Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy of Panicky Feels Preview of Supernatural Season 10 Finale - "Brother's Keeper".

Well this is it people! The season 10 finale! Are we ready? I'M NOT READY! I'm not ready because I don't want the season to end and I'm shit scared what they're going to put us through this year!

The words "game changer" and "change the landscape of" have been thrown around in relation to whatever is going to happen and those things are making me sweat.

I truly have no clue what to expect - where we're going - how I'm going to cope - how I'm going to survive 5 months without knowing what happens next!

GAH! DAMN YOU SHOW! Oh show, I can't stay mad at you. UNLESS YOU HURT ME! Which of course you're going to do! I still can't stay mad at you...


Dean's Mark of Cain has flared up again...making him all killy.
Sam is not going to lose his brother. Nup. No way, no day. So he's hell bent (hopefully not literally), on saving Dean and screw the consequences!
Cas is not particularly happy about Sam's plans, but also doesn't want to lose Dean - even though Dean just beat the snot out of him.
Crowley is seriously pissed at Moose and his mummy - and his red eyes are showing.
Rowena is shifty.


Here's the synopsis.

Brother's Keeper

SUPERNATURAL SEASON FINALE — Dean makes a shocking decision regarding the Mark of Cain that would change not only his life, but Sam’s too.  Meanwhile, Crowley and Rowena  face off and Castiel gets caught in the middle.  Phil Sgriccia directed this episode written by Jeremy Carver 



I love the character of Death. He's a personal favourite - but in this case, I'm extremely worried about seeing him! 

Here's the promo - sneak peek - and Carver's preview....

So...we know Dean summons Death to ask for help to remove the Mark of Cain. But Death has price, what is it?

We know that Cas asks Crowley for help to save Dean. Will he do it?

We know that Rowena wants to keep the codex - which would mean she has the ability to read and perform incredibly dangerous spells. Eeeep.

We know Sam is going to enact the spell come hell or high water - even though he knows that something awful will probably happen because of it, but right now, who cares, because...DEAN!

Other things we know...

Jensen and Jared think this is the most intense finale ever. EVER? I MEAN.... EVERRRRRRR????? HAVE THEY SEEN THE OTHER FINALES????

Jensen and Jared have said that Sam and Dean fight in this finale. Gah!

Jensen has also said a fan favourite will die - and he doesn't know how the writers are going to write their way out of this one. DEFINE FAN FAVOURITE, JENSEN!

Carver in an interview with TV|Line said that the deal with Death came with “a fairly sizable, non-negotiable condition”. WHAT THE HELL IS IT???

I have one thing to say...

(Estimation of how I will look throughout the finale)

I'm not even going to speculate - because I have no clue and any clue I have I don't want to think about! But please feel free to speculate so that I can enjoy and FRET about your ideas!

I will say that hearing Dean call Sam Sammy was somewhat of a comfort...he's in there still...our beautiful Dean. Geesh the guy's had a tough couple of seasons.

I probably won't get to a review of this episode or a podcast for a week or so . I have the Aussie convention this weekend, with Jensen, Mark S, Osric, Richard, Matt and just announced, Tim. We're all going to be missing Jared terribly...but so happy he's home, resting up, and taking care of himself first and foremost. 

I'm sure as we watch, what is bound to be an emotionally fraught episode, we will all be thinking of our Moose of a friend.

Good luck, hold on to your feels and may the force be with us all.


  1. Well from the WGN promo Dean asks Death to kill him basically if he can with the mark. And Death said he can remove the mark in the promo. I am guessing since we see a spell being used before Death can take Dean that the spell works but not as Sammy probobly hoped it would. I am still going with something that Jared and Jensen were teasing about that Dean may not be Dean but you can still look at Jensen. So I am thinking whatever the spell and whatever Death was doing mix and not sure what kind of Dean we are getting. I am still going with Dean being lost inside himself not knowing himself. There is a way that Dean can kind of be lost to Sam because if Dean is not there then Sam has lost his brother. Or has to introduce brother to who he was?? Speculating I probobly won't be right because I have never speculated I read speculations and they are intresting to me. I am wondering I can't imagine they use Cas's grace for spell wonder if its metatrons??? also listening to another podcast wondering if the book of the damned can raise Michael and Lucifer? Ok done speculating I gave it ole college try. Enjoy con this weekend can't wait to read the reports and send Jensen hugs and support he is doing a wonderful job solo. We miss Jared terribly but for him to make the rounds the way he is for both of them speaks volumes about him. And tell him to send well wishes to Jared and his lovely wife for being there for the padalecki's while jensen is away. Sorry rambling have a good time this weekend.

  2. Aargh! I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm very, very worried about it. I hate to speculate, because I'm usually wrong anyway, so I'll just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, my heart is fluttering with nerves. Have fun at the con this weekend.

  3. All I can say I am counting hours and I am anxious, scared and climbing on walls. I have dozen of speculation already but I don't know what will happen. That is already pretty scary. The unknown.

    - Lilah

  4. My theory (which is probably totally wrong) is that Death's condition to killing Dean is that he kills Sam too, because he is fed up with them messing with the order of things by bringing each other back whenever one of them dies. That's the decision Dean has to make that affects both his and Sam's lives.

  5. Okay... here's my whackadoo theory. Death says he can remove the Mark, but he'll only do it if Dean come works for him. Which means Dean would no longer live on the same plain as Sam. Something along those lines anyway.

    Sue - I've seen that theory a bit. That could also work in with my theory!

    Sylvie - I second and third your Aaaahhhh!

    Lilah - I'm with you, theories aside, I have no clue where we'e going. I never thought Dean would go to Purgatory, the Angels would fall, Dean would die in his brother's arms -so this show continues to surprise, and by surprise I mean shock the hell out of me!

    Nadia - I actually think if that was the absolute only way that Dean could erase the Mark and prevent himself from becoming a demon who murders the world, Sam would be cool with dying alongside him. We know he doesn't want to go on without Dean, so I think he'd roll with that plan, if that's all there is. It does play into the Carver saying that we'll see Sam go further than we've ever seen him go before. It also plays into how the hell will they write their way out of this one and it being the most intense finale yet! And let's face it, that's something they haven't really done!

    Nice work, guys! My bet is that it's something none of us see coming!

    Enjoy! (if that's the right word!)