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Review - Supernatural Episode 11x11 "Into the Mystic" - I have a bad feeling about this...

-by sweetondean

Robbie Thompson…he gets us. I feel like he’s become the writing voice of the fandom. Giving us little nuggets of joy; like awesome walking away shots, characters talking about the brothers like we do, as well as the deep brother moments we all love and the powerful conversations we all need. Robbie 100% gets what makes Supernatural the weirdly special, lightning in a bottle show that it is – the Winchester brothers and their relationship.

“Into the Mystic” was fabulous from whoa to go. The many gorgeous moments between Sam and Dean, the introduction of Eileen - a Men of Letters legacy, so cool, the introduction of Mildred – a woman with a great attitude towards life, good advice and excellent taste in men, the completely terrifying moment between Dean and Lustifer (is that what we’re really calling him?!), and a truly frightening monster – that Banshee was the thing nightmares are made of!

Classic Supernatural with everything I love about this show bundled into a ball of scary and feely feels! 

So Dean finally unburdened himself of his deeply troubling secret, his bond with (and apparently hots for) Amara, the Darkness. It was interesting to hear that he feels it goes beyond the bond of the Mark of Cain. Of course, that’s probably more about Amara not being able to be resisted, she said as much, and the bliss she makes him feel when around her, she said that too. Let’s face it bliss ain’t something Dean Winchester is used to in his every day life. I can imagine it's intoxicating.

Intellectually Dean knows it’s absolutely the wrong thing, she needs to die, she’s a really big bad. But every other part of his being is now yearning for her in a way that seems to imitate attraction and possibly love. For Dean it feels confusing and real and scary. For me, it’s freakin’ terrifying quite frankly, I was scared out of my wits to hear him speak like that! I like that we're made to feel almost the same level of confusion and alarm that Dean feels about what this damn bond means. He doesn’t know and neither do we.

But the most horrific thing about this whole revelation is that Dean unwittingly shared this secret with the other really big bad – Lucifer in the form of Castiel. Oh bloody hell! This season is really rachetting up towards something catastrophic! I’m fearful of the cliff-hanger for season 11 already (because we all know 12, though not announced, will be a thing)! 

It’s this weak spot for the Darkness, Dean’s confusion and dismay - his sense of shame about it, his feelings of helplessness, of uncertainty, and his lack of confidence in his ability to overcome Amara’s powerful draw, which opened him right up to the Monster of the Week – the Banshee. The Banshee preys on those who appear vulnerable, and obviously Dean is feeling horribly vulnerable right now.

I understand why Dean told his secret to Cas and not to Sam. For one reason, though Cas is the closest ‘person’ to Dean outside of Sam, Cas is still one step removed. It’s easier to share a deep dark secret with someone outside of your primary relationship; say, with a friend rather than a sibling, to use them as a sounding board, to voice your concerns and have them advise you, or reflect your concerns back at you in a different way; to confide in them, and release some of the stress of holding something back. For Dean to voice to Sam what’s really going on with Amara would risk Sam looking at him with different eyes – like he did with the Mark of Cain, when Dean accused Sam of looking at him like he was a diseased killer puppy. It would risk Sam putting himself in danger to protect Dean – something Dean knows only too well and could not bear. And of course in Dean’s mind, it would risk Sam being disappointed in him. The brothers hate to feel like a disappointment to the other. It’s one of the guilts they perpetually carry. Disappointing their brother, somehow letting them down. Not that I believe Sam would be disappointed in Dean, maybe initially disappointed Dean took so long to share his troubles, but Sam’s disappointment would turn into ferocious protection in about 32 seconds! Which would freak Dean out!

Dean could help but feel ashamed of his feelings, and he's probably got that embarrassment again that he felt about becoming a demon... He doesn’t want to appear weak and vulnerable in front of Sam; of course he doesn’t; especially not after all they went through with the Mark of Cain, not after choosing each other even though that meant releasing the Darkness, only to realise that though Dean was saved he’s still in terrible peril; that’s pretty soul destroying stuff. After everything, Dean’s still not free of the influence of the Mark of Cain and you gotta know, he feels a responsibility that. So telling Cas allows Dean to actually vocalise what’s going on, for himself as much as anything else, before heading down the telling Sam road – which we know will come, even if it’s through a forced hand. 

