Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on OH MY GOSH, FINALLY! SEASON 12 IS HERE Preview

IT'S BACK!!!!!

Our show is back for its 12th season! 12. 12.12! 12 12 12 12 12 12 12!
I'm so excited for this season!

Right let's get into the preview...or should we say...MEGA PREVIEW!

Pretty and grimy!

Mary, MARY! Dean saving Sam. Sam seeing the assumed dead Dean AND his dead mum! I MEAN...WHAT IS THAT GOING TO BE LIKE....THE FEEEEEELS! I really can't wait for that moment.

Sam and Dean being bros with a new mum...I totally see them sitting in one of their bedrooms talking about their mum and how to deal with it all!

Rick Springfield as Lucifer...RICK SPRINGFIELD! I totally see him coming to a con and singing Jessie's Girl with Rob at the Saturday Night Special! YES/YES?

The brothers are both without any supernatural afflictions for the first time since the beginning of season 8, when  briefly, they were both supernatural free....until Sam undertook the trials. This is amazing in itself! No mark, no angel possession, no soullessness, no weird chick wanting Dean inside her...well...that's pretty understandable..... wait...what? Heh.

Plus Sam and Dean are on the same page and getting along like never before. They even laughed a bit last season for heaven's sake!


So where did we leave things?


Lucifer is in the wind
Cas is in the outfield
Sam thinks Dean's dead
Dean thinks Sam's at home
Sam's not at home he's been shot and kidnapped!
Dean's not dead he's in a graveyard with their mum!

Let's have a look at the official CW press release with the synopsis shall we...which basically says what happened at the end of last episode!

“Keep Calm and Carry On”

Dean (Jensen Ackles) is overwhelmed as he comes face to face with his mom, Mary Winchester (guest star Samantha Smith). Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki) is fighting for his life after Toni, from the Woman of Letters, shot him. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb.

Bet they've been dying to use that title! This episode is written by our brand new Showrunner. Of course, Jeremy Carver has moved on to his new show Frequency and Andrew Dabb now holds the reigns of our show, (along with Bob Singer, who has stepped back into the co-showrunner role after originally stepping away a little in season 11). Dabb is a wonderful writer. Some of the strongest episodes of the last few seasons have been his. He's passionate about the show and about our boys - you just have to see his energy when talking about Supernatural to see that passion. He's been with Supernatural since season 4, when he originally wrote with partner Dan Loflin. I feel like we're in good hands; passionate, creative and experienced hands. And we're always in good hands with director Phil Sgriccia!

Okay! Let's check out some promos! First - the first promo - and then the extended version of that first promo!

Basically all I see is Dean wanting to save Sam and Sammy being hurt!  THAT'S ALL I SEEEEEE!!

Also, Shackles - which makes me laugh every time.

Then there was this rockin' extended promo!

I love this extended promo, it made me all tingly with anticipation!

The whole Mary thing is SO intriguing. She obviously totally kicks ass as a Hunter. But how is it all going to play out? How long will she be part of the story? My initial understanding was that she's not a permanent fixture - but who knows, because stories can change. Neither Cas or Crowley were meant to be permanent fixtures... If Mary's story is for only a part of the season, how will her story wrap up (please not painfully). It's really got my brain spinning.

Then there's all that torturing of Sammy...and all the time, he thinks Dean is dead...which is HEART BREAKING! Like I said, I can't wait to see his face when he sees Dean not only alive, but with their mum in tow!
This will be Sam's face

Cas crawling out of that hole after exploding through that billboard is great. I've often wondered what happens to angels when they're fired off with that banishing sigil. Apparently they explode through the air with incredible power, and resemble a small meteor when they land! I love that we get to see that! And teaming up with Crowley is going to be endlessly amusing. I love Cas and Crowley together.

Do we think the English Men of Letters are going to end up fighting alongside the Winchesters? Or will they remain wilfully ignorant to all the good that the brothers have done.

I'm very excited to see Rick Springfield do his thing - I love Rick Springfield (Aussie boy, Sydney born!)  I love the idea of Lucifer popping from meatsuit to meatsuit - even if that means no Mark Pellegrino. And the rockstar storyline will be so fun, and has to mean interesting things for the Winchesters! Like the leather jackets!

