Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on THANK CHUCK HELLATUS IS OVER Preview of Supernatural Episode 10 "The Devil in the Details"

-by sweetondean


It seemed like an interminably long hellatus. Maybe because we were left with such a dire situation!
Wait, what am I talking about, we're always left with a dire situation! But now we're back! Praise be to baby cheeses!


But how will Sammy escape.... I mean....


When we last saw our hero Sam Winchester, he was torturing us with one perfect tear rolling down his pretty cheek! He was in hell facing an eternity of pain with Lucifer afterall, so he's forgiven.

When we last saw our hero Dean Winchester, he was torturing us by pashing an ancient evil chick! He was under her ancient evil whammy though, so he's forgiven.

When we last saw our anti-hero, AKA sorta villain Crowley, he was following his mum out of the pit at a great rate of knots! He left Sam in hell. HE IS SO NOT FORGIVEN! AND NEITHER IS THE RED HEAD!

When we last saw our hero he still binging on Netflix or something? Hasn't he finished The Wire, yet?!



Doesn't he look pissed? Pissed and SMOKIN' HOT!

Yep, Dean has no clue that Sam is in hell...YET..and I'm pretty gosh darn sure, he's gunna be mad as hell when he finds out!

This week's episode is written by Andrew Dabb, who last wrote episode 2 of this season, which was aces. I love Andrew Dabb. And it's directed by Thomas J. Wright, who last directed "Baby". Good team!

Let's look at the synopsis.

“The Devil in the Details” 

LUCIFER MAKES SAM AN OFFER — Now that he has Sam (Jared Padalecki) in the cage with him, Lucifer (guest star Mark Pellegrino) offers Sam a way out but it comes with a steep price. Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins) look into the angel smiting that could have killed Amara (guest star Emily Swallow). Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb (#1110).

This synopsis is shit. It sounds like Dean goes off with Cas and doesn't even bother with Sam! Which we know isn't true because of photos like this...

So yeah...shitty synopsis is shitty...

Let's look at the promo instead and never speak of that synopsis again.

This promo has stuff from other episodes - I mean, Jodi doesn't appear again until episode 12, and there's some vampirey like monster in there, so it's one of those mishmash ones.

But I had a really good look at it, frame by frame, because the CW producers do such quick edits! Of import is Cas looking into a bloody big hole...which I assume is the aftermath of the Amara smiting, Rowena chained up and doing a spell, and the cage bursting into light! Which the way it's cut looks sort of like the light that happened when Lucifer took Sam the first time...but I feel like that's a bit of trickery...because I feel fairly confident, Sam isn't going to become Lucifer's meat suit any time soon. Maybe the spell gets Sam and Dean and Cas - who also both end up in the cage...

... - out, in a burst of light! But who knows! There's supposed to be some twists and turns in this one. I was watching Jaxcon vids and saw Jared whispering something about this episode to Jensen who said he'd totally forgotten whatever it was, and they both looked gleeful! And Carver has said there's "some fairly shocking turns". SO HOLD ON TO YOUR FEELS! And remember eps 9 and 10 are Jared's favourite episodes of late.

I AM SO DAMN EXCITED!'s The Carver's preview...and he puts an argument to rest!

"It wasn't God sending him those visions, it was actually Lucifer as a means of drawing Sam into the cage and then convincing Sam to let Lucifer use Sam as a vessel and ride him out of the cage to the world above."

So now we can stop wondering if Lucifer was lying!

Also, "Dean is fighting furiously to figure out a way to save his brother." That really should have been in the synopsis! OH DAMN, I forgot I was never going to speak of it again!

So Sam has to get out of hell, STAT! Will any deals be done to facilitate his escape? How do Dean and Cas wind up in the cage?  Is Amara hanging out in heaven? Will Cas go behind the pearly gates to try and find her? When will Dean spill about the bond thingy? Why do we keep seeing Stull Cemetery and what on earth is with Santafer?

Are you as excited as I am? Tell me how excited you are! I want to hear you squeeeeee!


For spoilers from upcoming episodes and other neat stuff, check out my newsy news post here.

WAIT A MINUTE!!! The show dropped an epic trailer on us...EPIC! I'm going to warn you's for the back end of the season not just this episode, and is if you don't want to watch it...just skip it!

Enjoy the episode, everyone!


We have a sneak peek!!

OH MY GOD THIS EPISODE LOOKS AMAZEBALLS. Lucifer is such a great big bag of dicks! Master manipulator. But Sammy....don't let him get under your skin! LITERALLY!

I love Swan Song... it's a favourite episode of this is just... I'M DYING A LITTLE! I love Lucifer, but I hate him. I love to hate him and I hate to love him. He's fun to watch, but he makes me so uncomfortable, and I hate what he's done to, and is currently doing to I'm cool with whatever the boys do to him. HUGS FOR SAM!

Okay, enjoy the episode, everyone! HELLATUS IS OVERRRRRR!

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  1. I discovered your blog during hellatus and read pretty much everything back through season 9, and that led to your joint WoL podcast, so thank you for helping to keep me feeling enthusiastic and not frustrated during the wait. :D

    And, oh, what a wait it's been!

    1. Thank you for reading and listening! :)