Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 12x14 "The Raid"

Welcome to this week's Light on Spoilers Preview! It's episode 14...OMGGGG where is this season going?! You know they're shooting episode 19? Lord!

Anyhooooo! Nothing we can do about that except hang on for the ride! So let's take a look at what's in store for us!


Kelly go grabbed by Dagon
Lucifer got mouthy
Rowena got revenge
Crowley got emotional
Gavin got back to the past
Mary got honest (kinda)
The boys got blindsided, hurt and stood united.





So it looks like we will be picking up with the Winchesters, right where we left off, which is AWESOME!

It looks like there are some more faces going on....

And quite frankly, Mary does not have any right to pull a mom face on those boys. No right. All the nope.

I can't wait to see the rest of this scene... I'm  so excited.

Anyway, pretty sure that's not the whole ep! Though I'd probably be happy if it was!

Here's the synopsis!

The Raid

SAMMY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER — A chance to take out a nest of vampires backfires when the alpha-vamp shows up and turns the tables on Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) and The British Men of Letters, who are doing their best to recruit Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). Directed by John MacCarthy, the episode was written by Robert Berens. (#1214).

So Johnny Mac was the first assistant director working on even numbered episodes (Kevin Parks works on odd numbered eps). He directed for the show while first AD. He returns to direct his fourth episode, after 7.20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo, 9.08 Rock and a Hard Place and 10.06 Ask Jeeves.

Bobo Berens last wrote this season's Rock Never Dies.


Let's look at the promo!

I like Rick Worthy, he's a nice guy who I got to know a little. Recently I've thoroughly enjoyed watching his career. He's currently starring in the Magicians, and has also had a big role in Man in the High Castle - both shot in Vancouver by the way. The last time we saw Rick as the Alpha Vamp was in season 7 when the boys needed his blood to slay Dick Roman. He said the infamous line "see you next season", which always seemed super weird to me. Anyway, 5 seasons later! The Alpha Vamp returns. He better no return just to be killed, that would be sad and tragic! I won't be surprised, but I will be annoyed.

Now my theory is - by the looks of things - Sam goes to fight with Mary and the BMoL, but Dean does not. This might be because they wrote Jensen light post twins birth, or it might be story based. as in Dean is too pissed off to go - we shall see. I just hope that Mary's desire to work with the Brits and Sam's quiet yearning to trust and believe in his mom, doesn't drive a wedge between the brothers. Pretty sure it won't, at least not long term, but like I said in my review, I see Sam more easily trying to have faith in his mum, where Dean may struggle - he generally struggles to forgive more than his brother does. But I believe Dean will always trust in Sam and they are such a team, I think if his brother is for it, Dean will take a deep breath and come on board for Sam...eventually. But it looks like for whatever reason, he is not joining in on this hunt.

By the way....check out Dean's baby bro!

Ermmmmm what was I saying...... I think it was PHWOAR!

Here's this week's sneak peek!

Oh shit! What was I saying about mum and her antics coming between my boys. WELL FUCK (sorry for the French - though technically that would be le fuck. HAHAHAHA I'm hilarious)

This is really the first big conflict between the brothers that we've seen in a bit. Like I thought, Sam is trying to understand and accept, possibly forgive Mary, Dean is angry. Angry and hurt, It's mum. The mum he's dreamt about since he was four, idealised his memory of  - with cutting off crusts and pie. He transformed  her into the perfect mum in his mind, and the reality that he is facing now is not his construct, but far worse than that - which he could accept and understand - she lied to her sons, put strangers - strangers who tried to kill her sons - above family....above Sam and Dean. That's just a bit nope for Dean and this is a world of the deepest pain for Mary's eldest Son. Of course it's also painful and confusing for Sam (I loved that Sam used the word confused because that really would be a big emotion for both), the brothers just react differently. I think, like Dean, Sam was probably suspicious of Mary's behaviour, but he so much wanted to believe in her and have that mum that he never knew, that he tried desperately to dismiss it. Now he knows the truth, but he wants to give her a second chance, just like Sam and Dean have always given each other. 

What I like about this clip is that you can tell they've already had some kind of argument, which l'd put money on something along the lines of Sam wanting to talk and Dean storming off to bed, but there is still a reach out by Sam, and though Dean says he doesn't want to talk now, he does, and Sam knows it, and so Dean opens up a little.... before storming off for booze as Sam checks his watch to see if it's actually booze o'clock yet! I love those little touches.

One thing that I know, Dean always hears Sam. It may take a little while to get through that hard head of his, but he does hear him and most often with try to accept Sam's reasoning and position in a problem they are facing together. When Dean goes off for that drink, Sam's words will be in his ears and his mind and he will think on them. I still believe that he will eventually come on board with Sam and try their mum's way because she's mum and family and he is, after all, a Winchester.

P.S. Dean...I think your brother is about to pick a careful what you wish for! (He'll always be on your side no matter what, don't worry your pretty head.)

Whoa I just started talking to Dean! And that was a lot of thinks on a sneak peek clip!

There are some very good interviews out this week with Sam Smith, talking about Mary's motivations. As we all expected, she sees her alliance with the BMoL a way to protect and save her sons from hunting. I wonder if this is more about them or her. Her guilt as to what their lives have become must be overwhelming - I think that's why she probably isn't with them as much as they would like, because it's so in her face.