Dean needs to trust Sam will understand, that's a hard place for Dean to get to, especially when he doesn't understand or even trust himself...but he'll get there, he's already on his way.

At the beginning of the episode, we see Sam can’t sleep because he’s being eaten up by what Lucifer showed him, and the guilt he still feels about not looking for Dean when he was in Purgatory. But Sam unburdened himself of this, apologising to Dean for giving up on him.

At the end of the episode, we see it’s Dean who can’t sleep. Dean’s worrying over the whole Darkness thing, worrying over what Mildred said about him pining for someone else, and guilty about covering up and not telling Sam the truth.

Sam and Dean’s guilt and shame bookend this episode. These two.... I never know whether to upside them or hug them!

It was nice to put a great big case closed sign on the Sam not looking for Dean storyline. The moment between the brothers when Sam apologised to Dean, was one of those totally low-key but incredibly powerful moments this show does so well.

Sam: “Give me a sec. I should have looked for you. When you were in Purgatory, I should have turned over every stone, but I didn't, I stopped. And I've never forgiven myself for it.”

And Dean - gosh Dean was even more awesome than usual in this episode, what a beautiful heart this man has – said what we all feel…

Dean: “Well, I have. Hey, that's in the past, man. What's done is done. All that matters now, all that's ever mattered is that we're together, so shut up and drink your beer.” 

“Shut up and drink your beer” is Dean’s way of saying, “I love you”. Sigh.

Sam did look. But he stopped. We know why – a thousand complex and heart wrenching reasons. Dean holds no grudge. It’s in the past, they’ve moved on, they’re in a different space now, very much together…and that’s all that matters. That they’re together. Thanks Robbie…we needed that. And thanks for the gorgeous bedroom shots. I adore any personal moments we get to see of the boys in their home. And in their PJs all tucked in…double thanks! And that was a cool thing to see, they’re both sleeping UNDER the covers now. Not ready to leap up, fully dressed to kill some evil thing at a moments notice. When they sleep, they sleep under the covers. That speaks volumes about what the Bunker has become to them, and where they both find themselves emotionally. There’s a comfort here that comes from feeling secure. I think for the first time in a long time, they feel secure in each other’s love. Oh gosh! 

This was such an awesome brother episode, for the above reasons, but also the little things. From Dean suggesting they make a booking at the Oak Park retirement home, to their hilarious conversation about their Golden Girls fantasies, to Sam saying Dean always has his back – even the way he introduced Dean to Eileen smacked of pride, to the fabulous conversation in the Bunker kitchen, which was like a salve to an old wound for the brothers and the fandom, to Sam’s amazing memory box – with the Oak Park brochure – just in case they live long enough to retire there together. 

Bless Sam Winchester and his memory box of feels. I betcha anything the real amulet is in there – you can see the stage prop one, but is that a little bit of gold at the end of the leather tucked under the photo of young Sam and young Dean? Seems appropriate. Even if it’s only in my mind.

I’ve always believed Sam retrieved the amulet from the garbage bin where Dean tossed it, wiped it down and slid it into his duffle before heading off. In my headcanon, when Sam went to hell, he left his stuff at Bobby’s – including the amulet, and at some point after being soulled back up, he retrieved it, and apparently a few other things he’s been treasuring…like, John’s wedding band (that’s what I’ve decided that ring is), family photos, a green army man and other mementos that have meant something to him throughout his life. UGH. It’s just so touching. Do you remember that Dean also has a box he squirrels (heh) stuff away in? He retrieved the key to Oz from it. I wonder what else he has stashed in there? We know he has a few photos tucked away in his room. Man…these two. They are the squishiest badasses ever! They absolutely kill me. I love them with all I got. CRAPPP I’VE MADE MYSELF CRY!

Ooops! I really kinda just jumped on in there to the brother stuff huh? I can’t resist talking about the Winchesters when given such a golden opportunity!

Anyhooooo! I adored both the new characters introduced in “Into the Mystic”. Mildred was such a breath of fresh air and a wonderful spirit. Her taking a fancy to Dean was completely understandable! I loved it when she took him by the hand and led him to the other room to watch the sunset with her. Dean, bless his heart, looked a bit out of his depth for a second there, but settled in next to her to enjoy the moment. They’d both travelled the land helping people, even if in different capacities. Mildred had known when it was time to hang up her microphone and take time to smell the roses, she followed her heart and it was lovely to hear her give that advice to Dean (don’t follow it to Amara though, ‘k?).

