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Review - Supernatural 12x07 Rock Never Dies

Rick Springfield’s Lucifer, I will miss you - and I’m sorry you ended up looking like a piece of old fruit from my veggie draw!

Rick’s Lucifer was scary. A wild card that you had no idea what he would do. I remember season 5’s Lucifer was like that. There was a menace about him; you didn’t know what he had in store for anyone - kind of a slow burn that was frightening. Quietly menacing - until he exploded, like in Hammer of the Gods. But then he became funny, and even camp; more often than not he was evil comic relief. I haven’t found Lucifer scary for a long time - except when he had his hands on Sam, then I my fear was for Sam. But even with Sam in the cage, Lucifer was still yucking it up.

This is the reason I liked season 12 Lucifer a lot, because he was a surprise, he was different, and I enjoyed his bitter, maniacal energy. The way he realised he could manipulate people into doing his bidding because they idolised his meatsuit. Lucifer too, has had his followers, but like Vince Vincente, he’s kind of washed up, he’s been out of the limelight for awhile, he’s pretty much forgotten - that’s why Vince was such a perfect vessel, the has-been rockstar and the has-been would be deity. 

It was interesting to see Lucifer spreading his wings again…so to speak, just being damn evil! It felt like Lucifer was a formidable force of evil, and I like that, but in revealing his ongoing issues with being rejected and abandoned…again, and how that disappointment has affected him, he also appeared to be totally unhinged! Which I guess I always thought, but now, yeah, I think he might be a tad cray cray! All those years in the cage maybe.

Lucifer has been around a long time now. He was hell bent (pun intended) on starting the apocalypse in season 5, he was in Sam’s mind in season 7, he was released from the cage in season 11 and is now loose in season 12, and as much as I like the character, I feel like he’s probably served his purpose. Sam can stand tall in front of him now, even though you can see he’s sick to the stomach doing it, he’s still defiant. So Lucifer no longer can hold fear over Sam - because no matter what, Sam wouldn’t bend to Lucifer ever again, (unless of course it was in protection of someone he loved….maybe then…he is a Winchester after all). I think when Sam stood toe to toe in the cage with Lucifer, and didn’t back down, Lucifer’s ongoing hold over Sam was diminished. 

I think it’s time to pack him back into the cage. Bring back Mark Pellegrino for a final big moment, then shove him back in the cage with his poor drooling brother. I kind of feel like that’s where we’re heading anyway, the cage or killing him, though that seems extreme…killing Lucifer? Also, how do you do that? I’ve gotta a feeling an angel blade wouldn’t quite do it. But who knows. As much as I do enjoy the character, I’m okay now, to say goodbye. Season 12 can wrap this storyline up.

I’m so stinking happy that Dean is forging a relationship with his mum, even if it is by getting beaten by her at Words With Friends! It’s nice to see Dean and his mum texting back and forth, it’s baby steps in rebuilding/rediscovering a relationship, and a comfortable way for Dean to proceed. He was so wounded by Mary’s choice to leave; we saw how he reacted to seeing her at Asa’s funeral. Even though he tried so hard to understand, he couldn’t help but still feel hurt and rejected, so to see him laughing and having good time as he texts his mum back and forth warmed my heart. Awwww…bless him with the twerking! This is a safe way for him to have a relationship with Mary for now - giving both of them the space they need, while keeping in touch and getting to know each other, and I think it’s another way that shows how very much alike Mary and Dean are. I can imagine that Sam would actually pick up the phone to touch base with his mum, but for Dean this is one step removed, he’s still protecting that heart of his a little, while also gently opening it back up to the possibilities of this relationship. Dean really is a good egg. I just love him.

The brothers this season pretty much are my favourite thing ever. I think after 11 and a half seasons, how they are with each other in season 12 is my favourite representation of their relationship. They have teased more, smiled more, laughed more, grabbed each other more…and none of it feels shoehorned in, it’s a natural intimacy between two men that spend every waking moment together, and who have chosen to do so above everything and everyone in their lives. And not just because of the job anymore, but because that’s where they want to be….with their brother by their side. Sigh. It gives me so much happiness.

The Impala scene was another peach of a broment! Dean yammering away to Sam, who has his earphones in! “Hey, I’m trying to talk to you here!” Hahaha. Oh Dean. I love that Hollywood Babylon was referenced - the last time they were in L.A., 10 years ago doing a vengeful spirit job. That really does seem like forever ago! Except that I just watched that ep the other day! Dean really was a great P.A….

Dean’s tirade about L.A. was a bit of Jensen thrown in. Bob Beren’s tweeted “After listing a few LA negs in script, we indicated to let @JensenAckles improv some LA shade... and boy did he let it rip.” After years of living in the city, Jensen obviously had some opinions he needed to get out!

