Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on the Heart Preview of Supernatural 10.22 "The Prisoner"

Oh man. 2 episodes left in the season and I have a bad feeling about this, Chewie! A very bad feeling. Very, very, very bad. Very. Bad.

So let's just get into it and face the heartbreak head on.





I'm not my usually optimistic self, am I? Well - I'm optimistic that this is going to be fantastic, and believe me I'm so damn excited to see what happens and how everything plays out, but I'm so frightened to see what happens and how everything plays out. And I'm freaking out about the hurt. After last season's ending, I'm a little gun-shy! And by a little I mean a lot. I will never in this lifetime get over seeing that angle blade going into Dean Winchester's chest like it was sliding into butter. Never. Ever. I've made myself all sad! So let's look at the synopsis for the penultimate (who says penultimate) episode of season 10 - "The Prisoner".

DEAN IS ON A RAMPAGE — When it comes to the Stynes, Dean decides to take matters into his own hands. Sam tries to come to terms with his decision. Thomas J. Wright directed this episode written by Andrew Dabb.

Shortest synopsis ever, which is incredibly troubling. The less they say in these things, the worse the outcome of the episode usually is.

10x02 "Reichenbach" was the last episode Thomas J. Wright directed and Andrew Dabb has written 3 episodes this season: 10x02 "Reichenbach", 10x09 The Things We Left Behind and 10x17 "Inside Man".

Okay, enough stalling, let's look at the promos - we got the after show promo and an extended promo. I'll move straight onto the extended promo.

I think most of you know I'm a promo producer - so making these things is what I do for a living. I tend to look a promos as a viewer, but also as a producer. This one, I looked at very much as a producer! There's a bit of slight of hand editing going on here which is pretty nifty. For example, the cut between Dean kicking out and the bunker door blowing in. Pretty sure those are two totally different scenes! Also, I'd bet my bottom dollar (whatever that is), that Dean is aiming his shiny silver gun at those people who end up dead on the bunker floor - not at Cas as the cut suggests. Of course I could be wrong...

Is that the Stynes scattered over the bunker searching for the Book of the Damned?

Now, I do think Crowley is in a spot of bother and I think that's probably going to be Sam making good on his promise to Rowena. Will Sam actually kill him?! To be honest, I wouldn't put anything past this show.

Dean sure has the upper hand. Super strength and immortality. The Stynes are in trouble and I'm so very happy about that. Kill them all I say. Or certainly at the very least, Eldon.

But I don't want Dean to lose control and I don't want him to give into the Mark. I don't. I really don't so damn much.

Oh and I'm pretty sure Cas punches Dean in the face - I pulled this promo apart frame by frame. It's a quick cut (only 10 frames) but here are a couple of those frames - that looks like Dean to me.

And I think this is Sammy

And I'll never get over these faces....


Ack. It's going to hurt so much! The funeral of Charlie is going to destroy us all.

Let's look at the sneak peek.

Oh Sammy. "Me".  Oh Sam. *sobs*

Dean may have asked Sam to shut it down - but I doubt very much that's going to happen. Sam will find Charlie's email, he'll find that she cracked the code and it'll all go from there. There's no way that Sam will let that work Charlie did and sacrifice Charlie made for Dean go to waste.

Let's also take a minute here to remember Eldon killed Charlie - not Sam.

Okay...if you haven't watched Carver's preview yet, hold on to your guts, because you're about to feel like someone just punched you in them, and you may not be able to breathe for a bit...

Of all the angry things the brothers have ever said to each other, I think this one hurt the most!

Of course we know that Dean is not just angry, but in pain - and we saw how Sam lashed out at Dean when he was angry and in pain last season. These two know what hurts the other the most and aren't afraid to go there. We also have to remember, and this is important, Dean currently has all the rage and ferocity of the Mark of Cain pumping through his veins. He's been holding it a bay for such a long time - not any more. The Mark of Cain has the wheel and Dean Winchester is on the verge of being lost.

Regardless. That was just damn heartbreaking and I can't stand the pain of those words or the look on Sam's face.

I know that Dean would not rather it were Sam up there, I know that and I don't doubt that for a single second. Dean would never, ever wish his brother dead. But right now, he's blinded by hurt, anger, hatred towards the Stynes and a rage that is about to consume him driven by the Mark of Cain. And yeah, he's as angry as hell at Sam for what he sees as bringing Charlie further into Dean's mess. Charlie died trying to help Dean, and inevitably he'll end up putting some blame on himself, just like Sam will be blaming himself now - never mind who did the actual killing - this is the Winchester way. But regardless of what is driving Dean right now... Sam will be cut to the quick by those words, even if logically he puts some, or all of it down to the rage of the Mark of Cain eating Dean away. Sam'll already be feeling like shit and now... 

I'm so sad... These two hurt too much! Damn you, Show.