I think Dean is following his heart. As long as he’s with Sam, as long as he has his family and friends around him, he’s okay. I remember back to that beautiful “Behind Blue Eyes” scene, with Charlie and Cas and Sam all sitting around Dean at the table – and Dean just beaming, because everyone he loved was with him. Regardless of the horror boiling away inside him at that moment, he had his friends and family with him, and that’s all that matters to Dean. That’s all that’s ever mattered. And I think he could go on hunting forever, if he knew Sam was always going to be there with him. It gives him purpose and a weird kind of peace – the helping people, as long as his brother is by his side. But it was nice to hear someone remind Dean to take a moment to think about what he wants, and what truly makes him happy. Maybe that’s another place that “All that matters now, all that's ever mattered is that we're together” came from, that conversation with Mildred. 

I loved Mildred. Her character was confident and smart and funny, happy where she was at her point in life. I loved that she saw no problem at all with flirting with Dean. She read him well. Dean could flirt with a chair and make it blush! She was totally endearing. Dee Wallace was wonderful. I’ve been a fan of hers for years. E.T., The Frighteners – my god she’s great in The Frighteners. I think I need to watch that again! *goes and gets DVD*.

Eileen was also a wonderful addition to the story and our cast of fabulous guest actors. And the fact that Robbie made her a Men of Letters Legacy blew my mind! That was so cool! I wonder how many more are out there, and I wonder how many more have stumbled into hunting? She had a lot in common with both the boys, particularly Sam, having lost her mother as a baby – well she lost both her parents. Like the brothers her sad history led her to hunting, a monster killed her family, the monster they were all hunting here. Eileen was trained from an early age by the hunter that took her in, she’s never known a different way of life. Her upbringing mirrored Sam and Dean’s, and that was a wonderful layer that gave the friendship that quickly developed between her and Sam an extra depth. I think Sam’s failed attempt to sign for her sealed the deal. 

She kicked a hell of a lot of ass did Eileen, and her deafness made not a jot of difference to who she was or what she did, it was just a part of her. I liked that too…that her deafness was not seen as a hindrance or handicap. And it also gave us a couple of pretty funny sign language scenes between Mildred and Eileen as they bonded over the Banshee predicament. Honestly, Mildred is all of us! What a couple of wonderful new characters Robbie gave us here. 

“Into the Mystic” left me feeling so happy. It was definitely a feel good episode. But it also left me with this impending sense of dread…that actually, Supernatural gives me quite a lot to be honest! Lucifer knowing about Dean’s secret bond to Amara is not good news. He’s a psychotic, slippery one, and he’s going to use that information to his advantage and surely to Dean’s disadvantage…to lure Amara maybe, using Dean as bait? Oh god! (By the way I’m starting to notice how Dean primarily says Amara, when Sam primarily says, the Darkness). 

Misha’s Lucifer is somehow creepier and scarier than Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer, and I think that’s because Lucifer is now in Castiel’s vessel and that just looks and feels all wrong. Knowing that he’s faking everything to get intel, tricking the boys into sharing things with him, because they think he’s Cas. Wandering around the bunker when they aren't there, getting into their stuff. It's creepy and unnerving. That sly smile? Ewwwww! Cas doesn’t smile! It’s icky and scary and I really don’t like it! But you know what, I do like it because it’s icky and scary! Oh Supernatural and your weird double edged emotions!

I think we need to make sure Robbie is bonded to Supernatural for the rest of its run! Can we Mark of Cain him to it or something? Because his episodes are so lovely…

Into the Mystic was another example of what makes this show so special. From the writing to the VFX to the amazing guest cast to our incredibly talent lead actors. It’s just all so damn special! Gah!

I leave you with these stupidly adorable behind the scenes photos.

Until next week!


  1. Impending feeling of dread. Yep. That's it, and why I have a permanent knot in my stomach now. Doomed and damned we are. It's a bit early to be petrified of what's ahead, but I'm already there.

  2. Loved your review and agree with just about everything. Robbie really does know what makes us happy, brothers, brothers and more brothers!! I really am worried for Dean now that Lucifier/Cas knows about their bond, I was like Nooo!! Great episode and Jensen in the end scene, his face, I love his acting, sigh!

