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Review - Supernatural 10x19 "The Werther Project" - Stronger Together

I’ve been watching Supernatural for 10 years and I still get surprised by the fact that this show can routinely blow me away! I still get surprised that an episode can grip me to the point where I barely move, let alone breathe for 40 some minutes! It really is astonishing to say, that after 10 years I still don’t feel like I’ve seen everything this show can do.

“The Werther Project” was a brilliant representation of what Supernatural can be, and what I always wish I could convey when people ask why I'm so in love with this show. Episodes like this, that's why!

It was a dark, dark episode, probably the darkest Supernatural has done – or at least, up there. The subject matter is very close to many people’s hearts. Especially now, in this fandom, as the Always Keep Fighting campaign has opened up dialogue about mental health, depression, self-harm and suicide. These issues have touched many members of our fandom, and recently we heard that the Supernatural cast and crew lost someone close to them to depression. This, along with the personal struggles Jared has shared with us, was the impetus behind Jared’s first Always Keep Fighting campaign. Consequently for a lot of us, this episode packed an emotional wallop that went far beyond what’s happening with Sam and Dean, their relationship and their personal journeys.

This week, the focus being squarely on the brothers and only the brothers, gave us the chance to check in with where the Winchesters are emotionally and mentally, looking into the particularly gloomy recesses of their current psyches. And though they obviously want to be together, working and more importantly as brothers, side-by-side in the family business, they are also worlds apart. It was this juxtaposition of their devotion and distance that hit me in the feels the hardest.

Dean is off killing a nest of vamps on his own, to “take the edge off” as he tells Sam - an admission that the Mark of Cain is lusting for blood. He didn't wait for Sam's help because he doesn’t like Sam looking at him like a “diseased killer puppy”. Then twice during the episode Dean apologises to Sam for going rogue and going off to fight the vampires alone, even saying it was selfish and douchey of him! Dean’s raw honesty is almost painful to watch. He makes everything hurt.

I’m in love with this honesty that's sprouting out of Dean. It seems that he’s either learnt that lying to each other never leads anywhere good, or he just needs his brother so badly right now that he’s willing to be as transparent as is possible for him to ensure their relationship remains harmonious, because the only thing giving Dean hope and keeping Dean afloat is his brother’s resolute support. He trusts Sam. I don’t think it’s entered into his head (yet), that Sam could be, would be or is being duplicitous to the level he is. Which makes Sam’s persistent lying to Dean even more gut wrenching to watch.

We all get why Sam’s doing it. His sole focus, his sole mission is keeping his brother from succumbing to the affects of the Mark of Cain and becoming a demon again. Nothing else matters for Sam right now, and he’s willing to lie to Dean to achieve this, repeating the mistakes his brother has made in the past that he himself has hated, making decisions on behalf of his brother that he knows his brother does not want. Somewhere in Sam’s head he must be thinking that when Dean finds out about what he’s been doing it will break the trust and possibly destroy what they’ve spent the last couple of years clambering back, (with a few bumps in their relationship road of course). But like Dean before him, when it comes to his brother’s life, it’s worth all risks.

We’ve seen Sam make great sacrifices before. He’s jumped into the pit to stop the Apocalypse; he’s gone to the brink of destruction to close the gates of Hell, willing to die and only stopping because of his brother's pleads. But this time around, there is no grand world saving plan. This isn’t about that old chestnut the greater good. This is plain and simple all about Dean. All about saving the one person he’s never been able to save (though one could argue, Sam’s love has saved Dean over and over). Suzy died in the wake of Sam’s singular focus. She was collateral damage, and who knows what the spell to disperse the Mark will unleash. But Sam sees only one end game, his brother alive. Sam and Dean are more like each other than either would care to admit. *fan-girl sigh*

We’ve also seen Sam make deals with the “devil” before, but THIS Sam is not season 4 Sam! This Sam is 100% aware of what he’s doing. He knows it’s not a great idea, but he also sees it as the only way, so he really doesn’t give a damn about how bad this idea is! If it gets the job done, if it erases the Mark of Cain from Dean’s arm, it’ll be worth it. He’s not under the misconception that Rowena’s helping him to achieve his goal out of the goodness of her heart, he’s not being misled as he was by Ruby in season 4, he knows Rowena can’t be trusted. Yes, I’m sure she has something up her witchy sleeve, but Sam is well aware of who Rowena is and what she is and who she’s connected to. He’s not in league with her, he’s simply using her to his own ends. Which was made abundantly clear as he chained Rowena up, telling her if she wants out, she’d better hurry and crack the code, whilst he walked out the door without even a glance back over his shoulder! Badassed Sam may be my favourite Sam. Or maybe it’s devoted to Dean Sam. Put the two together, as we did in “The Werther Project”, and KABLAMY! SAM FUCKING WINCHESTER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Have I mentioned how much I love season 10 Sam?

