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Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thinky Thoughts on 12x02 Mamma Mia

I keep thinking of the title of the premiere episode, Keep Calm and Carry On and how it not only applies to our beloved characters but to the show as well.  I thought the first episode absolutely amazing and there was indeed much to love about the second ep as well, and I did really enjoy this ep very much.  I will admit though that I did have to adjust to the way the story was told.  It wasn't a difficult or major adjustment, but it was still something I very quickly accustomed myself to.  

This season feels very much like a new beginning in more than one way.  As I mentioned last week, I felt that there were two stories being told, both of Sam and Dean and of course, Chuck and Amara.  It is Chuck and Amara's story that came to it's conclusion, and the story of our boys....well it still continues and it is ever changing, as life usually is. While Show is still and will always be about the boys' and their relationship, and  we still we see new characters, old friends and family that will cross paths with our heroes, it's the telling of this story that feels different.  We are only two episodes in, the ground work has been laid out for the rest of the season, but still I feel the difference in the way our story is being told.  It feels slower and unrushed.  I got the sense, and it could be just me, (as it often is LOL), but I got the sense that Dabb has a story to tell and he's in no rush to tell it. I don't feel like too much information is being crammed at me all at once, even though a lot is happening. I am totally enjoying the realistic way in which they are handling Mary's return and her boys' reaction to it as well. I like that we are seeing small moments of joyous and precious moments, a little at a time, each special to each one of them in it's own way.  I look forward to Mary learning so much more about her family and what she's missed out on not only from her children, but by John's journal as well.  I am really enjoying Rick Springfield's take on Lucifer and hope he can stick around for awhile.  I'm even intrigued by what it is that the BMOL are really up to.  I think it's going to be an amazing season and I'm really looking forward to see how it all plays out.

I'm going to sing praises about Jared once again for giving an amazing performance. Can I just say that there's nothing I enjoy more than seeing a half naked Sammy, with a smile on his face no less, on my tv screen...yes, even if it's in bizzaro world. From the moment it began I knew something was amiss, but alas I'm a Sam girl and I dared to bask in the glory of the eye candy before me. Yes I do like to spend my time in the shallow end of the pool. It pleases me so. LOL. All objectification aside, I thought Jared did a fantastic job once again. I was so proud of Sam and his ability, as tired and physically and mentally beaten as he was, to have the strength to pull himself out of a very powerful hallucination brought about by magic no less. Some people felt that Sam wasn't badass enough and was reduced to a Samsel in distress....I've never ever seen Sam like that ever by the way. I have to disagree with that assessment. I thought Sam was just as badass as he was in the first episode and that's saying a lot given that he'd been tortured both mentally and physically for days.  Lady B was most definitely not playing fair using magic and spells...bad form, very bad form. Still Sam didn't give in, even with the knives penetrating his chest, even when Lady B started threatening Dean. Granted if Mom didn't show up when she did, I'm not sure how much longer Sam could've watched her hurt his brother...lucky we'll never have to worry about that. Sam's most outstanding moment, the conversation with his mom and that hug that she practically disappeared in. Mary was so scared to face Sam.  How she must have imagined that he blamed her for everything, as she was in fact the one who started it all. Yet there was no blame from Sam. There was nothing but love and understanding. I do hope that Mary talks to Sam regarding her guilt, not only will it be an amazing exchange between mother and son, but I believe, especially because Sam never really blamed his mom, she will be burdened from the guilt she carries.

Remember above I mentioned my having to adjust to the way the story is being told, well here is where I had to kind of get used to how the story was unfolding.  In one word....Dean.  Last week I mentioned I was a bit at sea because Dean was uncharacteristically too calm when he discovered Sam was missing.  I chalked it up to Mom.  I figured he was playing it cool because Mom was there and he didn't really want to show her how freaked he truly was.  I was very happy to see him break the phone, because that is the Dean I'm accustomed to seeing when he knows his brother is in trouble.   This week was more of the same. Dean at home leaving all the work to Cas?  Waiting around instead of actively searching?  Dean was way too calm again to the point of discomfort, but more than that, it was the fact that he was idle. I know he was doing some kind of research, but really...Dean staying home on the computer letting Cas do all the work?  Did anyone else find that totally unDean-like?  I don't recall a single time when Sam had gone missing that Dean wasn't front and centre in the hunt to find him.  Given that Dean's uncharacteristic behaviour pretty much began when Mom showed up, I'm once again chalking it up to the fact that Dean is putting on this fa├žade of calm for the sake of his Mom.  I totally believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that if Mary weren't there, and Dean had come back to an empty bunker, he'd personally be moving heaven and earth to find Sam.  There is no way he would be waiting it out in the bunker. As much as I have to get used to Dean being portrayed uncharacteristically, I do understand the reasoning for it.  I guess that's the point really.  They're not used to each other and they don't know each other that well.  I guess it'll take a bit of time before they can be themselves around their mom and vice versa.  I will say that  I really love that even in shackles, Dean is still full of sass. This is the Dean I'm accustomed to. Who says Dean hasn't read some of those books in the bunker, he showed her. LOL.

