Monday, 22 August 2011

Jensen and Jared (and Jensen's arms) onset with E! Online

So I woke up this morning to a 3 part video interview with Jensen and Jared on the set of Supernatural. E!'s Dru Moorehouse visited the Vancouver set recently to get the scoop on season 7 from the boys.

They were in a pretty chatty mood....and a pretty spoilery mood, so if you know nothing about the upcoming storyline for season 7 or that particular Angel, beware....there be some spoilery spoilers ahead.

I have to say, it took me about 3 watches to even absorb anything that Jensen or Jared were saying  because I was obsessively staring at Jensen's arms! Holy sweet jebus take the boy is looking buff! I reiterate my previous freely stated belief, that he should only be allowed to wear t-shirts that cling to his biceps in that manner. In addition, Jared, who I thought was looking leaner but just as lovely, should only be allowed to wear v-necks. If I was the new President of the CW I would have that written into their contracts. 

As someone on twitter said today, Jensen's arms must be really something to distract you from his face. But I objectify...a lot. The boys are adorable and funny in these 3 little clips....they make me feel all warm and gushy inside. I seriously can not wait to be in their presence again come October!


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