Of course it wasn’t all kicking ass and taking names, we witnessed the super dark side of where Sam is mentally. The spell that protected the Werther box, played on Sam’s doubts, played on his fears about what he’s doing, and what the outcome might be, how far he’s willing to go for Dean and what he’s becoming; “The only one who can stop you is you.” If Sam didn’t feel like this, if he felt like what he’s doing is all hunky dory, he’d be sharing it all with Dean, but of course, he’s not. And when these brothers hide secrets from each other, it’s not just because they know the other won’t like it and will try and stop them, it’s because somewhere deep down inside where they’d prefer not to examine, they know what they’re doing is all kinds of wrong.

The clever twist on what Sam was going through turned out to be, that just like Susie and her family and just like Dean, Sam was infected by the spell that protected the Werther. Cutting himself to get the Men of Letters legacy blood to unlock the box, and continuing to cut himself when the blood spell wanted more and more and more, the spell in the guise of Rowena whispering in his ear to keep going, squeezing the blood out of his arm. Sam doing whatever needs to be done, whatever it takes to get at the answer locked inside the Werther that may save Dean, “If it wants more, it gets more”,  his life slowly draining away into a bowl. Killing himself, without consciously being aware of it and without caring if that's the way it has to be. The spell doing its evil work without Sam knowing it. It was so damn hard to watch. So hard. So disturbing.

It’s when the brothers’ relationship is stripped back like this that you see the desperation under the surface of their devotion. You see how they are each other’s worlds, and even though they have other people in their lives now, even though their Universe is peppered with people who love them, they are so deeply bonded that they cannot bear the thought of a life without the other. Not that I dislike that. And not that I think it’s bad. It’s the product of a long life of having only one person to cling to, of having only one person who truly understands you and the in which you live. The brothers have spent all but a few years of their lives living in close proximity to each other, relying on each other, sharing pain that no-one else can possibly comprehend, knowing that this one person will always, no matter what, have their back. How can they not be each other’s stone number one? How can they not fight for each other no matter the consequence? It always makes me think of Ash’s off-hand comment in Heaven, that some people, those who are soul mates, share their Heavenly experience. And there was Sam and Dean, sitting next to each other in Heaven (glancing awkwardly at each other), so obviously the soul mates Ash was describing.

This is the thing I love most about Sam and Dean Winchester, and I long ago released any idea that their devotion is an unhealthy co-dependency. It’s who they are. It’s what makes them Sam and Dean. It’s what makes me love them with a fiery passion that sometimes, surprises even me. They love each other, they will die to protect each other, they will bleed – literally – for each other. They break and fill my heart all in one. The beautiful brothers.

While Sam was struggling with his own inner demons, the spell showed us what’s going on inside Dean’s mind. Dean’s always been a confliction of dark and light. He kills and admits to getting some level of enjoyment out of offing the bad guy. But he’s never been entirely comfortable with how comfortable he is with that. It’s been a struggle that we've watched him face and analyse over the years. Is he a hero or is he a cold-blooded killer? It’s why Dean found unexpected solace in Purgatory. Because in Purgatory there was no murky morality to examine, it was black and white, kill or be killed. It was pure. So when the curse takes over Dean, he’s thrown back into a place where he feels relief, a place where having the Mark of Cain doesn’t matter, in fact it would probably be an asset!

In this Purgatory in Dean’s mind he comes face to face with an old friend in the guise of Benny. Benny who Dean ironically “killed” to save Sam. Benny taps into where Dean is mentally. If Dean kills himself, he would never hurt anyone again (oh Dean…), he wouldn’t become a demon, he wouldn’t kill Sam or Cas, he wouldn’t put on them the onerous task of having to put Dean down when the Mark took him once and for all, something he knows neither could live with having to do. Benny tries to tell Dean, that killing himself is the right choice, the honourable choice, because if Dean does that, none of the things that Dean fears and dreads will happen.

