Monday, 16 February 2015

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 10x14 "The Executioner's Song"

-by sweetondean


Ever since I heard Cain was coming back I've been champing at the bit for this one! I totally dug Cain in "First Born". I totally dug the introduction of a character that we'd heard about for so long. A character that we were told the Winchesters can trace their lineage back to. I totally dug the twist on the Cain and Able lore. I totally dug the interactions between Cain and Dean. And I totally dug Cain's beard! It was so epic it deserved its own screen credit!

Of, in typical Supernatural fangirl fashion...I'm excited and terrified and excited and nervous and excited and distracted by the thought of bad assed Dean facing Cain and... yep 

Okay... enough oversharing! Let's get to the preview!


Dean, deciding that he couldn't go on hoping against hope for a cure for the Mark of Cain, chose instead the peace of the family business, saving people, hunting things, and fighting the good fight for as long as he could.

Sam, externally went along with Dean and internally screamed, "Hell no, I'm finding a way to cure you bro!"


Well of course. Just when Dean gets to a good's Cain, it's the First Blade, it's the First Blade in Dean's hands and OMG I HATE YOU, SHOW!
(I could never hate you, Show).

Cain openly challenges Sam for "Best Hair Ever"

I always assumed we'd see Cain again, but for some bizaro, I should have known better, reason, I didn't think he'd be on the opposite side of the fence to Sam and Dean! Remember how he told Dean one day he'd call on him to kill him? I have a feeling Cain's not be thinking that any more! Here's the synopsis!

THE RETURN OF CAIN — Dean, Sam and Castiel deal with Cain’s (guest star Timothy Omundson) return. Crowley and Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) continue to grow closer, but when Crowley bails on plans with his mother to help the Winchesters, Rowena lets him have it. Phil Sgriccia directed this episode written by Robert Berens (#1014). Original airdate 2/17/2015.

Okay, firstly director Phil Sgriccia and writer Bob Berens...good duo! Bob's last episode was "Girls, Girls, Girls" and Phil, well let's just say it's good to have him back directing more episodes this season, after working with Kripke on Revolution took him away a little bit. the matter at hand! After a few of weeks of solo Winchesters, all the players are back in action in "The Executioner's Song". I'm really enjoying the way this season has been structured. I've enjoyed spending some quality time with Sam and Dean, and I find it makes me more excited to see what's been happening with our other peeps when we revisit their stories.

Cas, we know, has been actively seeking out Cain and has been keeping Sam in the loop. Possibly one of my favourite things ever is Sam and Cas becoming so close. I like that they're buddies these days, not just checking in on each other to discuss Dean, but also checking in on each other. I'm yaying to the rooftops that their friendship has blossomed. I always wanted them to be mates! It shouldn't go unnoticed, that the episode that truly bonded Sam and Cas, when Cas said he finally understood Sam, was in fact, "First Born".

I'm excited to see Crowley ready to help the brothers - though it's probably more about helping his old BFF Dean and backing the less of two evils. Having said that, he does know how dangerous Dean will become with the First Blade in his hand, but I guess it's a toss up for him - who is worse, Cain or Dean. At least Dean has people around him who love him and can pull him back from the edge...oh and he's no longer a demon! Unlike Cain who is THE  Knight of Hell. Yep, I'd hand Dean the Blade too, if I thought it would get rid of Cain! Not that I really want to get rid of Cain!

Rowenna lets Crowley have it? He needs to toss her ass out of his dungeony crib. I'm hoping that this is the beginning of Crowley not being blinded by the mother thing, and finally giving in to his misgivings around Rowenna. From the seeds sown in "About A Boy", I assume that after the pesky Mark of Cain is dealt with (if it is - I don't know that it will be - I kinda hope it won't be), that everyone will be joining forces to battle Rowenna and whatever her nefarious plans are surrounding her son and Hell. Wouldn't it be hilarious (and typically Supernatural) if Sam and Dean ended up saving Crowley's life! What a conundrum! But better the Devil you know.

Wait...I have totally gone somewhere else with this preview! Okay, back to it...let's look at the promos! We got two this week, the normal 20 seconder straight off the back of last week's episode and then the extended version! Here they are.

OH MANNNNNN! I am excited! Dean's in his demony maroon shirt again. Seriously, I'm going to have to look into that shirt more because I swear it seems to be tied to how he's feeling re: the Mark or actually being a demon! P.S. I love that shirt and I just love how much red Dean's been wearing this season...wonder if there's a reason for that too? BUT I DIGRESS...again. How epic are these promos!

Dean with the Blade. I reckon, possibly because I'm in love with him, that he's going to be able to be more controlled with the Blade this time. Dean is in a much better place emotionally. He's not all hurty and broken and hating on himself and feeling like he deserves to face the world on his own. He has his brother's love and support and he knows it. In fact, he's even spoken about how he has people in his life who love him, who pulled him back from the edge. This is a totally new emotional space for Dean. Plus I think Sam's confidence in and encouragement of Dean has actually rubbed off on him a bit. He's not the broken, burnt out, shell of a man he was during season 9 when the Mark of Cain and the Blade totally overpowered him. In that situation, he felt completely alone and full of rageful, revenge driven feels (against himself as much as anyone else). He was hell bent on putting, at least, something right. Dean, as scared as he is right now, is not the same guy, emotionally speaking, as he was last time he faced down the Mark of Cain with the First Blade. Having said that, I'm sure as hell terrified as to what's going to happen and how he's going to feel when that nasty thing gets into his hand! The Mark and the Blade go together (like Sam and Dean. Heh), and there's no denying that and what that means. But at least he has a support crew right behind him this time around, and he's confident of that and of them. *sigh* So many feelings!

