Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 9.22 "Stairway To Heaven"


(Nobody says penultimate)

Well, we're nearly there. Nearly at the finale. I don't know whether to cheer, scream or cry!

Last week Abaddon was dispatched by a Mark of Cain activated, First Blade wielding, moving things with his mind, the power of The Force, Bloodlust filled, uber hot Dean!

So one down...one...or maybe two...to go!

Now that Crowley is, I guess, back in charge of Hell...it's the war for Heaven that will have everyone's attention. That and the Mark of Cainnnnnnnnnn! MARK OF CAINNNNNNNNNNN!

Let's check out the synopsis...shall weeeeee?

TESSA THE REAPER RETURNS — After a massive attack on the angels, Castiel (Misha Collins) calls Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help. As they leave, Dean’s eagerness to bring the First Blade doesn’t go unnoticed by Sam who is worried about the cost to his brother whenever he uses the Blade. Meanwhile, Castiel is shocked when he learns the angel that caused the attack was one of his followers and did it in his name. Dean discovers there is a conspiracy amongst Castiel’s angel followers and at the heart of it is Tessa, the Reaper. Guy Bee directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb (#922).


Okay, so Tessa. I love her (please don't kill her...especially Dean please don't kill her. Eeeep!) I'll be interested to see what Tessa's part in this whole angel war mess is and also, does she know anything about The Mark? I'm seriously jonesing for information on this damn Mark of Cain and what the burden is and whether Dean's stuck with it and what will happen/is happening to him! And ARGH!

It's a pretty vague synopsis really, I feel like there must be more going on than that!

So let's look at the promo...shall weeeeee?

ARGHHHHHHHH Dean's all frenzied and growling and being held back! Man. And Cas' followers look like crazytown angels! Oh my goodness. Looks like Metatron is feeling a bit wobbly in his megalomaniac shoes! Poor Metatron being all left out by the other angels... Pfft! I'm still super interested to know what Gadreel's role is going to end up being and what side of the battle field he ends up dropping on.

Ok... BEST SNEAK PEEK EVER...or maybe 2nd best, because the Dean explaining sex sneak peek was pretty damn awesome.

Full disclosure, I've watched this clip 14,562 times. Okay I haven't, but I could! I LOVE IT!

I did pontificate about this clip quite profusely on a previous post, so here's something I prepared earlier - with a few new notes!

Things to ponder...

DEAN IS NOT SLEEPING. This fills me full of worry. Does this mean The Mark/Blade combo is affecting his soul? As in Soulless!Sam never slept either. Or is he just so jacked up with power, he's running on adrenaline and doesn't need sleep? Or is this a demon thing? Demons I assume, like angels do not sleep. So whatever the Mark is doing to Dean, it's changing him on a physiological level. Kind of like the trials were doing to Sam. I wonder, and I assume not, did Cain sleep? Oh man... my stomach hurts.

**I don't think Dean's becoming a demon, but the fact that his lack of sleeping has been referenced several times and we also had a whole episode about soulless people where Sam reminisced about being soulless, fills me with fear. This show seldom does this stuff for no reason.**

This takes place 2 hours after they got home from "King of the Damned". I like this timeline, it gives a real sense of urgency. The last 2 eps must happen over days.

I love getting a glimpse into the boy's bedrooms. It makes me feel good and a bit gooey to see that they have that space. Nawww.

Sammy is sleeping fully clothed on the bed. Exhausted I assume, but also, ready? Looks like he was sleeping with his hand on his gun, that's odd. It was hard to tell because Dean's hand was in shot, but it was such a quick draw, I'd say his gun was under/in his hand under the pillow as opposed to simply stashed under the pillow. Maybe what Dean said in the car about nothing getting in his way has put Sam's guard up even higher, because they are in the bunker where they should feel relatively safe. It gives me feels and not the good kind.

**I really am rather concerned about Sam being in his room in the bunker with his hand on his gun (this is not an euphemism!) I wonder if seeing Dean in full Mark of Cain/First Blade flight, along with Dean's assertions that nothing will get in his way once the Mark is activated has given Sam the weebs!**

The whole waking Sam up and tossing his shoes on the bed thing made my inner, well my outer, Winchester brothers fangirl squee because we rarely see that kind of thing between them. That close proximity comfort...what is that, like a casual intimacy (not that kind!) that comes with being brothers. Even though it was not coming from that place I guess, more Dean being on bloodlust remote control and just wanted Sam up, but, I don't know, I just liked the whole concept of that little scene. Also, Dean being a brat and waking his bro with blaring music. I feel like he would have done that with or without the Mark!