Whether it was the Mark that allowed Dean to see through the illusion created by the spell, or whether it was Dean himself, his will to live and the knowledge that his friend would never push him to suicide, Dean was able to pull himself free from the affects of the spell and bring himself back to reality.

I have to say it that to hear Dean admit he always loved it in Purgatory was a punch in the guts. To think that maybe he pines for those days when he was trapped in that hellish plain because killing there was the only way to survive and self-doubt was never part of the picture, is so damn sad. But I guess, Dean's a warrior and that’s a part of himself that he seems to have come to terms with more over the last few years. I think Purgatory helped Dean understand himself a little, helped him understand the peace that he gets from doing his job, even if that does, on some level, make him a killer.

The real sockaroony came when Dean, in big brother mode found Sam bleeding out and almost dead. As Dean dropped to his knees to cradle Sammy’s face, it was only then that I put two and two together about this Rowena. When I realised Dean did not see her, I twigged that she was another manifestation of the spell. Call me slow, but I remembered how Suzy was blown out of the way when the Werther box was originally opened, and my mind had just gone in that direction. I was once again, surprised by my show. Then Dean opens up a vein to save his brother and mixes his legacy blood with Sam’s and the spell is broken. So much love for this episode! So. Much. Love.

The spell protecting the Werther Box tried to tear the brothers apart. As Dean said, with in an hour of being separated they we at the brink of death, and just to polish each and every one of us off, Dean then tells Sam... “The Universe is trying to tell us something we both should already know, we’re stronger together than apart.”

Amen Padaleski! Together is what makes the Winchester brothers strong. Together is what makes them who they are. They can do anything as long as they’re fighting side by side. It felt so good to hear Dean say that in his out loud voice! But it also felt like such horrible foreshadowing…because though Dean doesn’t appear to know it, they aren’t together, they are apart. Sam is waging a private war against the Mark of Cain and Dean has no idea he’s doing it. Dean thinks they’re on the same page, but at least where the pursuit for a cure for the Mark is concerned, and the continued existence of the Book of the Damned, they most definitely are not.

Robert Berens delivered an episode that gave us so much to chew on, so many wonderful Sam and Dean moments; broments and subtle comedic moments, overlaying the disturbing and the tragic. And isn’t that when Supernatural is at its best?

The end of this season is proving to be better than I could have ever dreamt of. Season 10 has been a wonderful ride and if the last couple of episodes are anything to go by, we’re in for a wild finale. Let’s all pre-emptively group hug!


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  1. Geez...gush much?

    I'm sorry but the brothers haven't been close and aligned since fourth season on. I know the fans want them to be but there's been too many lies and secrets and betrayals. And on Samsm's part especially, selfishness

    1. Totally disagree with you on the brothers thing, as you can tell. As for the gushing comment? I love this show and will continue to gush as much as I damn well please. If that's not what you want to see, this might not be the site for you. Sarcastic and rude commentary is not welcome on seeetondean.

    2. I agree with spnmom3, that not only does sweetondean have a right to gush, but that this episode deserves it. As for the brothers not being perfectly aligned because they're keeping secrets from one another, I'd like to respectfully address this particular issue with some fans. I'm extremely close to my brother, and still share the same roof with him to this day. He's my best friend. However, we still keep plenty of secrets from one another, even dire ones like one time when I was having health issues and chose to keep quiet about it around him. Just because you're close or best friends with someone, doesn't mean you have to enlighten them on every single aspect of your personal life. That's just not realistic.
      Of course Sam is going behind Dean's back, because he knows his brother wouldn't approve of using the Book of the Damned, despite there being a possible cure for his curse. If I were Sam, I'd do the same thing. That's what makes these two so relatable. Sure, they don't always make the right choices, but who does in the face of losing a loved one? If there's any show worth gushing about, it's this one.

    3. Of course gush much because if anything is worthy to be gushed over, it's this show and especially its season 10 and even more especially The Werther Project!
      Seriously, I feel sorry for every (former?) fan who has lost their joy in watching Supernatural somewhere along the way; this must be an experience so sad I can thank god not even imagine. But trying to ruin that joy for others too just because for you the show isn't anymore what it used to be won't make it any better. And yeah everybody has the right to their own interpretation but negativity in shape of sarcasm and on top of it posted anonymously hardly comes off as stating an opinion but just as trolling.

