Saturday, 20 August 2011

First post...

I've been thinking for a while now, (yes that's the rattling noise you've heard), about moving my blog over from tumblr to blogger. I haven't really decided to do that yet. I love my tumblr. It's been active for a couple of years. I have nearly 800 followers. I've 'liked' nearly 11,000 posts. I have blogged 1.5 seasons of Supernatural on there. I have written various pontifications on the show. I have constructed bad Haikus, counted down to the new seasons and more importantly, counted down to LACon, which is by far and away the single best experience of my entire life. So you see, giving up tumblr, moving away from tumblr, starting up a new blog here....well it's a tough decision.

So, essentially, let's say I'm still thinking about it. I've had this blog sitting here ready to go for about 2 months as I try and decide what to do.

So why am I considering the move?

I guess by starting a new blog, it frees me up to talk about other things. I've been pretty strict on myself on sweetondean.tumblr. I've tried to keep it as pure as humanly possible. But maybe if I start a new blog I can branch out. I can talk about things surrounding Supernatural instead of just Supernatural. I can talk about other shows, (there are other shows?), I can talk about Jensen Ackles rather than Dean Winchester. Wait. What? Well to be honest, on sweetondean.tumblr, I've only ever talked about the cast in relation to the convention.

Bottom line.... I'm considering it. Keep my tumblr for pretty pictures and reblogs and move my writing to theory that does sound pretty awesome.

So yeah, new season, new blog? In that case maybe I should have called this one sweeterondean!

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