I still have issue with her reason. Intellectually I understand, but for me, she needs to talk to them about this, ask them if they need saving and protecting. If she did, she might find that her sons have grown to have pride in their work, it gives them purpose and they fully understand that they save lives and what they do is important. They are able to say now "we're the guys that saved the world", because they believe in themselves and the work they do. They understand the impact they've had and continue to have. It took a long time for both of them to get there, but now they're both on the same page and have both at points articulated a level of pride in what they do. I'm not saying that if the world was suddenly devoid of supernatural beings they wouldn't be stoked, but who knows...what would they do then? Who would they be? I think they'd find that a helluva challenge, particularly Dean. 

I'd love to hear what they'd say to Mary's assertion she's doing all of this for then, Maybe we will hear this in this episode. Also, the boys could tell their mum a thing or two about the ramifications of keeping secrets from your family because you're doing something that you think is for the great good or the good of your family member. Just sayin'....

For the record, I'm enjoying how Mary's character is fitting into the season, it's unexpected and challenging and opening up a lot of dialogue. Having said that, I am not #TeamMary I can't be, because I am and always will be, 100% #TeamSamAndDean.

Anyway, check out the links below, there is some fabulous character analysis of Mary by Sam Smith which is super interesting. She is totally #TeamMary! 




I don't think a Producer Preview is coming, so instead I'll leave you with this!


Here is the producer preview!

Whoaaaaa it all goes pearshapped! It looks like an action packed ep! I'm excited! I wonder what this will mean for the BMoL...maybe a bit of humble pie, because seriously, if their intel is wrong again, that's two missions in a row!

Enjoy the ep everyone!



  1. I was really excited for this episode... until I saw the sneak peek, and now I'm scared. I really, really hate it when they fight, and I've been floating in a happy bubble recently because they've been in such a good place, but now I'm nervous again.
    Sam turning over the cellphone made me nervous. Their biggest conflicts have always happened because one of them was lying or hiding something. I think he might have just been talking to Mary and he didn't want to tell Dean yet, probably similar to how he almost asked the BMoL for help against LOTUS in secret.
    My guess is that Mary will ask Sam for help in taking out the vampire nest, and as long as Sam tells Dean what he's doing and why, I'll be fine with it. If he lies about it or sneaks off or something, I'm going to be very ticked. Please, please, please, Andrew Dabb, I beg of you, no more lies!! I'm so. unbelievably. sick. of the lies.
    Even though I disagree with what Mary is doing, working with the BMoL, I understand why she's doing it. I was proud of her for coming clean with the boys. As far as she knows, Toni Bevell is the only Brit who's done anything reprehensible so far, and she was a rogue agent. I'm looking forward to the moment the Winchesters find out about what Mr. Ketch did to Magda and those soldiers in First Blood. >:)

    1. Yes the phone....I'm hoping though that he tells Dean is going to help Mary and invite Dean who declines...that's what I'm hoping!

  2. All I know is that I want to see that moment between Dean and Mr. Ketch. Ketch has no idea who he is dealing with. Never underestimate Dean Winchester.

  3. I believe they went this route because Jensen had to go off and have some babies. I kind of giggled when Dean said he was going to get some drinks...I was reminded of Sam back in No Exit going off for coffee and not coming back for like 25 minutes.....

    I agree that Dean heard Sam, though I wasn't too thrilled with him knocking Sam for trying to keep his family together. After all isn't that the role Dean played when he so often played peacemaker between Sam and John?

    Sam's hurt by his mom, don't get me wrong...but he will likely be more open to forgiveness, especially since he's longed for a mom for so so long. Though this isn't the mom he expected, I think he'll take her any way he possibly can. He's no fool though. He won't follow Mary blindly. He'll likely try to look out for her. And there is no doubt in my mind that if Sam ever were to pick a side, it would be Dean's's always Dean.

    With that I still think Sam will not freeze mom out entirely. He will open the door for her. He will give her a chance. Sam won't want to give up on a chance to experience a mom, even one such as Mary.

    1. Totally agree - they both want their mum, they've both longed and pined for her all their lives and she's totally not what they expected - remembering that Dean was 4 so really has no real significant remembrance of his mum. Sam will give her a chance more quickly than Dean. Dean will give her a chance because Sam does. Sam will only give her a chance so far. I'm looking forward to how it all plays out! With the knocking of Sam - Dean was just lashing out because he is hurting and confused and angry, and Sam was being reasonable in the face of his frustration! They both have lashed out at each other under similar circumstances. I know Sam would have seen it for exactly what it was. I laughed at Dean going to get drinks too! I think he's going to be gone a while!

  4. I totally agree...he took his anger out on Sam. Sam totally got that you can see it in his face. He's had that look before. LOL....and if there's a Larry involved, we might not see Dean til the end of the eppy....LOL

    1. Yeah! I could nearly hear Sam's eyes roll!

  5. Regardless of the situation he's kind of stuck in right now, saving lives will be top priority for Sam. So if there are vampires killing innocents, he's going to go and check it out.