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Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw Recap - Mamma Mia

Here we go. Second episode of the season. The premiere and this are actually a two parter in my eyes. They are two halves of the same story. There were some surprises, great VFX and SFX, emotional moments, kickass moments, some moments I liked a lot and some not so much. But I am intrigued on where the story is going and what we have ahead of us. One thing I hope will happen is that some payback is due to come to few individuals.


Title:  Mamma Mia
Episode:  12.02
First aired: October 20, 2016
Directed by: Thomas J. Wright
Written by: Brad Buckner/Eugenie Ross-Leming
Monster: Men of Letters
Timeline: Immediately after 12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On
Location(s): Lebanon - Kansas, Aldrich - Missouri


How can I start this? Well, the first few minutes I thought I was in alternate universe. If I tell you the truth. The scene made me very uncomfortable like it probably was meant to be because it was wrong in so many levels. Even gorgeous Sam could not make my mind distracted from the scene. I cheered when Sam fought off the spell. With any other woman there the scene would have felt like a romantic dream, but with Toni, ugh no.

Dean on the other hand is conflicted and trying to keep his mother safe from harm as she was already in danger, and Castiel is searching for clues about Sam's whereabouts for Dean. Dean doesn't know how to act with his mother and he is being calm for her and in guardian mode. They find out where Sam is kept and he is trying to keep her mother from going. It seems she is a stubborn Winchester. What else is new? Mom's presence makes Dean little bit out of balance. 

Castiel finds where Sam is being kept and Dean insists on going alone as Cas can't enter. Mary is left with Cas. New warding "blasts" Dean and Toni takes him captive. Mary comes to the rescue as she was the wild card and when she dukes it out with Toni, Dean gets himself free. He knocks Toni out and saves his mom from choking on another new spell. Sam is freed when Cas and another man, Mick from the Men of Letters comes to the scene and gives them some information to consider. He snatches Toni away and the three head to bunker and try to come to terms to what this all means.

One viewer found a parallel for Sam's last scene and compared it to the season four episode When the Levee Breaks (4.21). Does this mean to indicate that Sam does not know what is real or not? It would make complete sense wouldn't it? 

(Gifs courtesy of themegalosaurus.)

Lucifer meanwhile searches for a new vessel and he chooses an ageing rocker called Vince Vincente. Rowena is trying to have normal life, but Crowley pulls her back to supernatural as they try to capture Lucifer. Lucifer gets his new vessel and he is pretty creepy. Team MacLeod fails in their plan just making Lucy more angry. Crowley escapes but Rowena is captured.

Meanwhile Toni and Mick on their way back to the airport talk about certain Mr. Ketch that is heading to US.


Dean, Sam and Mary continue on the same path as they were in the premiere. It feels like Dean is acting a lot of out of character but you need to remember that how would you act if your dead mother, after 33 years pops up alive and you don't know how to act around her, or you feel like you need to be careful with everything you do AND trying to keep her safe which is not working that well. Also she is not how you imagined her. And if this is not enough your brother is also missing. I would be puddle of unrecognisable goo on the floor if I was Dean! Mary is trying to make sense of it all and Sam seems to be confused on what is real or not. Or maybe I should say he is afraid that Dean and his mother is a hallucination.

Crowley and Rowena returned with a weird dynamic, but I love their love/hate banter. Castiel was on a mission to save Sam. I like that we got something else than pop culture references to make Castiel Cas. Lucifer was back to be creepy and dangerous and we got to see some amazing scenes with him. Now... concerning the British Men/Women of Letters. My view of them has not improved. They are acting superior even though I think they're the ones that are compromised. I see them asking the Winchesters for help in the future. Also my view of Toni is even worse after what she did in Mamma Mia. At the moment I don't know what I should think of her. For the moment she is an unlikable bad guy. Although the new guy Mick seemed more likeable in my book, but I can't grasp yet if it should be that way. So a lot of questions! 


As we had mostly the same locations as in last episode I decided to check out the VFX this time. Visual effects are the processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. We had a lot of these in Mamma Mia and they were pretty memorable. I will never get tired of seeing Lucifer's red eyes. They were amazing. Lucifer hitting Vince's band mate through the door was a great shot. Also the MoL warding Dean stepped to was gorgeous. 

Rowena's simple magical effects delivered nuance to the big blast that was Lucifers's melting face with his red eyes, and who could forget seeing Lucifer's wings for the first time although I am a little disappointed that they were not bat angel wings! They really hit it out of the park.

Set design

Instead of costume design I will focus on few sets that were brilliant. The smokey, greasy hall set with spotlights and Vince Vincente Rock designs on the wall with screaming fans. It also had the brick wall backstage room with old band posters and wall writing. And even though I had huge issues with the "romantic" scene the set was cosy and truly romantic with the fluffy bed, huge wine glasses, the huge amount of lit candles and the night light city showing through the windows. 

We also got another hotel room set that was Vince's. This is what I found out about the room number 909. "Angel Number 909 suggests that your angels are telling you that even though a part of your life may have been altered, halted or changed, things will ultimately turn out for the best, like a 'blessing in disguise'." by Joanne Sacred Scribes. Even if it is a coincidence it fits on Vince's case. The corridor had also a secret meaning that Jerry Wanek tweeted after the episode aired: "Thought we needed serenity after Orlando tragedy." In response to the June 12th 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting, Jerry Wanek placed lyrics from John Lennon's song "Imagine" in the set decoration of Vince Vincente's hotel. I liked the modern green colour and shapes. The room itself had plaid and vintage design wallpaper. The whole flat had yellow, dark grey and white colour design.


Lost Angel by Heart was playing at the end of the episode. I tend to read the lyrics to the songs they use for a deeper meaning. That's why I usually take part of the lyrics that I think hit home with the song.

"As it was before shall it ever ever be
Hear it on the crying wind
Heart it weeping on the sea
Through the winder valley wild and through the darkest night
Here comes the evil news of the coming fight"

Here is the short +/- rundown for Mamma Mia

+ Rick Springfield as Lucifer
+ Rick Springfield as Lucifer
+ Rick Springfield as Lucifer (Yes, I really liked him as Lucy)
+ VFX was amazing
+ Mary Winchester
+ Crowley in a white Tuxedo (I mean WOW)
+ Sam under the covers
+ The rock and roll setting
+ Castiel being Cas
+ Dean trying to keep everything together
+ Sam fighting against the torture
+ Mary's and Sam's scene at the end
+ Lost Angel by Heart 

- Lady Antonia Bevell (I really, really don't like her. I hope she is a baddie that it is deserved)
- No bro hug? Really? (We were cheated I tell you, CHEATED!)
- Torture/hurting Sam ;’( (The mind messing was hard to look at)
- Uncomfortable opening
- Some possibilities were missed

-/+ Mr. Ketch
-/+ A lot of un-answered questions
-/+ British Men of Letters
-/+ New lore (A lot in a short time)

Trickster stamp, Winchester trio finally together 

Mamma mia, here we go again to episode 3. My my, how can we resist it?!

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