  2. It was a perfect episode for sure. I was on the edge of my seat, actually, I was on the floor a few feet from the TV! And Rowena was a hallucination?! Show totally got me with that. It's just so incredible that after 10 years this show can surprise, no shock me. Love, love, love s10. There will never be another show like this. And JP live tweeting and their facebook video after finishing filming. It's all such a wonderful experience.

    There is one thing I may differ with you on. I'm not totally convinced Dean is clueless as to what Sam is doing. He gave Sam the weirdest look in the car after he found him at Suzy's. And then again at the end. I can't decide if I'm looking for too much in it or not. But really, if he knows Sam as well as we think he does, would he really expect Sam not to be doing something? Didn't he pretty much tell him a few eps back he had no problem with him looking.

    And thanks for gushing Amy. What the heck, anonymous, really? This episode deserved it!

  3. You know that we pretty much always agree in our opinions, and yet again this is the case. This episode had me on the edge of my seat, holding my breath and chewing my nails. I agree with spnmom3 in that I don't think Dean is totally clueless about how dedicated Sam is to find a cure but maybe he is doing a bit of an ostrich act - if he can't see it, it ain't happening. Or perhaps he is really hoping that Sam isn't lying to him despite the fact that Dean has got to have an idea that Sam is up to something.

    There were some surprising twists and turns, which I loved. It really was a dark episode, and it leaves me even more on tenterhooks about the finale.

    Thanks for gushing!

  4. I should clarify, I think Dean probably knows/thinks Sam is still researching, trying to find an answer to erasing the Mark, but he doesn't know about the Book of the Damned and he has no idea that Sam has this epically huge lie going on around the book and teaming with Rowena. That's what I mean by Dean doesn't have any idea that Sam is being duplicitous. Dean wouldn't be bothered that Sam is still researching, he'd expect that, But I don't think Dean thinks Sam is lying to him like he is.

    1. That clarifies what you meant. I agree, I do think Dean knows that Sam is up to something, just not what or what he is willing to risk. I am sure Dean thinks (hopes) that Sam really did burn the Book of the Damned, but maybe the Mark is telling him it's still in existence.

    2. If he gets in proximity of the book, the Mark will sure as hell let him know. That could be interesting. He's bound to find out pretty soon. Only 4 eps left in the season! I just hope he remembers how it was for him when faced with losing Sam and understands and forgives what his brother has done. Please!

  5. Oh and thanks everyone for having my back! Believe me...I will never stop gushing! :D

  6. I also don't think that Dean doesn't have any clue that Sam is doing something. I totally agree that Dean suspects that Sam's doing something. Of course he wouldn't think as far as Sam going to Rowena for help but Dean surely has an idea that Sam is doing something in order to cure Dean of the Mark. The episode was such a delight!! I was bummed that they didn't keep Benny coming back a secret in promo pics or promo. But when i watched episode i was fully surprised by whatever i watched. It was Awesome! It is so sad that more and more fans are loosing faith in the show. And it is even more sad that some fans might have stopped watching the show before Inside Man!(let's face it- Paint It Black was a downer) Cuz, man, the show is kicking it in the ass these last three episodes!! They took Bobby's advice in account(sadly Sam haven't about confiding in his brother)!

    1. I think Dean wouuld be more surprised if his brother wasn't secretly still searching for answers! But he doesn't know about the book and he doesn't know about Rowena and I don't think Dean is currently thinking about either of those things! It's all going to play out soon though....Chuck help us all!

  7. I've really enjoyed this episode!
    The box knew that the only way to kill Sam, was to make him think that it was to save Dean. Then again, it shows how strong the brother's relationship is. And the "We'e stronger together than apart" nearly killed me. One more quote in my "Wincest quote" page! :P
    Also, just wanted to say that I love your reviews, you're doing such a great job, and I agree with everything you say. Finally someone understands me!!! *happiness*

    1. Do you write on ao3, or something?

    2. Yep. I'm sweetondean there. My stuff is also on :)

  8. hey amy...awesome review as always and an amazing eppy to boot...kind of meshes with the whole walk in my shoes thing huh..LOL..

    just a thought running through my head though regarding dean and his insistence that sam burn the know, Jensen has commented that dean doesn't even know that he's changing....but it's pretty apparent that sam can see it. so what if dean telling sam to burn the book was in fact the mark making dean say it. if the book can save dean, then the mark would want the book gone...destroyed... so the mark, which wants to survive, would have dean do or say it happened the first time before dean turned into a demon. so maybe sam using the book is actually dean's only hope and that's why the mark wants the book gone...

