12x14 "The Raid"

I really am loving Season 12.  I love the fact that halfway into the season I still have no idea what the hell is truly going on.  The mystery of the season has me intrigued and wanting more.  That's what a successful show does, it leaves you wanting more. 

This episode was fun in that by the time it ended, I was so full of theories that I couldn't choose which one seemed the most likely.  Don't you just love that...when an episode just leaves you in a tailspin and you just can't decide what to believe might actually happen next.😵   I am so digging the myriad of possibilities right now and I'm just so excited to get to use the word...myriad. 😬  I really loved everything about this episode.  From beginning to end, it was emotional, exciting, confusing, nostalgic, intriguing and so much more.  Everyone did a fantastic job.  I could go on and on with compliments, but I fear if I do that I'll lose my audience.  So I'm going to just praise the awesomeness that is Jared and Jensen.  They are constantly putting me in a state of wonder as to how they have not been bestowed an Emmy for their amazing performances in most every episode. 😮  The guests were fantastic as well.  Wonderful performances by all. 

Now that I've given credit where credit is due, how bout we get into the thick of things.   As I've already mentioned this episode was fun for me.  I couldn't come up with thoughts fast enough by the time the hour was up....and theories, I'm full of them. So much so that I've decided to share them all with you and hopefully get your take on what you think might actually be going on here. 🤔  


The whole episode felt like set up. 

Objective:  Seems to me the BMOL had one of the most powerful weapons in the world and couldn't use it.  I find it most curious that Sam Winchester was in the very location of that weapon, put in a situation where that weapon was required, and then provided the spell, on paper to make the ammunition for said weapon and handed it over to the very people who stole it in the first place.  It feels like both Sam and Dean have been played here, what I'm curious about is who's the leader of this game?  Mick seems to have been surprised at the attack on the base.  Ketch conveniently was a no show. He seems to have his own agenda.  Is it possible that Ketch arranged for all of this to happen in the first place?
  • Could Ketch have bugged the bunker? He knew it's location and he knew to bring Dean whiskey/scotch.  He also knew that Dean was hankering to kill/hit something. Dean was the one who brought Sam the article regarding the case of the slit throats, reaching that it could be vamps. Ketch seemed to be dangling the worm the entire time and Dean was the fish he was after.
  •   I found it interesting that the boys were discussing a possible but not actual vamp case and Dean noted that he was leaving to get a drinks. He also gave Sam that speech about picking a side, so I'd say Dean was ripe for the plucking. Lo and behold, Ketch shows up with both drink and a vamp hunt.. something Dean so very much needed...liquor and a kill he was itching for.
  • Sam gets suckered by a text (a la Dean back in s8) that Mary needs him ..It's urgent. Sam shows up, Ketch conveniently doesn't by the way....and so does the Alpha. Sam is under attack and people get killed, mom is in danger.....Sam is in complete battle mode/scared for his family mode. Then oh yes, how convenient...they bring out the Colt 🔫 to one of the only two people in the world who knows how to make the bullets. Sam, after totally connecting the dots regarding mom/bmol/colt has no choice but to use the only weapon conveniently available to them. So Sam hands over the spell for the bullets. Does the BMOL have the gun and the know how to create the ammo to use it. (Unless Sam took the Colt we know for sure?)
    • So, did Sam realise what just happened here? Did he connect the dots? Does he recognise that he might've just been played here? Did he tell Mick he was in because he in fact doesn't trust the BMOL and wants to figure out what the hell is really their deal, while protecting his mom at the same time?
      I'm leaning towards Sam having motives of his own other than the one he provided Mick about wanting to change the world.
  • Ketch and his ulterior motives:
    I don't think he spends all his time with Mary just because she's a good hunter. I think he's studying her and using her to his advantage. I still think he pushed Mary into going back to the boys with his little speech.  What if Ketch is Asmodeus? If he is like Yed, he may know more about Mary then we think...that whole sweetheart comment Ramiel made, kind of like he knew her...maybe they all did. I wonder if Ketch's interest in Mary isn't just about  getting to her boys. 
  •  Ketch has made it pretty clear that he's not interested in having the Winchesters join the BMOL.  He does seem to be after something though. Do the boys have something he needs?  Was he attempting to flatter Dean in such a way as to relate to him so that he can gain Dean's trust?  
  •  The Alpha knew the site of the BMOL bunker because of his spy. What I want to know is who recruited the spy...If it were Ketch then he led the Alpha to BMOL coincidentally while Sam was there. Was Ketch's goal to kill Sam Winchester?  I know, how would he know Sam was there?  Well because Mick told Ketch he had been leaving him messages...I don't see why he wouldn't have mentioned Sam's presence and the lack of his in those messages. 

