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Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw Recap - Rock Never Dies

Rock Never Dies

Opening words

Well, that was it for the short hiatus and we are back and I guess heading to Los Angeles. We will have two episodes before a longer vacation and holidays! This year I will especially enjoy the holiday spirits, although I will miss my show. For this episode we had the return of Lucifer so let's get on with the show!


Title Rock Never Dies
Episode 12.07
First aired December 1, 2016
Directed by Eduardo Sanchez
Written by Robert Berens
Monster Lucifer
Location(s) Lebanon, Kansas
Los Angeles, California


The episode opens with two hooded characters in a basement. They are trying to summon Lucifer. Yes, they are trying to summon him and yes, who would do that? Surprisingly it works but it also ends as badly as you think it would end. He looks pretty worse for wear until he uses his feather to energy up. Lucifer is on the loose again. Meanwhile Sam is researching and Dean is playing a mobile game with their mom when Cas calls them and they find out that Vince Vincente is back. The Winchesters head out while listening to Bloody Messiah from Sam's phone much to Dean's discomfort. 

Crowley knows LA like the back of his hands and he has a music mogul who he can use for information. Our quartet feels pretty out of place in LA except Crowley. Lucifer is also being pretty sadistic to Vince's fans. The quartet heads up to Vince's room to find out what he is up to and Dean gives us some tunes with the guitar. Cas finds a loose tooth from the bathroom. They find out about the concert and head out to their own sources to find out where the gig is at, but to no avail. Meanwhile Lucifer kills the mogul and the other band members.

Castiel and Crowley volunteer to be decoys for Sam and Dean to get the people out of the concert. Lucy kills Tommy and beats the living daylights out of Cas and Crowley. Sam clicks on the fire alarm but Lucifer nullifies it with music. Cas whacks Lucy with a guitar. Then Dean just shoots up in the air and valiantly Sam holds the doors against Lucifer to get the people out. This was pretty damn hot if you ask me. Dean tries to cuff Lucifer but he has no success and he is tossed down on the floor. 

Sam and Dean try to reason with Lucifer while he holds Cas pinned on the floor but it doesn't work. Lucifer is pissed and he does not have a plan and Lucifer without a plan is very dangerous indeed. He just wants to break Daddy's toys. The battle took a toll on his vessel though and Lucifer ditches it floating to parts unknown. He leaves Vince dead and mummified on the floor and the heroes are left worried on the street for his next move. Sam feels that they are not saving people. They are only loosing slow.


Boy, what I can say about the characters? Well, TFW were like a fish out of water in L.A., although Sam and Dean looked pretty swell as band members. Crowley fit to the place, sort of. I think Dean's view of the place did not improve at all over this episode. The quest cast were on point but the characters were unlikable which was probably the intention. Only one I even slightly liked was Tommy and even he got killed. The episode was pretty dark and grim and critical of show business in general and the only people that shined a light in the darkness were our boys.

This was the last outing for Rick Springfield as Lucifer and wasn't he terrific? There was a danger coming from him with his body language, tone and look. I actually hoped we would get a performance from him during the episode. Maybe singing the Bloody Messiah song as Lucifer should be the angel of music, but oh well. He was still great as Lucifer and I am sad he is gone and Vince Vincente is dust in the wind.

Set design

The episode started in a basement and ended up in many LA show business themed sets. The record company had many sterile looking rooms which actually gave me the creeps. My flat is in a mess most of the time so I would freak out in that kinda place or not like it at all. I guess I would be like the Winchesters there. It doesn't change though that they were pretty awesome sets with colouring and design. Also the record label was awesome. On the sets and characters I could see all seven deadly sins present; Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride. That is why Crowley and Lucifer were well at home there among the vanity.

This was present also in the private concert hall and the back rooms. From the pretentious white and bright building of the record company that is too good to be true to the dark and ominous concert room with black and red colouring and the recording room. There is no doubt that they were well made and they also succeeded to make me uncomfortable. Another world that I don't want to visit again. It was not glamorous but something else entirely.

Costume design and props

Costume design and props went hand in hand with set design. I find it funny that the boys dressing up as band members and as a normal disguise felt way more off than them dressing up as priests and FBI agents. First I didn't even think their outfits were a disguise. Other outfits were rockish and glamorous so not the usual too. The props also followed the similar set design having limousines and vegetable water dispensers in set decor. 

What I did like the most is the idea of a real rock & roll setting. I have been to a few rock concerts and the feeling from them is the greatest. And I did like that part with the leather jackets, Ladyheart logo, the instruments, tattoos, piercings and the whole works. But in this episode it was the story itself that put the shade over how I usually regard all that stuff. I guess there is a good and dark side in everything in life like in this.


In this episode we had three songs; Bad Dog Blues by The Rob Donnelly Band (Cavendish Music Library / Imagem Production Music), Bloody Messiah by Ladyheart and Next by Chapel of Rock. The part I chose was actually from the original song of the episode and a fond farewell to Rick Springfield's Lucifer.

"The Bloody Messiah -- Give it up to, 
The overlord -- Give it up to,
The Bloody Messiah -- Give it up to,
Give it up to the overlord"

One last thing!

Don't know about you but when I saw this scene... What should I call it, Denifer? Is that even a thing? (Sorry, not sorry)

Here is the short +/- rundown for Rock Never Dies

+ Rick Springfield
+ Boys in band clothes
+ Crowley and Castiel
+ Bloody Messiah song
+ Dean and Mary having a word game
+ Sam and Dean saving the people
+ Rock setting

- Vince Vincente dead
- Pretty dark episode
- Unlikable characters
- LA
- Tommy dead

-/+ Controversial setting

Hero Sam holding the doors open with mere will power!

Next week we hop into the mid season finale. So buckle up!

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