Sunday, 7 June 2015

Jared at the Gilmore Girls Reunion - ATX TV Festival 2015

by sweetondean

How nice is it to see those smiling faces. 

Today was the big ATX Television Festival closing night shindig honouring The Gilmore Girls. Whether you watched the show or not, as a Supernatural fan, you most definitely would have been looking forward to this panel, for one gigantic, oversized reason. Jared was going to be there.

As everyone knows, Jared cancelled his appearances at JIB6 in Rome and AHBL6 is Australia, citing exhaustion and needing to get home to his family. He headed home from Europe with all our love and support behind him to be with his wife and kids and get some much needed R&R.

Jensen said in Sydney, Australia, Jared was plumb tuckered out and he knew, and Jared knew that the way Jared was feeling there was no way he could be who he wanted or needed to be for the fans at those events. So with Jensen gently pushing him, Jared headed back to Texas. 

And that's all we know. 

So I think most of us have been waiting eagerly to see Jared at this Gilmore Girls event, because we love him, and we were worried for him, and if you're anything were like me, selfishly just needed to see him! 

** This article will be updated as more content because available. Check back.

The day started off with some of the GG cast, including Jared, sitting down with NBC's Janet Shamlian for an interview that will be on The Today Show at some point next week.

Janet also did a Periscope live stream of the cast milling around chatting where you can see Jared and Gen. Here is the link if you have the app.


Here's the entire Today Show interview!

Then it was off to the Paramount Theatre for the main event. The big Gilmore Girls reunion - which kicked off on the (obviously very hot) red carpet!

Here's a fan's shot of Jared arriving. I'm starting to think his beanie is like a security blankie, and not just to keep his glorious mane in check! Because it was obviously so very, very hot on the red carpet!

Here's a little interview with Jared about his favourite Austin places to chow down 

A quick dining guide from the Austin actor.

At this weekend’s ATX Television Festival, Eater had the chance to speak to Gilmore Girls andSupernatural actor and Austinite Jared Padalecki about his favorite restaurants. Here’s what he had to say:

"Jeez. I go a lot to Fixe, Sway, Salty Sow, Odd Duck, Olamaie. Fixe is amazing. That was one of our favorite new spots, because it’s relatively fresh. Whenever guests are in town, Franklin obviously. You gotta. And then just cheesy stuff. We have a boat on Lake Austin, so we’ll stop at Hula Hut every now and again and get the kids some quesadillas, and some chips and salsa."

Despite the fine culinary choices, #TeamJess.

The panel kicked off with the creator of the Gilmore Girls and the leads of the show, and then the all the cast in attendance joined them on stage. Jared had a much needed wardrobe change with what looks like an emergency ATX Festival t-shirt!

EW was originally going to live stream the panel - however now it will be available tomorrow to watch online. And EWLive hosted the panel audio via EWLive Entertainment Radio. 
When a link to the panel become available, I shall add it - keep an eye on my twitter @AmyinSydney!

And looks like some fun was had in the Entertainment Tonight Smilebooth!

And here are some fan photos with Jared

Then there's this.......

Finally here's a link to watch the entire Gilmore Girls reunion panel via Entertainment Weekly.

And to finish off this piece, let's get some words of wisdom from Jared - via MTVNews.

The "Supernatural" star recently took some time for himself.

After taking some much-needed time for himself, Jared Padalecki is back and feeling better than ever.

The actor joined his fellow former Stars Hollow residents for the long-awaited “Gilmore Girls” reunion at the ATX Television Festival this past weekend, and he was all smiles.

Padalecki scared “Supernatural” fans last month when he suddenly canceled appearances at fan conventions and tweeted, “I need all the love I can get right now.” But the 32-year-old just needed to recharge after a long season away from his family.

MTV News caught up with Padalecki ahead of the big “Gilmore Girls” reunion, and he had some important advice for others who might also be feeling stretched too thin.

“Try and remember to shift gears,” he said. “That’s one of things I had to learn. It doesn’t mean that you have to live the simple life, but the life lived with just your friends and family is a great life.”

“Don’t get caught up trying to think you’re supposed to do more, or to think you’re supposed to please everybody,” he added. “Take care of yourself.”

Earlier this year, Padalecki launched his “Always Keep Fighting” t-shirt campaign through to benefit nonprofit organization To Write Love on Her Arms (TWLOHA), which supports people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. It’s a passion project for the actor, who’s been open about his own clinical depression.

“One of the things I learned from unplugging is that if you’re not 100 percent, you can’t give 100 percent,” Padalecki said. “So take the time to make sure you’re 100 percent.”

And if you already didn't think this man is serious adorable, how about this little bit from an article by International Business Times

While talking to a journalist on the red carpet outside Austin's Paramount Theatre, Padalecki’s interview was disrupted when a car blasting some seriously loud music pulled up to check out what all the fuss was about. The actor didn’t let the raging tunes interfere with the interview. Instead, he embraced the music -- with a dance!

We love you Jared, enjoy the rest of your break.


  1. Thanks so much, Amy, for collecting these pics. It's so good just to see Jared out and about. I've gotta admit, my favorite pic is the one when he's back home and Jensen happens to be there. Babysitting! (That's all kinds of adorable.) May they both get all the rest and relaxation they need before things kick back into gear.

  2. Thank you for collating of all this. it's great to see that Gilmore Girls is loved by the cast and they would come back and do something like this.
    So good to see him enjoying himself with Gen.
    Of course Jensen would be babysitting. :)

  3. Thank you for your job! Other countries' fans love you DEARLY for it ;)
    And I just glad to see Jared. He looks relaxed, and that's... right. I'd sell my soul for him being happy and smiling all the time. Thankss God he's okay, my sunshine is bright again!)

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  5. I tried to link a short video of Jared on the red carpet being incredibly adorable. But it wouldn't post. So here is the link if anyone wants to check it out it just isn't clickable....

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I've popped that into the article :)

  6. Thanks for posting all these wonderful pictures! I love, love, love Gilmore Girls, and I am a team Dean girl all the way. I would so love it if they did a movie, even a television movie. I'm all in. The only one missing was Sookie, but I guess Melissa McCarthy is pretty busy promoting her new movie Spy. And I'm so happy to see Jared is doing much better after some well deserved R&R with his beautiful wife and their adorable boys. :)