Then we had Sam’s delightful squirming, trying not to give away that he was listening to Vince Vincente. He was sure a history podcast would turn Dean off, except Dean was all for it, because he likes history, or at least his take on history, “Gladiators, outlaws, pirates”, ha ha! It was such a fun scene I had to keep rewinding it. I loved Sam’s evil gleefulness as he told Dean Vince Vincente would grow on him! It was a really nice, big brother, little brother, little brother wins, scene. I love these scenes - man, I mean, the brothers are actually smiling this season, it’s such a joy to see them smiling and relaxed into the life! (Freakin’ took them long enough!)

Actually Dean was coping it from all sides…even Cas threw him some shade! “At least I don’t look like a lumberjack”. Salty Cas is the best. He’s just really snarky this season! Sam’s exasperated “Okay, enough!” Super cute. There were some really nice interactions in this episode between all of the characters.

Then we have rockstar Winchesters trying to convince Vince’s social media publicist that they’re “hip”. Lord. Even if they came across as far from “hip” (please never say hip again, Dean), they looked freakin' amazing and should always dress like that. ALWAYS. Fruit basket to the wardrobe department! Especially for Dean’s leather jacket - which I’m really hoping Jensen “borrowed”, because sweet baby jebus that looked good on him, plus it was an awesome jacket!

The whole sequence in which this scene took place, jumping back and forth between the brothers talking to the publicist, Crowley talking to the record company exec, Cas talking to Tommy, was really fabulous. I love the way this scene was cut and how it was scored. Super cool.

Crowley and Cas are fantastic together. They’re like some slightly pained comedy duo! Cas’ awkwardness, Crowley’s couldn’t care less about Cas’ awkwardness attitude. I felt like the, he never stops talking bit was a little inside joke, because I know that Misha and the Js have said that about Mark on many occasions, that he never stops talking!

It’s interesting that Crowley’s integration into the hunt seems to be the new normal. Crowley has gone from their arch enemy to a frenemy to a somewhat uncomfortable ally. He’ll never really be part of the Scooby Gang - it’s not like Team Free Will will every wholly accept him, nor should they, but they can appreciate his use and tolerate his existence and basically put up with him being around for reasons of he’s handy, even if not entirely trustworthy, you never know when he’ll snap himself out of a difficult situation - we’ve seen that happen.

Though, in this scenario he was the most included and the most reliable we’ve ever seen him - whether this is a reflection of the continuing shift in Crowley that started with his rehumanisation, or a reflection of just how much Crowly hates Lucifer, is up for debate, but he was there every step of the way, and even offered himself up, along with Cas, as a Lucifer distraction so that the Winchesters could get the humans out of harms way. Yes, he probably wanted a shot at Lucifer, he owes him some pain and humiliation, but the whole, make that four minutes, thing was pretty eye opening, even if we suspect it was also self serving. And Dean gave him his chops, and included him in his we will stop Lucifer pep talk. I think that was a first.

Crowley really only has the Winchesters and Cas. His relationship with his mother is not exactly fabulous, he hates Hell, he’s bored of the job, he loathes his minions, he’s not feared in the demon world anymore and I really don’t think he cares about that, the only time he ever seems engaged in his “life” is when he’s with Sam and Dean - and Cas, who I think he begrudgingly likes, even if it’s just to torture a little, figuratively speaking. But still, there is something about Crowley sitting in the bunker having a scotch with God, or hanging out in a hotel lobby with the brothers and Cas, that’s always going to make me flinch a little. He is what he is, and I hope that’s never really forgotten. I did love that he kind of owned L.A. though…he suits that town!

So Lucifer is on the lam again, stuffed full of bile and bitterness, just out to cause as much mayhem as he can, while seeking out that feeling of gratification and adulation that he thinks will fill that empty, evil void inside him. Great. I’m looking forward to one of the Winchesters jamming him back behind bars. He’s done way too much damage to the Winchester’s lives already, time to say buh-bye! I love it to be Sam, but I feel like it might wind up being Mary… But they will stop him…they will…it’s what they do man. God I love pep talk Dean.

And Sam lost one of his idols in all of this mess, and out of everything, that made me the saddest. He really dug Vince Vincente from when he was a kid. He’ll never be able to listen to his music again, because he’ll always have those final images burnt into his brain of Lucifer in Vince’s meatsuit, as Vince slowly crumbles before their very eyes. Sad face. Hugs for Sammy please he lost something that meant a lot to him.

Only one episode left to the midseason, 6 freakin’ week break! Argh!

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  1. I agree Amy that it's time to lay the Lucifer story to rest. I also agree that Mary may very well have something to do with that, which I personally think would be perfect symmetry given that she basically started all this with her deal for John.

    I was a little taken back by Dean's rant about LA because those ten years ago, he was the one who dragged Sam there in the first place. He got to be a PA, got to have sex with the leading lady and the last word's out of his mouth as they walked into the fake sunset..."God, I love this town". Maybe all that social media in the last ten years has skewed Dean's opinion?

    I'm loving the boys this season too....I must admit, it feels like I'm watching Jared and Jensen together more than Sam and Dean....and I'm kind of digging it.

    Thanks for the great review....til tomorrow....looking forward to you light on spoiler review.