Sunday, 8 February 2015

Want To Write For sweetondean?

Invitation for guest writers!

LOVE Supernatural? Feel the need to write about that love? Haven’t got a place to share your thinky thoughts and squeeing squee?

sweetondean is opening its doors to guest writers!

We are currently looking for guest writers to do quality, entertaining and fun pieces on the show Supernatural, Supernatural conventions and the Supernatural fandom. 

sweetondean was created as a space to celebrate Supernatural and is a safe haven for Supernatural fans who like positive, constructive commentary and want a place to come that is all about the joy Supernatural brings into their lives. 

So if you think you'd fit right in at sweetondean, feel the need to squee about something, (or everything!), and just have to share  that squeeage with fellow fans, here's your chance to do so via an established website!

Please email sweetondean at for more information.


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