Like a lot of others, I was waiting for that Sam and Dean reunion hug, and it didn't go unnoticed that it didn't happen, at least not on screen...and believe it or not,  I was ok with it. I understand that it is practically standard operating procedure that we get a brother hug when the boys are reunited after death, or even a presumed death.  In all honesty, the way the rescue went down, there was really no place for a hug.  I mean that guy Mick came in and there was that whole monologue of b. s. that he gave the boys, there was really no moment the boys could give us that hug. Sometimes though, it's not always necessary to get the physical hug, sometimes the love is all in a look.  When Sam saw Dean, as confused and surprised as he was, there was that look, the look that said everything a hug would say.  It reminded me of the Benders when Dean found Sam locked in the cage. There was no hug, but the look, well the look said it all.  I do believe that there was most likely a bro hug off screen.  The hug between Mom and Sam totally made up for the one we didn't get to actually see between Sam and Dean.  Can I just say that I loved the hug between Mom and Sam. It was so long overdue and the speech Sam gave to mom which preceded the hug....I really do need to buy stock in Kleenex.

 I read a lot of posts and  I know that there were those who wanted more in those last ten minutes and were disappointed that all we got was them at the table eating pie, well Dean eating pie....but I have to say that I was the opposite of disappointed.  I  felt that moment to be just what Sam needed, what they all needed.  Sam had just endured extreme torture, both mental and physical whilst suffering what he believed to be the loss of his brother. Mom has come back from the dead, missing 33 years with her children.  She's feeling like a fish out of water regarding just about everything and she bears the burden of guilt knowing that she was the one who started it all.  She feared Sam's reaction upon seeing him for the first time and was burdened with thoughts of what she should say to him, what he might say to her. Dean, while playing it cool for Mom on the outside, was most likely freaking out on the inside worrying about Sam. Then seeing Sam all beaten and worn in that chair, well it was only his shackles that kept Lady Toni alive. So that moment at the end, where it was one of pure levity made total sense to me.  I totally think Dean's enamour of pie at that moment was meant to make Sam smile, as much as it was for his own enjoyment and I also believe it was his way of connecting with his mom.  These three needed a moment of simple joy, because in time, there will be emotional conversations between Mary and her boys. These three have much to talk about.  Mary has much to learn.  The boys will have to find a way to adjust with having a mom again, a mom who's a well trained hunter. I look forward to all these moments to come.  For now I'll appreciate the special joyous moments they are beginning to experience now, even if those moments seem silly when really they are so much more than that.

I really do wonder what the real deal is with the BMOL. Here's what I think I've gathered so far:
Lady B took it upon herself to torture Sam Winchester. From what I understand she was simply to bring them in.

I'm guessing Mick was sent when Lady B didn't show up like she was supposed to. According to Mick, some of the BMOL think that some American hunters might be compromised? Some think the Winchesters have done some good.

Lady B thinks the Winchesters need to be killed because they're just as bad as the monsters they hunt.

Am I missing anything?  I gotta say, I'm not buying into the BMOL being all friendly.  I'm with the Winchesters on this one.  I do however have questions and uncertainties. 

Lady B could've inflicted any number of hallucinations to get Sam to talk.  She could've planted one with Dean in it. She's the one who planted the hallucination of them having sex, so I gotta ask, what's up with her on that.  Was that her fantasy?

Also, the way she's torturing him, don't get me wrong, she'll get hers...but it just makes me wonder.
She could've used scalding hot water and burned Sam into submission, but she used cold.  Torture, but the torture could've been worse.

She didn't have the desire to burn Sam herself.

She used drugs to break his mind, when she could've used electroshock or something.

I can't be sure if she admires his strength or is agonising over his ability to endure her torture.

She ingratiates a hallucination into his head that includes her in bed with him.