    and regarding dean's refreshing as that is and so long over due, i'm wondering if it has more to do with dean finally and I mean finally learning from past mistakes....or is it dean calling out to sam for I feel it's a battle within against the mark. dean going on the vamp hunt wasn't about saving people as it's always been. dean said it..he had to get the edge off..he went after the vamps so he can kill..sate the mark. this time, the killing was for himself, and not to save others as it's always been. so dean being honest with sam, confessing not only that he killed alone, but why, could be the real dean fighting to save himself. calling out to sam for help..for sam is truly the only one right now who can see the truth. dean's honesty has actually been compelling sam to do whatever it takes to save dean, because he's running out of time. i'm not trying to knock down dean here...I do think that when this is over, dean and sam will learn to be more honest with ea. other...I honestly believe that..but right now, i'm leaning that dean's honesty is the real dean calling out to sam for help..battling the mark of cain dean which wants dean to succumb and will say and do anything to make sure that happens...maybe even convince others that the botd should be burned, when in actuality it could be the mark's destruction and dean's salvation.


    1. That's an interesting thought about the book! What's also interesting is that in Paint it Black, Dean told Sam to destroy the Nun's book but Sam didn't and it was because he didn't that he was able to save Dean from the man killing Nun spirit! Which Sam so gleefully made sure Dean was aware of :D It's an interesting link to what's going on now don't you think?

  9. Amy, I so love this Show, and that's why I look so forward to your reviews. Even when an episode is not perfect, your love for the Show shines through, and this episode was freaking amazing! My friend and I were clinging to each other, squealing "no no no!" -- and we were both fooled by the fact that Rowena-in-blue wasn't actually there when Sam was slicing into his arm in the basement. I loved the beginning with the flashback to the 70s (maybe because I was a teenager with long braids in the 70s - snort). I loved the Benny and Purgatory scenes, and the terrible realization that he was working Dean around to contemplation of suicide. I adored the transition from the Old School Men of Letters around the bunker library table to Sam at that very same table. The whole ep vibrated with the agony of the Mark of Cain and how trapped they are by its curse, and how that means Sam is doing things that are terrifying to try to find a way out. As for the brotherly bond moments, those were just prime.

    It actually shocks me sometimes how unforgiving some fans are when an episode isn't perfect (let alone when it nearly is). Every contributor seems to be pouring their love into this Show (writers, actors, set dec, VFx, Music...) They do so under major time pressure, and budgetary pressure, too, I'm sure. Late in the season, I'm pretty sure they're all exhausted to boot. I'm just grateful - amused by the occasional inevitable slip, like that shot of the Book of the Damned with an ISBN number (ha!) - but hugely thankful that we still have this, that it's still going, that it's still GOOD. We are so lucky. I can't even bear to contemplate that it has to end at some point. For now, I am going to enjoy and love the hell out of it. -- Freya922

  10. Amy, I love your reviews. You put into words so much of what I'm thinking. This episode rocked! I loved the fact that you didn't know what was sneaking up on you until it was there. Magnus and the Werther box sure were sneaky. Rowena in blue was awesome! Rowena is a deliciously evil bitch! And Sam and Dean...sigh. I love them both so much. I do think Dean knows Sam is still working on the Mark of Cain dilemma. I don't think Dean knows the lengths to which Sam is willing to go to remove the Mark from his brother. For that matter, I'm not sure Sam knows the lengths to which he's willing to go. As everyone knows, both brothers are willing to go pretty far. I love Season 10. The Mark of Cain has been the best "villain" in several seasons. What ever happens in the finale at least we know there will be a Season 11. I'll hang onto that with what's left of my fingernails.

  11. Loved the episode so trying to keep my thoughts together about it. So here goes.

    Rowena clearly wants the book of the damned and she knows the secrets of the covenant lies in the bunker/bunkers of MOL. I am not sure the decoder is in any help to decipher the book. I think Rowena wanted it for herself and used Sam because she knows he is desperate. Sam shackling her she didn't expect though so he played her too.

    It was nice to see Magnus again because I thought it was a shame he bit the dust only in one episode. He was pretty dangerous guy and slightly sick lets be honest to invent that kind of a fail safe.