  3. Oh do I want to be Dee Wallace in those BTS shots! They are having so much fun.

    Loved your review. BTW, it occurred to me that Mildred was like a light and fluffy parallel to Amara. Here Dean had a woman who was absolutely hitting on him and while Dean played back a bit, he never felt overwhelmed. Amara, OTOH, is after him and he's unable to stop what's going on there. Mildred is the Light, Amara is the Dark.

    And I'll sign that petition to get Robbie chained to his Supernatural writing desk.


  4. Lustifer (or Casifer) really scares the bejesus out of me... for what he's doing to Cas (is he still in there or in the Cage?); for him having access to the bunker (it makes my skin crawl to see him wandering freely around their home without Sam & Dean's knowledge); and for what he has planned for Sam & Dean. It's actually terrifying.

    I loved the immediate connection between Sam & Eileen, and the fun (and oft-times poignant) moments between Dean and Mildred. It was so awesome.

    I think it was particularly wonderful for Sam to connect with Eileen, a fellow-hunter whose mother had also died while protecting her child. I really do hope Eileen takes Sam up on his offer to hang out with them. They need to increase their circle of friends.

    Mildred was a beautiful character, oozing warmth, affection & humour. I adored the way she teased Dean, and I adored the way he was uncomfortable but inwardly pleased by the attention.

    The MOTW was scary, and it was great to see a monster we haven't seen before - but what made the episode memorable for me were all the conversations. Robbie writes the brothers so well, and he is great at creating new characters that we fall in love with immediately (as he did with Charlie, and now Eileen & Mildred).

    It was such a great episode... in what has been a wonderful season. I'm enjoying the ride. It's also great to read your reviews again, Amy :)

  5. Lets see Misha likes Lustiel, Robbie had a poll on his twitter Casifer or Cassifer, one fan tweeted my personal favorite (because the arch angel should get top billing) Luciel. I think it's up to us to decide. I'll go with the funniest.

    Boy did I love this episode. I have always loved Robbie's scripts and this is why. The Brothers are always in the forefront. He knows what makes Supernatural go round. Sam and Dean and their very complicated, intensely close bond is what brought us here and what keeps us around.

    I know that Robbie in particular wanted very much to bring closure to the not-looking debate. I thought he handled it perfectly. Sam still felt tremendous guilt. Lucifer had opened and old wound and Dean squashed it. Dean told Sam how he felt in the church and when he saved his life in the hospital. It didn't matter to him what Sam did or didn't do. All that mattered was that Sam was with him and that he was safe. Sam told Dean once that he never had to apologize to him, not for any reason. It didn't matter to Sam what Dean did or didn't do. All that mattered was that Dean was with him and that he was safe. Chapter closed movin' on.

    I have this awful feeling that Dean is going to have to pay a hefty price because of Amara's influence. Not with Sam. I don't know what is coming for them but as we know with SPN it won't be pretty. But I do think whatever it is they will be together all the way to the end.

    The Banshee was the first monster since Bloody Mary that truly creeped me out. Great job show. Mildred and Eileen were perfectly cast. I hope we get to see more of them in the future. Mildred did have a ghost problem and Eileen was a MOL's legacy. I see them returning some day.

    Thank you for your great review as always. It was fun. And I agree "they are the squishiest badasses ever"!

  6. Great review Amy as per usual. Though we agree on the basics here, I think I differ a bit in the perception.

    In last week's episode, Lucifer tried to manipulate Sam by convincing Sam that he was too weak to take on the Darkness. He wanted Sam to believe that he no longer had the fight that he once had which had enabled him to save the world. Lucifer did this by taking Sam for a walk down memory lane, showing him what Lucifer perceived as Sam's boldest, bravest moments and then showing him when he lost it all. Lucifer showed Sam with Amelia and in that moment Lucifer did his damnedest to convince Sam that by choosing to run from hunting, by giving up, this was the moment Sam became weak, he lost his will to fight and he no longer has what it takes to beat Amara.

    Lucifer's attempt to get to Sam failed, but it did manage to cause Sam to feel guilty all over again, this as we saw in the moments when Sam couldn't sleep and the conversation between him and Lucifer kept swimming through his head. The guilt is still with Sam as we all saw and finally got to hear in tonight's episode, but I don't think it's all black and white and I feel that both Andrew Dabb and Robbie Thompson have at last showed the fans what most of us have believed all along, so thank you for finally letting us see for ourselves what we've been saying all along.