 What about Mick?  Well, Mick reminds me of S4 Cas.  I really think Mick believes that the BMOL are there in America to rid the world of monsters.  I also think that he believes that having the Winchesters on their side will recruit other hunters and make this goal all the more possible.  My belief is that Mick, Mary, Sam and Dean are being played and there's another agenda.   I really am leaning towards thinking that Ketch knows what that agenda is.  While it's understandable why Sam would see the BMOL the way Mary does at the moment, and while I also see Sam getting Dean to warm up to the idea, I think all three of them will eventually start to see the BMOL for what they really are....and I do think that there is something  really shady going on here.  I don't trust whoever these "old men" are and I don't trust Ketch.  Sooner or later the truth will come out.


One might not have noticed because of the lashing out Dean did to Sam at the beginning, but one of the aspects I really enjoyed about this episode was how in sync they were with each other. 

Dean working with Ketch, in my opinion, wasn't really about his need for scratching a kill itch nor do I find it plausible that Dean can be so easily persuaded to work with someone he doesn't trust because a free bottle of whiskey was involved. The way I look at it, Dean went with Ketch because, like it or not, Mary is working with the BMOL, whom he doesn't trust as far as he can throw, and angry or not, he was going to check this guy out for himself. 

Sam did the same thing. Sam immediately responded to Mary's "urgent" text.  He did her the honour of sticking around, hearing her out and checking out the BMOL compound. Don't get me wrong, I do think that Sam was impressed with what he saw. The operation was efficient and run by a team of intellects. The weapons are advanced as is the technology they use to locate whatever monster they might be looking for.  They do research and don't attack merely one monster, rather they search for the collective. The geeky, research loving, smart and logical Sam Winchester would find this operation impressive.  On the surface this all seems like a well oiled machine. Truth be told though, the BMOL with all their gadgets and technology would all be dead right now if it weren't for Sam. They might have what it takes to locate and destroy the monsters, but when it came down to an attack on their own base, they were ill prepared.   They had no access to their weapons, they were infiltrated by a mole, and when push came to shove they didn't know what to do.  Sam is the one who came up with the strategy to kill the vamps.  Sam is the one who had the spell to make the bullets for the colt. Sam is the one who saved everyone left in that bunker.  He didn't use advanced technology to do it.  Sam used his knowledge and his skill that he acquired from being a hunter. When push comes to shove, the BMOL are glorified librarians who rely too much on their toys and not enough on the human factor.  I don't doubt that Sam came to the realisation that despite the BMOL's technology, his mother would be dead, they all would be dead if he hadn't been there.  So while I agree that Sam can see the positive aspect of working with the BMOL, envision a normal life for his brother and for himself, I think Sam's greatest motivation here is his lack of trust.   If mom is going to hunt with these guys then Sam will want to be there to protect her.  The boys have worked with those they don't trust before if it was for a good reason.  (Crowley and Rowena anyone?) Keeping Mom safe is a good enough reason for the boys.

I will say this though, I think the BMOL are going to learn pretty fast that despite the fact that the Winchesters( and I do think Sam will convince Dean) are willing to work with them, they will find out that the Winchesters do things their way. I also think that there is something shady going on with them. I have no doubt there will come a time very soon where the boys and the BMOL will start clashing on their methods of doing things.  It's going to be a short lived relationship and I believe very strongly that in the not so distant future it will be the Winchesters..all the Winchesters vs. BMOL or at least some of them. 


I still keep thinking...big picture and I keep recalling both Chuck and Amara's words. Dean asked Chuck, after Chuck told Dean He and Amara were going to spend some family time together, what about us? Chuck responded that the world would be fine, that it had them. (Sam /Dean). With that Amara told Dean he would give him what he needed since he had done the same for Her. She in turn brings back Mom. Everyone was so focused on her lack of being a mom and how she was hurting her boys, I think we were blinded to what could be the bigger picture here. What Dean's gift truly was?.
  • Mom is brought back...guilt and all and with that wants to make the world right for her sons. She in turn listens to the BMOL and likes what she's hearing. Now the trust might not be totally there, but she's saving lives and ridding the world of monsters in a quicker and more efficient way. If Lady B is in fact rogue, then the BMOL and the boys association with them could end up giving Dean that world he'd always dreamt of. The world both boys have dreamt about having at one time or another. One that ea. brother wants for the other. If there are indeed factions of the BMOL who truly want this then this could lead the boys to a life where they don't necessarily have to hunt. Or at the very most they can provide new hunters with the knowledge they've learnt over the years and strictly be the legacies they were destined to have originally been....hence the Winchester Gospels.📚 
    Like I said, looking at the big picture. I'm leaning towards someone or a group of someones who could care less about ridding the world of monsters and are strictly after power. I also think it's possible that these old men want the Winchesters involved, either because they need the Winchesters to stop this individual or individuals or the old men are the problem and the Winchesters have something they need in order to solidify such power. Any way one decides to look at it, the Winchesters would need to know about the BMOL in order to stop it. If they don't work with them in the first place, how would they ever find out about or stop what could be the next big bad. Ignoring the BMOL's existence could lead to circumstances that can affect human lives.
    The boys don't necessarily have to trust the BMOL. They've worked with people they don't trust before if it was for the greater good. At the very most, it would be about keeping their mom safe. Keep your mom close and the BMOL's closer. Whatever the true deal is, I think the end game here is for the boys to learn the truth and stop it.