And will Sam kill Crowley? Dean going off on a merciless, Mark of Cain rage will fortify Sam's need to cure his brother even more. It's going to make Sam even more focused on saving Dean. He'll do anything. He's come this far, nothing will stop him now.

How can a damn TV show hurt so much? I have hardly stopped thinking about Dean's words since I saw that clip this morning, when I gasped and covered my mouth with my hands. Just completely and utterly shocked.

Wow. I can't wait for this episode - horrible pain and all. I'm excited for the end of this epic season, because I'm baffled by what's going to happen. 

I just want the brothers to be able to get through this and start to heal... Oh heys look, there's that optimism of mine! HAHAHAHA! Nup.



  1. This is so not going to end well. :( I know Dean is influenced my the MoC and he is really pissed at his brother right now, but those words hurt Sam to the core. Just like Sam's words hurt Dean in "The Purge". Neither one will ever forget, but in time I'm sure they will forgive (she writes with hope in her heart), they always do. These two are soul mates, it's written in Heaven, so there is no parting them. My, I can't believe we are already at the end, and this one is going to hurt, I just know it. A chill just ran through me.

  2. Oh my... :/ Normally I read your review without watching the clips (gotta leave a little something for Wed. night) but after your reaction, I watched that last one. I truly don't think Dean would say that to Sam without the growing influence of the MOC - he just wouldn't, no matter how angry he is, but he said it, and there will be fall out, and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!

    Oh, and thanks for writing these, as well as your reviews. I don't often comment, but I always read.

  3. i'd take what dean said to sam with a grain of salt and a

    i don't believe, as angry as dean may ever be, dean would ever tell his brother he wished him dead....because no matter how angry dean is, that thought wouldn't enter his brain....we've got ten years of evidence to prove that notion.

    i totally believe it was moc induced especially given that in the next breath dean told sam that he would, not kill the stynes, but he would rip apart everyone the stynes ever loved.....sorry but in what world with dean winchester exact revenge by killing innocents? maybe a world where he was totally taken over by the moc....don't let the calmness of his words think he's working on all four know the expression the calm before the storm.....well batten down the hatches.

    as for sam, i have no doubt he's feeling guilty and probably agrees with moc dean....but from the promo, i see a significant difference in sam....two years ago if dean said this to sam, regardless of moc or not, sam would've taken it to heart and slowly let it eat away at him, atoning to dean for being a failure, willing to sacrifice his life only so not to disappoint his brother.

    but this time....yes the words hurt, but i got the sense that sam knew it wasn't dean saying angry as dean would be, he would never wish sam dead...we know this..ten years folks...we know this....but i think finally, sam does too. sam is motivated to save his brother more than ever. he knows it wasn't really dean from is talk with cas and sam reminding him how far gone dean is. sam will do whatever it takes to save his brother now,...he's desperate and afraid....but i can see that sam is no longer driven by his belief that dean sees him as a failure and he will sacrifice himself just so he doesn't disappoint dean this time sam is driven by love...and only love...he will save his brother or die trying, not for his belief that dean sees him as a failure, but because sam finally realizes, what he's known all this time...he doesn't want to live in a world unless his brother is in it.

    as unhealthy as that is's a beautiful thing....and i love it. i think it's safe to say most of us do...LOL

    1. Yes, Sam will know this is the Mark talking, but I don't think that will assauge the sting of his brother's words. But I agree, he will see it for what it is and as I said too, that will galvanise his efforts to save Dean no matter what. Their relationship is in a totally different space now and I don't see Sam as feeling the way he once did. Plenty of love fuled, heartfelt moments and words of love went before this Mark of Cain fueled hurt. Samk nows what's going on here, his brother is losing the battle and Sam will do whatever it takes to ensure that doesn't happen.

      But he's also going to feel like a piece of crap over what happened and what's been said - because he's a Winchester and they internalise and safe hate like no other creature on the planet.

  4. just a note regarding charlie

    the only one to blame for her death is eldon styne. with respect, i don't agree that sam brought her into this mess....charlie was in the mess when she went off to italy and found the book in the first place. she was marked the moment the book was in her possession....that's when the compass started tracking the book.....

    charlie didn't even have the book when she was killed. she was killed because she had knowledge of it's whereabouts and refused to give up that information....she would've refused to give up that information no matter where she was...even if sam didn't call her in, she was sought after and would've been found eventually....ironically, charlie was the safest she's been since she found the book when she was with cas and rowena. her death was a result of her going off on her own....foreshadowing anyone? moral of winchester story....we're stronger together....charlie went off and she was vulnerable. ironically she's been vulnerable this whole time, it's only now that we're recognizing it.