  7. Weakness has been a hot topic concerning Sam and Dean this season. They both believe that at one point they have been weak and thus perceive themselves to be a failure/disappointment to their brother. As we have seen in the last two episodes, and all those previously in one form or another, both these boys are still guilty of this false perception. I think Sam and Dean share the same basic flaw and it's THIS flaw that is their weakness at times, it's their own perception due to their low opinion of themselves which often leads to guilt. Lucifer had Sam thinking his moment of weakness came, not by keeping a promise, but by running away from hunting and hiding in a fantasy world that included a woman Sam never truly loved and a dog. Sam as he admitted, imploded and ran. He didn't have the strength at the time to stay in the life that killed his family, and he didn't have the strength any more to care about the rest of the world. At the time of his grief, until he hit the dog, Sam seemed to stop living and caring about anything. The truth of the matter is, hitting that dog saved Sam's life. Sam shifting his focus to start caring again, to start helping again, as is why he chose a broken Amelia, who had lots of similarities to Dean. In that time he chose to run, he found the strength to get through and even before Sam knew Dean was alive, he left Amelia and went back to the cabin. We saw Sam coming to terms with his need to stop running during his conversation with Amelia's father even before the call came in about dear dead Don's magical reappearance. Amelia's lost husband returned and the bond they shared was no longer there. Sam knew it was time to get back to his real life or at the very most he couldn't share a life with a woman he didn't truly love because love was never what brought them together.

    If Lucifer tried to convince Sam that his greatest weakness was in leaving the hunting life and running from it, I disagree with Lucifer's assessment. Though Sam was broken, he found a way to survive. He found the strength to live again and when the time came, he left the life of normal and headed back to the cabin. Finding a way to survive a devastating loss is possibly one of the strongest things a person can do and not too long ago, Dean did the same thing in order to find a way to keep going, to survive as well.

    The flaw here in Sam is his own perception of self loathing and guilt. He did nothing wrong in believing his brother died. He did nothing wrong in keeping a promise they made. He did nothing wrong when he broke and ran away from the life that killed everyone, Mom, Dad, Jess ,Dean, Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Ash etc....he did nothing wrong in finding a way to survive. What he did do wrong was allow himself to feel guilty over all of it, to believe that he was a failure to his brother. His flaw was in allowing his self loathing to take over and fall victim to misperception. He did not fight back when Dean constantly ragged on him about not looking. He doesn't give his brother a beat down when Dean doesn't get that he was keeping a promise to his brother and most importantly, he doesn't tell Dean himself that he imploded and ran, that it was hell, that all he wanted to do was look for a way to bring him back but they made a damn promise and that's what Sam believed Dean wanted.

  8. I just wanted to mention something regarding the promise. This pact/agreement that was made is very important. Although made off screen, it was made for a reason. The three of them made this promise because of everything that's happened since Dean made his demon deal. This agreement didn't just come out of the blue, there is precedence for the boys to make this promise to one another. When the Winchesters make a promise to ea. other, they stick to it. We must remember the significance of this pact...if the pact didn't exist, then Sam most likely would never have imploded and ran. What we have to remember is, once upon a time Dean wanted to call it quits when Sam died. He said he gave enough. He said he lost enough...and when Bobby told Dean something big was coming, end of the world big...Dean's reply was "then let it end". The only difference between Dean's circumstance then, and Sam's back in s8, was that Sam was bound to a promise...and Dean, well was free to do whatever it took...Here's the kicker, it's Dean's act in the first place that ultimately led to the pact the boys made. If Sam wasn't burdened with a promise, he would most likely have looked for a way to bring his brother back from the dead. Without the agreement, there would be no implosion.

  9. Sorry for digressing.....Sam's flaw was his low opinion of himself and his belief that he deserved to take the beatings and his belief that his brother saw him as a failure. (which was never the case and Dean's issues were not about Sam, they were about him...but then that goes back to Dean's flaw...same as Sam's ..self loathing....only it's worn differently on each of them...but the result is always the same....misperception and the false belief that they are a failure to the other).