She cuts him where she could've stabbed him.

She didn't want this Mr. Ketch, who she deems a psychopath involved.

As much as she claims the Winchesters need to be eliminated, I'm not sure if that notion is set in stone with her.  She's self righteous indeed, but I don't think she knows as much as she claims to know, especially regarding the Winchesters.  I'm just not sure if she's irredeemable or not. Guess we shall find out in time.  What about these factions of BMOL?  Are they really out to protect the world or rule it?  I have a feeling not all of the BMOL are the good guys.  I can't wait to find out more.

I'm looking forward to Cas and Crowley teaming up to find Lucifer. I'm also interested to see what Luci plans on doing with Rowena. If Luci gets his hands on the BOTD, holy hell.  The Winchesters will definitely have their hands full this year.  I wonder who'll be more trouble...Luci or the BMOLs.  Guess we'll just have to wait to find out. 

That's it for this week.  Thanks for reading.



  1. Hey Anna, as always I love your thinky thoughts! I loved the first episode so much but really struggled with this episode. I'm not sure exactly, but I think it's Dean, the way he's reacted as you spoke of. I think he's really struggling with mom back and having just saved the world, and then finding Sam, it just didn't feel like Dean! I think he's like, I have protect mom, find Sam etc and he's a bit lost, being pulled in all directions! I will say that I thought Jensen, Jared and Sam were fantastic as usual. I too was expecting the bro hug and I'll admit I was disappointed but the dinner scene was great because Jensen's expressions were gold with the pie! Jared was amazing with Sam in that hugging scene, but Jensen's face in the scene with Dean looking at his picture's sitting on the kitchen floor, omg!! I was already teary from Sam and Mom but that sent me over the edge!! I thought Rick Springfield did an amazing job as Lucifer, he was menacing and it didn't feel like we were getting a copycat of Mark P which is okay by me. The BMOL were dicks, sorry but they are and Toni getting punched by Dean, hell yes I cheered she deserved more but all good things come to those who wait, lol! As I have said some things were good, others I struggled with, but it's only episode 2 and as you said I do think Andrew Dabb is going to unfold the story slowly and he has been one of my fav writer's!! Sorry, I know I may have rambled but I tend to do that when talking about Supernatural and my boys!! Till next time, ciao!! :)

    1. I agree. I think the "idea" of mom is so much better than the reality. She was idolized and became a martyr, became Dean's reason for existence. "Kill the demon who killed your mom". Now she's real and it's rocked Deanto the core. It's like he's slipping on ice. He's become the son/child again. Sam on the other hand never knew his mom so he can forge a relationship as an adult. Dean's left out of the loop again.

    2. Did you catch how Dean played like a kid but Sam and Mary had the "adult" look to each other? I almost feel like Dean was acting like that because he felt it was expected of him. He doesn't know where he fits in the equation anymore. He was Sam's mom growing who is he now?

    3. I felt that Sam's look when he saw Dean, that was our hug. I do think with all my heart that when Dean was untying his brother, he likely gave his brother's hand or arm a gentle squeeze. 

      I do think that Mary's return is an adjustment for all of them, each feeling differently about it. I do agree that the reality of mom might be different about the idea of mom for both boys as well. I do agree that Dean doesn't know what to do or how he should behave. I think that's portrayed in his uncharacteristic behavior. .... Dean did in fact say to her:  I can't do my job if I'm worried about you.  I kind of think that confession was for us as well. I think it applies to Dean's behavior over all.....he can't react like he normally would, if he's concerned about his mom and how it would affect her....that's what i'm going with anyway...LOL

      I do think the pie scene was a way to connect to his mom and lighten the mood as well...everyone had been through so much. someone else reminded me too of the scene in the song remains the same, when sam was in such awe of his mom, he was staring...Sam again was in such awe of his mom, that he was staring at her again...and I think that the pie might also have been a distraction as well. Sam always gives that look when Dean says or does something inappropriate or childlike...I just thought it was cute that this was something in common he shared with his mom...the way the "good talk" comment and Mary's decision to hunt was something she had in common with Dean.

    4. Oh wow, thanks so much for the replies! Sometimes when I write my view's about the episode's I worry I'm not explaining myself properly so I'm glad you can understand my thought's, lol! Can I just say also thank's for replying at all. I have been shy about writing anywhere but this site is the best!! I feel like someone is listening and understand's my Supernatural addiction, lol! Thanks again friend's, until next episode!!

