Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Spoliers Sweeties! Promotional photos from Supernatural 9.22 "Stairway to Heaven"

It's the penultimate episode! (Who says penultimate). OH MY G'

Here are some photos to set your brains a whirring!

Ohhhh Tessa! I love Tessa. I love the Reapers. Don't kill her. Usually I'd say Dean would make sure she was okay, because they have history and he likes her...but right now, I don't know, what with Dean having activated the Mark of Cain!

Mmmmmmmmmm.... pretty. 

I think I'm going to like this scene. I like this photo! I like how Dean is all reaching out across the table.

(Don't kill Tessa)

Deano sweetie, put the angel blade down! Does that blade look a bit well used or is that just the lighting?

Speaking of lighting. Check out the next series of images featuring Sam and Cas who obviously team up while Dean tries to get information out of Tessa the Reaper. The lighting is so pretty in these scenes.

Cas looks like he's modelling. Sam looks startled by the chic.

Oh this is a glorious shot of Sam...

They swung by the local disco ;D

Where does this door go?! 

What's Metatron up to now? A night out with his bowling league?

Oh hey's Gadreel. Are you secretly working against Metatron now, or are you just as dim as you were when you first decided to join up with him. (He's so dim...)

Metatron is my favourite evil character in a long time. Not counting Crowley of course, who I have to remind myself is evil! Metatron is just so annoyingly perky with his evilness. He's gleefully evil! You know he's all powerful, you know he knows it, but he toys with everyone like a kitten with a bug. Pat, pat, pat around the room. It's genuinely scary and also makes you hate him. But I'm enjoying hating him! And Curtis Armstrong eats up every scene he's in. But I do want Metatron to get what he deserves. You know what would be cool? If he was stripped of his angel powers and he became just an odd little guy who read a lot. I bet he'd hate that. I think he has a bit of a complex...

So there you go peeps...a sneaky look at the second to last episode of the season. All angelic by the looks. I wonder where the Crowley/Abaddon situation is by this point.



  1. Hmmm, that looks awfully mangled for an angel blade. Wonder if it's something new, necessary to kill Tessa or those reaper/angel thingees that we're not sure about.

    1. Could it be the blade...just turned at a different angle?

    2. first blade..not angel blade. So many blades....