    Also Dean killing six vampires on his own is NOT a good thing. I mean even earlier when he was slightly powered up in A4 by the MOC he had trouble even with one vampire. So joking about a record only made my skin crawl. He was reckless and well, proud, cheering about it. Like when he was hustling with the pool. Not ok in my eyes. But I can say that I chuckled when he used his tracking tricks to follow Sam. If the boys want to find one another they will. Sam got caught red handed. :D

    Poor Suzie/Suzy... Sam couldn't have done anything to save her as the spell was already working. It was not coincidence that the door opened when she had shot herself. The box were already targeting Sam because it didn't seem that the box had power to keep the door locked and Suzy didn't lock it. Sam was sorry when he saw she was dead but it didn't push him to kill himself so then appeared the fake Rowena. I took it between when the box was compromised and the trap set loose and finally opened in the end that nothing was what it seemed. So fake Rowena urged Sam to open the box and take his life during it. She seemed to do a spell to show the text but I am not sure she did. It might have been the entity also but when Fake!Rowena read the text. (Was it latin or something) Sam still translated the text to her out loud. So Sam was actually solving it himself and found out they needed the blood from MOL as Sam and Dean are their legacy.

    The box actually had one weakness on its trap. If the person can't die and he/she knows death would bring something more horrible to their way that the trap doesn't work. Dean knew killing himself he would not end to purgatory because he can't die but he would be turned into a demon which yeah would be even worse and he would harm even more people so he broke off from the hold luckily. And also him hulking out from the chair almost like it was toothpicks... Not a good thing either...

    But I loved the ending where they defused the box together and the brother scenes were great. And still in the end even Dean used the hammer to the box. It wasn't shown but I think that box went to billion pieces... He is really trying to let it out in every way he can. In this episode Sam also gave it his all. He was smart searching for information in the bunker, finding the spell only from few words from Rowena. Not giving her even an inch and outsmarting her in the end. Also he showed that he would sacrifice even himself to save Dean and also how he tried to get to Suzy to save her. Sam just cares too much at the moment and he seems to near breaking point also.

    Berens is my favorite writer at the moment and this episode was brilliant. I think every little thing had a meaning in this episode and the directing was also great.

    Top special choices from this episode: - Magnus - Benny - Purgatory

    Well used and I hope we will see them again.

    I like this season very much and like others said you can gush all you want. My hubby has also like this season. The slow pace and the story. I am glad we have your page to squee and be exited because some days it feels like it is one of the few only places to get that. And I am really glad we have it. :)

    - Lilah

    1. Rowena was more intrested in the codex and not really in book of the damned I am sure whoever Nadia is had some really good spells and sam got it for her. I think she wasn't intrested in book of the damn and saving dean since crowley was at Dean's beck and call.

      Sam is going to get caught and sad part about it so will those helping him like Cas and soon Charlie. And it will be intresting to see deans face and how he handles it. The fact the book of the damn is around. See to me I think Dean heard what the Jacob Styne said and that is why he got rid of the book more harm then good will come out of using the spell. And plus Dean still doesn't know about Metatron and the demon tablet that will not bode well he is now running around. And I liked the 6 vamps a new record and his face the whole time and fact he kept apologizing to Sam for going rogue. I mean Dean is taking the honesty seriously and poor Sam lying to him will not end well unless Dean handles the lying a mature way.

      Ah Dwight Twilley anyone get him to be part of my neighborhood watch. See I wonder if Dean used the blade on himself would it kill him granted not honorable death but since he is only bearer of mark he can only kill himself Cas doesn't bare the mark and can't power up first blade and neither can Sam.

      Sorry rambling and jumping around great eps been watching on amazon and ipad :) Bring on Angel Heart but not to quickly don't want season to go to fast.

  12. Wow! This season is turning out to be a great one. That was such an excellent episode, your review said it all. Both Sam & Dean are each others weakness, but man alive, do they love each other! One will always sacrifice himself to save his brother, and that right there is why I still watch this show after 10 years. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it makes me shudder, all in a very good way.

    The theme of suicide is rearing its ugly head quite often this season. It goes so well with the campaign "Always Keep Fighting". I love these two guys so damn much. I know too well what suicide does to a family. My father lost his battle with depression at the age of 50 in 1977. I was thirteen at the time, and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. I've said it before, and I will say it again, thank you so much Jared & Jensen, you two are exceptionnal human beings. Sorry, I kind of got off the beaten track there.

  13. Can anyone tell me what Rowena whispers when she poofs away after the box opens? I had my volume all the way up, and Cannot make it out! It's driving me crazy!