    5. I love the back and's like an actual discussion...and you guys, the spn family, you're the only ones I get to talk to about whatever you want or need to say, please lay it on me.

  2. Interesting. You know, I really felt for Sam and the hallucinatory torture he was subjected to. It felt, to me, that it was akin to rape. Him feeling the arousal, bliss only to realize he was manipulated any d forced against his will to through a sexual act to reveal information. Thoughts?

    1. I think there is some validity to this opinion. But I doubt it will be addressed. The fact that Lucifer was crystal clear in his talk of sexually assaulting Sam in the cage and that was never discussed makes me think they'll go the same way with this. I don't know if SPN is really up for handling those kinds of situations.

  3. Great review! I've loved both eps so far. Having funny literal Cas back is great ("I don't have a harp"), and though I was skeptical at first, the Mary storyline is good. I thought it would feel forced and it doesn't. I'm already tired of the BMOLs and can't imagine how the writers could give them any redeeming qualities.

    Also, I am now going to say "Let's call the internet" every chance I get.

  4. To be honest when the scene started I was a bit mesmerized by the gorgeous in front of me. He is breathtaking and I simply enjoyed that moment...for a moment. I knew two seconds in that this wasn't real, it was a hallucination. Manipulation did enter my mind, but the word rape didn't. Deception, cruelty, mind games ...yes...but the word rape hadn't occurred to me. I guess I was preoccupied at the curiosity of it all. I got what she was doing to Sam, and when you really think about it, I guess you can call it, mind rape...but what had me perplexed was the joy she got out of it. She was all smiles and dare I say blissful in this hallucination...more than he it seemed to me...and it just had me wondering...was this bliss in any way real...did she subliminally have the hots for him? Was it all just part of the fantasy? I was so busy trying to figure out what her deal was that the word rape didn't occur to me...probably because of the role she played in the hallucination. When I think of rape, I automatically think of physical attack...but this was a mental attack and I do agree that this was more of a psychological rape than a physical one....

    Lady Toni deserves a beat down for sure....but I do wonder from who this beating will come from...though I would love it to be by a Winchester...doesn't matter which...I'm wondering if later down the line Dabb is planning a redemption arc for her, which then I'm wondering if her come uppence will be from the BMOL.

  5. What I found to be a brilliant way of showing how the Winchesters are fish out of water was their last scene: each one on their own, alone, trying to deal with the new family dynamics (the whole other stuff thrown at them seems to fade into the background in this moment). Sam seems to be the one adjusting the best- he doesn't have idealized childhood memories to adapt to reality, and is in general the one to "talk things out", so no surprise there. Mary with the journal (even John was there in the bunker, in a way!), a whole new world around her, and two adult sons caught in a life she never wanted for them. It's one of the ways Show tells everyday stories in its own world, as every parebt will make this discovery one time or another: children don't end up leading the lives parents wanted for them,and have to finda way to accept that (usually, of course, reality is less drastic and extreme as Show, but well. Enough reality at home, right?). As a mother of a bunch of sons, I can relate so well to Mary's situation, her guilt, joy, fears, hopes (and that "can you eat that any faster?" made me crack up, cause that whole scene could have been any one family dinner at my home!). I'm really thrilled to see her adjust to it all.
    Dean, hiding behind the kitchen counter, clinging to his old photographs and everything they represent for him- that's a whole other story. Dean seems thrown. He has to reconcile his glorified version of his mother with what is in front of him now. I think when Amara granted him what "he most wished for", it was a two faced gift. Dean wanted his Mom, of course- but I think what he wanted more was the life she represented for him, the way his- their- lives were before the whole burning-on-the-ceiling thing. Maybe his memories (and the fantasy world he created around them) were his safe place over all those years-and now this safe place is invaded by a reality he has a hard time adjusting to.
    It was endearing to see treats of Mary in both her sons in their interactions and actions, the writers really know their Winchesters! (And it freaks me out how similar Sam's and Jensen's profiles looked in the Impala).
    LadyTony and her BMOL- already annoying, and probablymore dangerous than most of the monsters the family business has taken care of for 11 seasons now (and doesn't it always come down to that ...humans are the worst monsters after all!). I think that sons she said good bye to and talked to on the phone- he could play a role in her future behavior.
    Phew, sorry for the long babbling. Show always does that to me!

  6. I totally agree......thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. We don't refer it to babbling...we like to call it lauding to the extreme power. LOL

    1. ah, that definitely makes it sound so much better! :D