Here is a great big season sneak peek!

And the condensed Mary only version....

How are the brothers going to react to Mary, how will they fit her in their lives, will they have family dinners? Will she tell them to pick up after themselves? Will she use her mum voice? Oh! She must meet Jody, because there were set photos of Kim and Samantha mucking about! I just made myself super excited!

Okay - Shaving People Punting Things posted a video produced in reverse - there's a lot of stuff from many episodes...but I'll post it anyway because it's so much goodness.

And in case you want to see the reversed reversed..... fandom delivers.

You know the thing that blew me away from this...Mary reading John's journal. I'd just never contemplated that. What thoughts of his are in there? We know Mary's going to be heartbroken that her boys were raised in the life, but imagine the heartbreak when she reads John's journal...sees what his life became, his obsession. And her death was the cause of everything...

I wonder if we'll see Mary feel the guilt of that original deal that saved John but cursed Sam, and consequently the entire family. I wonder if any of that will be explored. Because there's been a fair amount of discussion around how John raised his boys, and what that did to them, but I can't recall any discussion around the event and decision that started this nightmare rolling for the Winchesters. I wonder if we'll go there.

I wonder if the boys will tell Mary that they met her in the past. That they met John when he was a young man. Will they tell her about her dad and the cousins, and that they briefly hunted with the Campbells, and that entire nightmare? I wonder how much they'll share with her - or how much they'll protect her from, because really, she probably doesn't need to know all the horrors her boys have been through. That guilt would be unbearable. I wouldn't be surprised if the brothers get together to discuss what not to tell her.

I wonder where Mary was. Was she in Heaven? Will she remember any of it, or is burning on her ceiling going to be the last memory Mary has? Or maybe running into Sammy's room... Or maybe none of it. We do see in a clip further down this preview that she thinks no time has past, because she thinks her son Dean, is 4.... when in fact, Dean's now older than Mary was when she died....

Yep. There's a lot to play with here - and I can't wait to see how far the show takes it.

Here's a look at Cas' arc for season 12

Badass Cas is my favourite Cas. I love it when he fires up and kicks some butt. I remember in those early episodes how threatening he could be - like when Dean talked back to him and you genuinely sensed the power Cas had, and it felt like he could smite you at a moments notice if you pissed him off. 

Of course a lot has changed for Cas - as humanity has made him more human - but he's a fully loaded angel again now, bar the wings, and that will be interesting to see. Because once again it gives him incredible power, but once again that means he could be a get out of jail free card for the Winchesters. Having an all powerful angel as a friend is always going to pose a problem - because how can there be any real sense peril when Cas can get them out of anything, bring them back from the dead...all the stuff he can do, he's their deus ex machina - which is why he's either defused or in opposition or off on another mission for a lot of the time.  - hence the roadtrip with Crowley I'd say

Cas' interactions with Mary are also going to be interesting - two outsiders view on the boys' very close world. 

Here's a little bit on Crowley's arc

Booted out of Hell again! I love to watch an indignant Crowley scrambling. I also love to watch him when he's evil - to be honest, my favourite Crowley is when I'm not sure if he really could, at a moments notice, kill the boys. The scene last season where he decided he would kill Dean that day - and Amara stopped him - and the red, smoking eyes scene with Sam the season before, were two of my favourite Crowley scenes ever. He's a fenemy sure, and he's as funny as hell (no pun intended), but I do like to see him flex his evil muscles every once in a while. I hope he can take Lucifer on, I need to see this character reinstated with some power and dignity.

And finally a word from the boys about our boys!

They look so handsome in their matchy match suits!

"I've been tortured by the devil himself - what can you do to me" What a corker of a line! Blimey.

Seeing the boys being sons - seeing that dynamic - seeing how that makes them relate to each other and what that infuses into their relationship, is the thing that I'm looking forward to the most about this season and the reintroduction of Mary. How having their mum back in their lives impacts their lives, for the positive - because hey, they have their mum back guys *heart clench*, and how it may impact them in other ways. That change in their perspective is going to be fascinating. Seeing the brothers' relationship through new eyes is always one of my favourite things, but seeing their relationship through their mother's eyes is going to be super cool. What a treat that our show can play with stories like this.

