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Leylin Vixen's Quick Draw Recap - Supernatural "The One You've Been Waiting For"

"The One You've Been Waiting For"

There's no doubt that this week has been turmoil to loads of people so I will not dance around the elephant in the room. After the episode last week and then this, you can’t help think that this was a bad timing for this episode because of its story, but on the other hand some saw it as very fitting. I guess you can toss it to having been bad luck with everything that has happened. I had mixed feelings too, but soon I caught on as to how I needed to watch the episode. and after that it was entertaining.


Title                 The One You’ve Been Waiting For
Episode            12.05
First aired         November 10, 2016
Directed by       Nina Lopez-Corrado
Written by         Meredith Glynn
Monster            Thule Society
Location(s)        Columbus, Ohio
                        Lebanon, Kansas
                        Berlin, Germany


The episode begun in an antique shop where the shop keeper tried to sell an old Nazi pocket watch to a wealthy woman. The deal went bust when both of them caught on fire. A dark figure was watching them from sbove. Meanwhile Dean was not hungry and even didn't want pie! Sam tried to get him to talk but you know. Chick flick moments are not Dean's thing. He found a case where two people seemingly combusted so they head to investigate.

The Winchesters went to investigate in the shop and Dean was like a kid in a candy store/bull in a china shop! It helped him find a secret room and both of them at the same time figured out that they are up against Nazis and inparticular, the Thule. 

Next we saw the end of an awkward date night that would end even worse! The Thule hunt the girl and combust her date. She barely escaped, but left a bit of her blood for them to follow. 

Sam and Dean found out there had been a new incident and they head to her apartment.

Sam and Dean contact Aaron who had a small cameo in the episode. Meanwhile the Thule snatched Ellie from outside and the boys followed them. They caught Christoph and he revealed that Ellie was a descendant to Hitler - and the Thule need her blood to ressurect Hitler. A fight broke out and Ellie ran to only get caught again. Christoph was seen as a traitor by the Thule so his father tried to kill him. He ran to Sam and Dean and told them where the Thule were keeping Ellie. Sam and Dean arrive to find Hitler is resurrected but the tables get turned when Ellie makes a good distraction which helped them to kill all of them.

Hitler was totally bonkers. Ellie lived and Christoph too even though I waited the BMoL to come and kill either one. Dean got to kill Hitler and Sam will never stop hearing about that. In the end Dean finally wanted some pie.


I need to give credit to Jared and Jensen. They made this story work for me. Also it is a matter of taste but bat shit crazy Adolf Hitler worked for me. How he was acting was for me even more scary because think what he could do out there? Whatever the hell he wants. Ellie Grant on the other hand was off putting for me until the very end. I'm not kidding. I almost tossed a pillow against my TV. But that is alright because I can't like every character on the show! Commandant Nauhaus was a normally arrogant Thule, But Christoph Nauhaus I liked a little bit. Maybe because I think he was forced to the life. Same can't be said about the other Thule. 

Set design

There were few interesting sets in this episode. One had even an opener that was a blast from the past. The episode started in an antique shop that was totally amazing. I mean I would spend a whole day in there or should I say I would be lost for the whole day in there. Same would happen in a historical library. Of course I was not fond of the secret Nazi memorabilia room. Some sets are so good that I always think: "Did they make this or is it a real place." 

We also got a look at cafeteria where the Winchesters stopped by twice. It reminded me a lot of old times when they tended to stop by in similar places all the time. That is why because they did! You can see it from these two gifs that a fan found. Episode 1x20 Dead Man’s Blood (at 4:44) had an identical scene as TOYBWF (at 26:27). Source is http://stele3.tumblr.com/ 

Have I mentioned how great SPN fans are? Now last but not least we had the airplane hangar. When was the last time they had that kind of set? It was a long LONG time ago. There were great airplanes as a finishing touch. If you think of it, all these sets for this episode were pretty unique. 

Costume design and props

The Nazi costumes, the new and the old from 1945, are the main difference in costume design on this episode. If the Thule has a trademark for clothing line then they are very recognisable with the gear they have. Their clothes are very similar to the bureaucratic angels and demons, but still have their own flare about it. The secret Nazi trophy room adds the props to the costumes. I don’t know about you but between Indiana Jones movies, and feeling uncomfortable made me have mixed feelings about the room. The Nazi pocket watch was the key to get me curious, and the idea of it to being a similar to a Horcrux - that is an object in which a Dark wizard or witch has hidden a fragment of his or her soul for the purpose of attaining immortality. And the clock even worked like a machine and buried itself inside the person complete with the soul by cutting in to the vessel, that it made a cut like swastika when doing this, creeped me out. 

The props also were remarkable like the antique shop. I would be like Dean and I would want to touch everything and examine everything in there, of course without breaking anything. For bigger props they had a limousine and the seaplane. It is a shame they didn’t fly in it in the episode or the other plane. We also got teased with the grenade launcher. One day Dean, one day you will use it!    


For this episode we had three songs; Symphony No. 7 in E Major, WAB 107: IV. Finale: Bewegt, doch nicht schnell by Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra & Hartmut Haenchen, Thousand Watt Work-Out by John Moran (KPM) and Das Rheingold: Prelude by Stuttgart State Opera Orchestra. I was very surprised but I actually didn't find lyrics for John Moran's song and the parts I listened to I could not make out what the lyrics were. So this time I decided to do something else. Here is a little information about Das Rheingold from wikipedia.

"Although Das Rheingold comes first in the sequence of Ring operas, it was the last to be conceived. Wagner's plans for the cycle grew backwards from the tale of the death of the hero Siegfried, to include his youth and then the story of the events around his conception and of how the Valkyrie Brünnhilde was punished for trying to save his parents against Wotan's instructions. So in August 1851, Wagner wrote in "Eine Mittheilung an meine Freunde" ("A Communication to My Friends"), "I propose to produce my myth in three complete dramas...". However, by October, he had decided that this trilogy required a prelude and the text of "Eine Mittheilung" was duly altered to reflect the change. To the sentence quoted above he added the words, "which will be preceded by a great prelude"."

Here is the short +/- rundown for The One You've Been Waiting For

+ Great start
+ Aaron Bass
+ Great sets
+ Cool props
+ The antique watch
+ Dean killed Hitler
+ Bad-ass Sam
+ Domestic boys
+ Bat shit crazy Hitler 

- Bad luck with the timing 
- The pacing was weird at times
- Ellie Grant (Matter of taste)
- Aaron was wasted
- No Golem

-/+ Thule

Dean Winchester

See you next time on episode six with many familiar faces! Stay tuned.

- Leylin

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