Sam didn't even have enough time to get real bedhead. He looks pretty all single layered, snoozy and ruffled... mmmmm snoozy, bed ruffled Sam.

I love that Sam goes and grabs a coffee. Once again, it's those little things in the bunker that make me squeeful because it's homey and I like that they have this place.  :')

Dean talking about Cas being a weird, dorky little guy and making Sam laugh and smile. Bless. Dean is still in there making jokes. Dean is still in there... DEAN IS STILL IN THERE (she says with hope and fear).

Magic this powerful comes at a price.

Magic this powerful comes at a price.

Magic this powerful comes at a price.

Thank you Captain Obvious. And yes, we have no clue what that price is. Can someone pin Crowley or Castiel down and see if they know? UGH! They need to know what the terrible burden is. I NEED TO KNOW!

Hey, I wonder if Tessa knows...

**DOES TESSA KNOW ANYTHING? I feel like we should be doing more research into what the hell the Mark of Cain is going to mean to Dean...PLEASE!**

If it wasn't so clear that The Blade/Mark combo is doing something to Dean, that ugly assed thing would be going with them everywhere, but I love how Sam broaches leaving it behind for Rage!Dean reasons. He doesn't TELL Dean, because that would never work, he poses it as a question, "Do you think we need the First Blade, why don't we just leave it here?" Nice way to gently open the discussion without force.

"You don't have to have it with you all the time, right?" I loved this too, clever, because what's Dean going to say... yes? Because, right now yes he does, but that would mean openly admitting that to himself, which Dean never likes to do even when he knows it's true, and worse, admitting it to Sam. Nice work there Sammy.

**I seriously love Sam in this clip. So smart!**

I hope Sam didn't believe Dean when he said he was "fan-friggin-tastic". I sure hope Sam doesn't believe that for one second.

And you know, the minute Sam's back was turned that blade went straight in Dean's duffel....

Well actually, it's in the promo, so yeah!

I'm kind of equal parts baffled and warmed that he would even trust Dean at this point!

It is such a brilliant clip. Such a great brother clip. Through their anger and hurt and blood thirsty rage, they are still brothers. That love still shines through. *wibble*  (Save him Sammy!)

Man, I seriously have no idea where all this is going. All I know is Jensen was surprised by the finale script, and it's something we've never seen and the last frame is going to leave us so excited for season 10.  Maybe my, they win and go for burgers concept is right! We've never seen that and I'd be super excited for 10 if the boys were talking and going for burgers! Yeppers!

So, when the CHCH promo drops I will include it OF COURSE!

I leave you with this photo of Sam and Cas at a nightclub. THAT'S WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE, RIGHT?

Oh and fingers crossed we get the song, because ZEPPELIN RULES!

- sweetondean

P.S. in 2 weeks time we'll be singing Carry On Wayward Son. HOLLY F**K!

As Crowley would say.... FEEEEELINGS!

Here's the CHCH promo!

"Sacrifices have to be made....." 

Enjoy the episode, everyone! Try not to think about hellatusssssssssss!
-sweetondean (again)


  1. Loved the sneak peak. And yeah...just why is Sam sleeping with the gun so close, while in the safety of the bunker? Either they think they're no longer safe from outside forces there or Dean really has freaked Sam out (I'd be freaked out after last week's performance by Blade Boy! LOL!) I vote for freaked out.

    And does Dean REALLY leave the blade there? I would find is surprising if he didn't sneak it past Sam somehow.

    Can't believe Season 9 is almost over!!! It goes too fast!

    I used to have to wake my younger brother up by throwing shoes at his head, which is probably worse than the blaring music...younger brothers are always a pain in the butt. :)

    1. Noooooo Dean takes The Blade! It's in a promo pic and the promo (spoilerrrrrr)! The fact that at one point he's about to attack someone whilst growling, suggests to me it's in his hand then! GULP! Dean be scary...and very hot.

      This season has flashed by!

      Thanks for commenting!

      (ps stop throwing shoes at your younger brother....says the younger sister! ;) )

  2. I am posting this here because for some reason twitter doesn't work for me. Question...did we just lose Robbie Thompson to Firestarter?