Monday, 22 August 2011

Supernatural Season 7 episode titles - episodes 1 - 9 if you don't want to know the episode titles for the first 9 episodes of Supernatural season 7 look away now!

7x01: Meet the New Boss
7x02: Hello, Cruel World

7x03: The Girl Next Door
7x04: Defending Your Life

7x05: Shut Up, Dr. Phil
7x06: Slash Fiction
7x07: All in the Family
7x08: The Mentalists
7x09: Season Seven, Time for a Wedding

Well...what do you think? I am busting for episode 5 because that's the one with Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters....oh yeah!

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  1. The Supernatural Season 7 is an American television series show that is on are hotly now. While investigating a number of murders, Dean as well as Sam learn how the Egyptain lord Osiris accounts for the killings. A lord with only revenge upon his thoughts, Osiris is actually putting arbitrary people upon trial for just about any mistakes they have made previously and after that promptly eliminating them in the event that they're discovered guilty. On sensing Dean's shame, Osiris places him upon trial along with Sam getting Dean's attorney.