I can't say I'm not a teensy bit worried for Cas too! All he manages to do when facing Cain is give him a bit of a blow dry! Cain's power seems like something we've never come across before. Well, maybe Lucifer I guess, I assuming he could put Cain down. But from where we stand I'm guessing the First Blade is the only thing that can and will stop him, and I don't think Dean's going to be able to get close enough to do anything about that!

On this note...what has Cain been up to that he now needs to be put down? Okay, they wanted to find him and ask him if there was any way out of this Mark thing. Sure, last time we saw him he was zapping a bunch of demons, but before that he was living the quiet life and tending bees (you'd think him and Cas would get on)! So what's changed? What's he done, or what's he doing that has caused this about face. Cue sneak peek.

Yeah, the episode has me so damn excited.

So the Father of Murder has been murdering up a storm, apparently! That was a buttload of bodies! Who is he killing and why? I'm sure there's some big reason behind it all - not just killing for the sake of it. Unless Cain has gone completely off the reservation and has reverted to what he was before he tossed away the Blade. Or maybe all this is just about getting The Blade back? Maybe he want's to be reunited with his old jawbone of an ass friend.

I loved that there was this little breeze and Cas just knew that Cain was there. And how magnificent does Timothy Omundson look? He looks fan-friggin-tastic! I can't wait to meet him at Vegascon! He's crashed a couple of karaokes I've been to, but this will be the first time I've seen his panel and whatnot and don't you just know I'll be getting a photo with him! I hope his epic hair and beard is in full force!

Oh baby, I missed you!

So what the hell is going to happen when Cain gets his mitts on the First Blade? He could just zap away I assume once he has it. I wonder if that's what he'll do? I feel, because this is Supernatural and I've been watching this show for 10 years, that there will be way more to this than these promo pics reveal. Remembering Cain was able to love at one point. He's not just black and white evil. And he sort of liked Dean. Though he might not like him much after this!

 I hope Sam gets to meet Cain! Though is there enough room in one shot for all that hair??

OH YES I AM EXCITED FOR THIS! This is going to be scary and hot, as only Supernatural can be!

In preparation for this episode and doing this preview, I watched "First Born" again. It's such a fab episode, and it was interesting to revisit Cain and remember what he said about his life, and how he became what he is. Also, boy Tim's hair has grown!

What do you think? Lay your theories on me! I know you guys have some good ones! I can't wait for this episode. I'm wishing my life away, one Supernatural ep at a time!



  1. I´m really wondering what Sam is doing while Dean is fighting with Cain?
    First I´ve thought Cain may have kidnapped Sam but then I had that crazy theorie Sam could summon Abel.
    Sam is the only one who is able to calm MOC!Dean down so maybe he thinks Abel is doing the same with Cain?
    OMG my brain needs to calm down. So many possibilities.
    I really really hope Sam is joining Dean in his fight with Cain because together the brothers are stronger. :)

    1. I think Sam could pull Dean back from the Mark, if Dean gets lost again. I'm so excited for this episode!

  2. I'm wondering if Cain is like an alcoholic or a drug addict that's fallen off the wagon. All those graves and he's happy to be reunited (mmm, like the song: reunited and it feels so goood!...ahem, sorry) with the First Blade. He's the most powerful demon, apart from Lucifer, that Sam and Dean have ever encountered. The guy is bad ass, and man, I'm loving his hair. I guess he was still filming "Galavant" when they shot this episode. I am STOKED for this one. I get the feeling we haven't seen the end of the MoC on Dean quite yet.

  3. I think this could be. Like something pushed him and now he can't stop. Or everyone he's killing is somehow related to something, and he's getting rid of them one at a time. I do kind of hope there's a reason because otherwise, well that will just send Dean over, because he believes Cain was able to overcome and live with the Mark, but what if this shows in the long run he couldn't, what does that mean for Dean.of course, that could very well be the point of this ep, especially seeing as Dean felt in a better place last week! Gah!

    And what if it was Dean's first visit that set Cain on this path. That's not going to be great either! I see feels in ours and Dean Winchester's future!

    I also don't believe we've seen the end of the MoC. And I'm glad. I'm enjoying how it's brought the brothers together and I like what it's brought out on both Sam and Dean. The good stuff not the killy stuff. We would never have got some of the awesome broments without it. The most interesting thing about the MoC is the positives that it's caused in Dean and Dean's life.

    1. Exactly! Cain would have probably continued his peaceful, uneventful life had Dean not entered it. But now he's tasted the blood lust again, I don't think he can stop it even if he tried. He only stopped for the love of his wife, but she's not around anymore, so everyone is fair game.

  4. you know though it may not seem like it...I think this mark is more of a blessing than a curse...having this thing has finally gotten dean to start dealing with things instead of just burying things away, trying to forget them by drinking or the use of denial. For the first time ever, not only is he admitting to the mistakes he's made, which of course he has done, but he's beginning to face them instead of running from them. And the times he did run, he's realizing that that was the real mistake. He is being forced to face his demons...and with that dean can give in or fight...and he's opting to fight....I don't think we will see dean wallowing anymore in self pity. I think we will be seeing dean deal with things even if unpleasant for him. He's more honest now, not only with sam but with himself. I just feel like dean is truly becoming a man... in all well as sam....I love the way these boys are beginning to relate as the men they are now instead of the boys they were then.... this is the relationship that carver longed for....and to be honest, so have I. ;)

    1. I totally agree. I like what the MoC is doing to Dean, who it's making him become as a man, how he's handling it and how he's looking to himself. I also like that in having to help his brother and have his brother turn to him and trust him, Sam seems to have found a new strength, and strength in himself. Like I keep saying, he seems to be standing taller, as ridiculous as that sounds! And of course, I love how it's pulled the brother together. Carver's vision realised. Genius.