    whether dean knew about the spell on the book wouldn't have changed anything. dean knowing the book was still around, he still would've have handed it over to the stynes. and charlie was collateral damage no matter what, because the stynes, knew she was the only other person with the knowledge of the book, so the stynes would've used her against the boys no matter what....any way you look at it charlie wasn't long for the world....she would be the catalyst to drive the moc story. that writing was on the wall ever since she started hunting on her own.

    let's remember something important here.....charlie's decisions were always her own. i know it's hard to say no to sam, but it
    can be done...wouldn't be easy...but it's not charlie has earned the right to be remembered for her heroism, loyalty and love she had for the boys. she deserves the boys' pride, gratitude and respect not their guilt.
    charlies choices were her's to make and she seemed to me to be pretty proud to make them...the winchester's are her family and she loved them as such....i hope with time the boys come to understand this....and realize that contrary to what they might think, whether they like the choices or not.....people have a right to make their own decisions...even if that decision is to love sam and dean winchester and fight for them as much as along side of them...

    that could be said of every person sam and dean has ever lost.

    1. I agree with you, Anna. It was her choice when Sam asked for help to help. I don't think anything would have stopped her. And Eldon killed her not Sam. But what I said here was not from my opinion, I said Dean will be angry at Sam for bringing Charlie into HIS mess. Into Dean's mess. Dean will be angry at Sam, just as Sam would be angry at Dean if the shoe was on the other foot. He will be angry Sam involved Charlie in his secret plan, and he will also shoulder some blame - as is Dean's way - because it was Dean Charlie was trying to help/save when she was murdered. I was saying I think this is what Dean would be able to help himselfl thinking, correct or otherwise, not what I'm thinking.

    2. But our selfless Dean wouldn't want anyone brought in like Cas and Charlie. He like when he was going to hell wanted to ride it out. Same with the MOC as far as he was concerned he was being open with Sam with what is going on I like how he said last week violent urges, nightmares same old same old. It was honest Dean maybe doesn't believe it himself but he did let Sam know. Problem with Sam is now the MOC has become Lilith. He is ignoring his brother in fromt of him enjoying being with him and telling lies and such to save him. I love that about Sam but he is blindied by the mark. Because I am afraid once the mark goes bye bye if it does the demon will be gone and so will the mark and Deans guts will open up again where Metatron stabbed him. Sorry running theory I have going. Mark and Demon keeping Dean alive. Preview for finale tonight is going to be killer.

  5. i meant wouldn't have...dean never would've handed the books over to the stynes

  6. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would hear Dean say he wished that it was Sam who was dead. Sam was angry and hurt when he told Dean same circumstances he wouldn't put Dean through what he had gone through even to save Dean's life. The rage that came from Dean when he said those words to Sam were very different. He actually wanted Sam dead at that moment. I sure hope the writers know what they are doing. Right now it looks very very bad. This is a very deep hole that they are digging for the Winchesters.

    1. Hi Cheryl, I don't see any hole here, I see a man being pulled apart by the Mark of Cain, and that's what Sam will see too, regardless of how much Dean's words hurt. Their relationship recovered from Sam's words and it will recover from Dean's. These two love each other above anything else and even when they are trying to hurt one another, deep down they know the truth.

      Dean doesn't wish Sam dead, I think all of us that know Dean know he's incapable of wishing or wanting that ever, regardless of what came out of his mouth here.

      Please remember Dean has the Mark of Cain and he can not control the rage that it creates within. That is the rage that fueled those words, that is the rage that came from Dean - yes, different, because those words were driven by something eating Dean up from the inside that he can no longer control.

  7. hey cheryl,

    i think what we're supposed to recognize here is the fact that whatever control dean might have had over the moc is now gone. that's what those words exemplify....that dean is no longer dean...and the words that follow worry me even more...because now he's going to go off and kill innocents to exact his revenge....a controlled dean would go after the stynes....and out of control moc induced ragefest would go after innocents...

    i don't think they dug a hole here, as i have noticed in the promo, as hurt as sam is by what dean said...the clips that we have seen indicate that sam is also aware that those words came from moc dean.

    i think and believe with all my heart that an moc free dean's backlash would've been more along the lines of ...i told you this would happen...yes....he would've made sam feel bad due to his anger....and he'd have laid the hypocritical blamefest on sam...but no way would dean have ever gone an moc influenced rage....well he did go there

    so to ruth's comment theyre going there....killing charlie and now dean losing himself to the moc...

    now sam will stop at nothing...uh oh

    but at least i know sam's doing what he's doing knowing dean's words weren't his...sam as well as all of us know that regular dean would've been hurtful....but not like that.

    now for the wild ride....woo hoo

  8. Ok I have to ask Dean is wearing two different outfits when going after the stynes does he take time off to go home and change? Because first rage starts when he leaves the funeral he has gun; when he is captured totally different outfit? Do we think Stynes can play mind games??

    1. Who knows how this plays out. They obviously also capture him at some point. I think his wardrobe is the very least of issues here.