Andrew Dabb did an interview with EW discussing how the show approached the Mary story and what it might mean for the Winchesters - here is an excerpt.

“At the heart, the dynamic of the show is unchanged in that it’s always going to be about the brothers, it’s always going to be about the family they’ve put together, and Mary doesn’t so much upset that as complement it. When she comes in, it’s family through another lens. She is their origin myth, her death led to everything, so when she comes back, the boys having a mother again which they really haven’t had.”

“At first, they’re really excited to have her back, but also aren’t quite sure how she’s going to respond to them because they know the last thing she wanted was for her kids to be hunters and now she’s walking into a world where her kids are hunters. So there’s a little [bit of] feeling each other out through the first part of the season before coming to a place that’s probably a little more settled.”

 “We never want to shift the focus of the show off Sam and Dean, so by bringing Mary in, it’s more along the lines of: How does she affect Sam? How does she affect Dean? She and Castiel form a really interesting friendship and we think she’s a nice pivot point around which we can spin our characters.”

You can read the whole article here.

So we're back! Back with 23 brand new episodes. By the way, there's only 8 in this first half of the season, episode 8 being the midseason finale - an ep earlier than last season - which means the back end of the season is going to be a big one.

I'm so damn ready for my show to be back. So damn ready to have my favourite brothers back on my screen. I'm so ready for Sam to find out Dean is alive. I'm so ready to see how the brothers deal with being sons after all this time. I'm so ready for the whole kit and caboodle! 

Oh yeah...I'm soooooooo ready.

Welcome back everyone! Have a great season premiere and an awesome season!


Hot of the press - a sneak peek clip! This Mary thing is going to be so interesting!

And the Aussie promo!


  1. 22 episodes and title of episode one is family ties even though would have been nice to use the other one other then that very enjoyable read as always. thought to myself hold it why is she doing oh that is right Thursday. And to whom will be live tweeting that night you have to wonder.

  2. According to a tweet from Jim Michaels on September 20 - they are shooting 23 episodes this season. So unless that changed between now and then... I can't find any record of that being corrected on his twitter. I have the tweet if you want to see it.

    Keep Calm and Carry On is the title on the official synopsis from the CW press release, which is what I posted.

  3. This summer has been flooded with Supernatural promos, trailers, interviews, magazine covers, fantastically beautiful photo shoots, endless articles about the show in prominent magazines, on top of conventions and J2 sightings almost everwhere. I almost feel like the show didn't take a break.
    2 more days. Thanks for the preview review.... I can't hardly wait.

  4. Amy you are very correct. They have had 23 episodes since Season 7, Seasons 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 had 22 episodes and Season 3 had only 16 due to the writers strike. Jim Michaels did say there was 23 episodes again this season.

  5. I must admit I am a little nervous about how Mary will fit within the dynamics of the show, but then again, I'm confident the writers won't let us down. Also, my brother and I have a bet on what her first FBI alias will be...gotta something in keeping with the boy's rock star trend :-)

  6. Hey Amy, once again your preview's rock! I can't wait for this season to begin. So exited to see the boys interactions with Mary! It will be interesting to see, as Sam was a baby and Dean just a toddler,so as has been said they really don't know her! I have noticed from trailer's that the lighting tone of most of the scene's shown seems darker, grittier, which makes me excited because I love it when Supernatural is filmed that way! Can't wait for when Sam finds out Dean is alive, I'm going to be crying my eye's out I know it! Also when he see's Mary for the first time! Damn, I'd better stock up on tissue's, lol!! One last thought, damn Jensen and Jared look so amazing in that interview! Does Jensen even age, he look's so good all the time lately, must be impending fatherhood, lol!! Can't wait to read your review's, your's is the only page I read weekly and comment on!! Roll on Season 12!!

    1. Bahahaha! He's glowing! ;) He does not age's weird, and wonderful!
      Thanks for the nice words :)

  7. My little heart broke when Mary said her Dean was four. It means she doesn't remember saving them in Home *quiet sobbing*

    1. Oh wow, yes! I feel like she's not going to remember anything beyond that night, maybe not even that night....

  8. I can not wait!!!!! Your preview really got me excited!