That be all with the theories.....those are the ones I've got floating in my head.  Would so love to hear from you all...what are your theories?


The Alpha Vamp....need I say more.
Dean going off on his mom and telling her everything I've mentioned in previous posts.  Sam sticking by his brother while doing so.
Sam's never ending willingness to forgive.
Sam's badass hunting skills.
Sam's face when he realised Mary stole the Colt and never fessed up, nearly getting them all killed.
Sam's  killing the Alpha Vamp
Sam saving everyone
Dean respecting Mary's decision. 
Sam looking at Dean when he told Mick he was in....still think that Sam yearns for the chance for Dean to have a normal life. 


Dean: You find a case cuz I need to hit something now.
Alpha Vamp(re Sam) Clever, clever boy

That's it for this week.  Til next time.
- Anna


  1. Lot's of great theories, Anna. Looks like we're definitely on the same wave length on a lot of stuff.

    One thing you said got me thinking, you mentioned the Old Men, as keep coming up from the BMoL, and I questioned who they are too and what they may really want with the Winchesters. I got thinking off your idea that they are a group that maybe want something the Winchesters can offer that will lead to power, and I wondered if their reveal might be the story that leads into the next season? Maybe whatever/whoever they are, and whatever they want will be the problem that the boys might have to solve in season 13? Just you know, thinking.

    I also thought, though I don't think this is really a possibility, what if the BMoL - probably minus Ketch - do end up being allies, but go back to England and leave America to the Winchesters and American hunters. Maybe they could be something just out there, like other allies that we know of but rarely, if ever see. Maybe Mary will continue to work for them separately from her sons?

    And here was another little thought I had about Sam's motivations, maybe this comes back to the boys being Men of Letters and legacies, and this is something that has influenced Sam's decision to come onboard with the BMoL, even if only at a check them out level initially. What do you think?

    Thanks for another great article.


  2. Whether or not the BMOL are good or bad or both....Sam and Dean can learn so much...maybe get a hold of some of their toys and advanced technology and then set up the bunker as the AMOL once again. They are the only two surviving MOL that we know of, so maybe it would be up to them to enlist recruits. I'm sure American hunters would prefer and not hesitate
    working with the Winchesters.. When show is ready to end, it would be nice to see the boys survive. I would love for them to be the guardians of all that knowledge and guide new hunters/ old hunters. It leaves show open for both a movie and a spinoff.

    1. No matter what Sam's true motivations are for wanting in. Whether it's his distrust and he wants to protect his mom, or he sees potential in what the BMOL are doing, that glimmer of hope that it could work and Dean and even he can have that normal life (normal Winchester life that is...I think will be as MOL) that he's never totally given up on.....whichever it might be, joining up with the BMOL is not the wrong thing to do.
      If, as we all seem to agree, the BMOL cannot be trusted...that there's someone or a group of someones in there that do in fact have an agenda, and not a good one....the boys would never know it, unless of course they experience them first hand. As of now, the BMOL are doing what they want, the way they want it, gaining all this power and nobody knows or cares about it. Sam and Dean's disinterest in the BMOL allows all that to continue. Without the boys in the BMOL there's nobody willing to stop it, or maybe whoever wants the Winchesters so badly figures they're the only ones who can stop it.
      I still believe in the bigger picture here. I think the Winchesters are necessary to stop that part of the BMOL that we all seem to agree exists here. If the Winchesters are meant to stop it...first they have to know it exists. It has to blow up in their faces...and hopefully it does sooner than later. They have to see it for themselves. The only way for that to happen is to become a part of it.
      Changing the world, instead of constantly having to save it....maybe that will become the goal of the Winchesters. Maybe whoever it is that wants the Winchesters so badly wants them because they will be the ones to help change things.

    2. the way to change the world....becoming full time MOL. the MOL life would be ideal for Sam imho. As a man of letters, he'd be able to do the research he loves so much. He'd be a guide and a teacher to those special hunters out there. He and Dean would be the keeper and protector of all that knowledge....kind of like in the show the librarians. The role Bob Newhart had. A life as a MOL helps to keep others safe , allows Sam to do the part of hunting that he does love, and would allow him to have a the Winchesters and their sons have always been MOL. Dean has always loved the hunt, but it didn't mean much to him without his brother. While I can see Dean as a MOL, I can also see him as part of the hunts as well....kind of like Noah Wiley's role in the Librarians...or Indiana Jones...full time teacher/ pt adventurous archeologist. I do see Dean and Sam working together though...Family business....saving people hunting things....that I don't think would ever change.