Thursday, 12 February 2015

SPOILERS SWEETIES! Promo photos from Supernatural 10x14 "The Executioners Song"

-by sweetondean

So I was sitting at working waiting for stuff, surfing the web and I saw the promo pics for next week's episode - which dropped a couple of days ago, but they made me gasp...again.
So I couldn't resist posting them... for reasons of... SEE BELOW

*Accurate picture of me seeing this picture of Dean*

I don't know what it is, but for some reason I'm expecting Cain to burst into song and dance....

Oh right...that's why.

Seriously though - or maybe not, Tim Omundson's hair is now more epic than his beard and that's damn well saying something!

Seriously though - this time for sure, I'm looking forward to seeing Cain a hell of a lot, one reason being I can't wait to see what happens in the meeting between Dean and Cain and the other reason is I really love the character, "First Born" is one of my favourite episodes.

Dean with the First Blade - just after he said how he was going to fight the Mark or go down swinging. If he can control himself even with The Blade in his hand, that's going to go a hell of a long way towards making him feel like he really can live with the Mark of Cain. Unless of course, Cain does get rid of it for him? Maybe if Cain dies, the Mark will go? That would mean Dean would have to stick that jaw bone of an ass through Cain. Gah! I'm totally excited for this episode! I don't think the Mark will go...just yet (I kinda hope it stays), so I wonder what Cain's roll will be here?

I'd also like to note the maroon shirt has made another comeback. Is it me, or is it when Dean is a demon or fighting against the urges of the Mark, he wears that shirt? I needs to look into this!

I'd also also like to note...damn Dean Winchester is a fine specimen. I mean, HOT DAMN.

*Accurate picture of me watching Supernatural*

Meanwhile, back in Crowley's crib.
He needs a cleaner. Just because he's evil (BAHAHAHA - oops sorry, did I just laugh out loud?) doesn't mean he has to be slovenly! Seriously! He needs to run a vacuum over the place every once in a while!

Mummy dastardly up to no good. I love the door in the background that says 'Facilities' What is this place? Demons don't eat so they wouldn't be using the facilities! Unless it's another kind of facilities. Now I want to know.

Oh heys Crowley, is that a rather inappropriately positioned First Blade in your hand or... 
Sorry (so not sorry)

Beautiful shot. I love the light streaming down. 

I have one more thing to say...



  1. hey amy,

    I know this is most likely not the case but I was pondering this idea and wonder what you thought about it's possibility...

    what if cain lied to dean in first born, I mean it's not like that would be all surprising, he is the father of murder after all. what if the truth is he didn't kill abel to protect truth, he killed abel with the promise from lucifer that he would be all powerful. in fact it abel wasn't lucifer's pet, but cain is.

    Cain told dean that sob story knowing dean's own personal history and to gain sympathy...enabling him to convince dean to get the blade for him...which wasn't thrown in the ocean by cain, but most likely was taken from cain and he needed someone to get the blade back to he can become all powerful once again...perhaps even take over hell.

    what do you think? too much LOL

    1. Love it! That would really be cool! And then Dean can go dark again, just to make it even better! *Happydance*

    2. I think you've been thinky! I like this idea, it's a really interesting one. And seeing as he most certainly gets the blade back, I can see this happening!

      I do like the story the show told though, because that demonstrates that you can live with the Mark and live with the Mark and overcome the Mark and I like the power that puts in Dean's hands. I like how, if indeed Dean has to live with the Mark, it proves to me what I've always known, that Dean Winchester can do anything he puts his mind to. He's a strong and resiliant man, that everyone but Sam seems to underestimate (including himself). So the story Cain told makes me hope for Dean. It was also a cool twist on the biblical mythology.

      Unlike my friend KrissancSmile above, I don't want Dean to become a demon again. I enjoyed Demon Dean sure, and yeah, if it had gone a couple more eps I would have been fine with that (and if the 200h wasn't looming I bet it would have). But the Dean I love is the Dean we have now. He is showing his strength in fighting his darkness - something he's always done. And if Dean went dark again...well there goes the brothers. And the thing I love most about season 10 is how it's positioned the brothers and their relationship. Dark Dean means all that goes up in smoke. You can't have your cake and eat it too.

      I seriously do not understand why people are so gungho to have Dean go full blown demon again (apart from the hot factor and the Jensen factor). The more bad stuff he does under the guise of a demon or just going dark with the Mark, the more guilt he has to live with and be tortured by when he comes out the other side. No thank you. I would never wish that on Dean.

      I love this struggle he's having and even if that struggle gets more intense and he gets killy again, I seriously hope they don't take it any further than that, because I don't think either me, Sam or Dean could bear it!

      I love your idea though nappi! And I certainly never thought of it! It would be a super cool twist!