    If the stroll down memory lane did anything, it was having Sam recognize this guilt that stems from how he sees himself and not how his brother actually sees him. Showing Sam the moment with Amelia seemed to have the opposite effect on Sam....the way I saw it, it seemed to clarify once and for all that his time with Amelia wasn't about weakness, it was a sign of strength, Sam found a way to survive, because of his love for his brother. Sometimes one just needs a little time to regroup, by Sam focusing on Amelia, we see Sam not giving up on life, but as a means of surviving it, even he if had to do it by living a life that wasn't a reality. ;) But of course the guilt is still there. Lucifer did remind Sam of the guilt that he does feel. The guilt for breaking in the first place. The guilt for running away. The guilt for seemingly disappointing Dean.

    I think Robbie Thompson has continued to use the double meaning method of writing in which the story can be interpreted in two ways, depending how you choose to view it. No matter how one chooses to view it, the same message is there.

    Sam: "I should've looked for you . When you were in purgatory, I should've turned over every stone, but I didn't ...I stopped." This statement can be interpreted in two ways.

    We have option A.
    One can look at it like this; "I should've turned every stone but, I didn't, I stopped"...Does that mean Sam in fact did try? Those first months when Sam said the just got in the car and drove, did he make the attempt to look but failed in that attempt? He stopped because he had no information, no clue, no help, nothing....did he convince himself that his brother had died because he couldn't face up to Dean just being missing and Sam not able to find him.?


    Option B
    "I should've looked for you." (as in I should've looked for a way to bring you back). "When you were in purgatory, I should've turned over every stone" (meaning, I should've looked for other ways besides demon deals to bring you back from the dead. I should've tried other methods, promise or not.) But I stopped (but instead I ran. I stopped hunting. I couldn't do it. I was weak and I failed you.) *This is of course how Sam sees himself, not at all as I see Sam.

  10. I believe with all my heart that it's the latter, Option B. Dean's non reaction to Sam's confession has me convinced of this. But no matter how you look at it, Sam has borne the burden of this guilt to this day....and even though it would've been nice for Dean to admit that a promise was made, I think by telling Sam to let it go...he's long forgiven him...and all that matters is that they're together, was his way of letting Sam know that Dean loves him and never has truly seen Sam as a disappointment. I also think it implies that Dean understands. I think Dean understood ever since Sacrifice. Sam's willingness to die because he didn't want to let Dean down again, his confession that his biggest sins were letting dean down in the first was then that Dean realized his part in making Sam feel this way, even if he didn't realize he was doing it. I think Dean also at this point understood where Sam was coming from, I think he understood all the way back to Larp and the Real Girl, when he confessed to Charlie. I think Dean's actions in the second half of the season basically was his way of letting Sam know he understood and was no longer angry, after all Dean has been through the same thing. I didn't see it necessary for Dean to talk about the promise and go into it all again, because I felt like he sort of did that in his own way during Sacrifice. Dean didn't need, want or even expect Sam to apologize. Sam's apology was not only for Dean, it was for Sam. Sam has been carrying this guilt for so long now, even still, even after brother's keeper....this was Sam letting go of the guilt. Dean didn't even know Sam was feeling this way....But when Sam does finally let himself free of the guilt....Dean, the king of guilt, is gracious enough not to dismiss it, but to allow Sam this freedom...and to assure Sam that none of it mattered and the only thing that's important to him is that they're together....and I appreciated that. :D

    This is kind of a p.s.

    The reason i also believe it to be option b is because sam never used the words you were missing and i couldnt find you. Right from the start carver made it perfectly clear that sam thought dean was dead.....another reason is that there is no precedence for an agreement to be made about them being missing..everything that has ever gone wrong has been because of resurrections. I totally believe that deans question of not looking for him was not about him being missing, it was about sam looking for him as in looking for ways to bring him back...i dont think dean wasnt hearing sam when he repeatedly told dean he thought he died.

    And as i think more about it, i am more sure than ever, given sams new outlook which is the boys old outlook, that sams apology was more about him believing he was weak when he imploded and ran. He has been so driven by his guilt over failing his brother he had forgotten what being a hunter was all about..he forgot about the innocents and his focus was soley on breaking and imploding, by running away, by carrying this guilt and being driven by it, he unleashed the d on the world. Sams weakness is apologizing for it he rids himself of it..and by dean allowing sam to apologise, without going into his part..he is enabling sam to finally let sam can do what it takes to stop the darkness without the burden of guilt influencing his decisions.;)

  11. sorry I know that was a long one...I promise to be shorter and sweeter in the future.