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The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of Supernatural 12x06 "Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox"

- by sweetondean

It's preview time! 
Which means it's nearly supernatural time!




Mummy's back...and Jody............and...Billie!

Yes, Mary is back...hopefully WITH THE DAMN JOURNAL! Sorry...but seriously...I need the boys to get back dad's journal! And maybe some cookies or something... Idk. Anyhooo... I can't wait to see the brothers reunited with mum and how that plays out. Of course it'll probably play out while they're all fighting for their lives and WE WILL BE DENIED FEELS!

It's super awesome to not only have Mary back, but also Jody! Yay! And even Billie, because she's cool...though you know...deadly!

I feel like these two ladies will really get on...

Let's check out the synopsis!

Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox

THREE WINCHESTERS ARE BETTER THAN ONE – When hunters gather together to celebrate the life and tragic death of one of their own, Sam (Jared Padalecki) Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) must take action when a demon starts picking off hunters one by one. John Badham directed the episode written by Steven Yockey (#1206). 

Yep - this is another ep by another of the team's new writers! Steve Yockey has written for MTV's Scream and Awkward. He is also an award winning playwright, having had his plays produced all over the world. He was one of two writers selected for the first US/Australia playwright exchange in February 2013, taking his play to NIDA in Sydney, NSW and the National Australian Play Festival in Perth, Western Australia. He is also the recipient of the inaugural LA Weekly Playwriting Award in 2013 for his ghost story Very Still & Hard to See.

John Badham has directed 6 episodes of Supernatural and a bunch of blockbuster movies!

So yeah...awesome! We're going to meet some more hunters! I wonder who this Asa Fox hunter is? Did Mary know him? Or did the boys know him - or do they just go to assist the other hunters when the demon goes all demony on their hunter asses? And how about Jody, how do they meet? 
And Billie, well I guess if there's dying, there's... reaping!

Here is the promo!


So....I totally love the episodes that are in an enclosed space, like Nightshifter, Croatoan, Jus in Bello, And Then There Were None, even Ghostfacers. Those episodes have a level of intensity due to the sense of confinement, of being trapped and the boys having to work their wits to get out. They're some of my favourite eps. Trapped and being hunted - like the shoe is on the other foot!

I love the boys with Jody, so I'm super looking forward to that, and I'm not sure their mum has seen them at their best yet, and they really are freakin' amazing, so I hope she gets the chance to see them in full flight! And yeah...more hunters - which I love the idea of! It's going to be cool to see a bunch of hunters together. And it looks creepy! In fact it all sounds really cool....the more I think about it the more excited I feel!

And.....of sneak peek please enjoy this week's waiting meme. Hum Girl from Ipanema while looking at it if you like...

Sneak peek sneak peek sneak peek!

Okay! Answers! Asa is a dude. Mary knew him back in the day. Boys didn't know him, Jody-o did. Apparently they randomly run into Mary! THEY ARE IN CANADA? Dean is pissed off - not so much okay with her decision. Sam apart from one "Dean, come on" is not so much defending Mary - I think he probably feels the same way - just not as outwardly (or as angrily) as Dean

I get Dean being hurt and mad, I really do, and it's totally him. Honestly though, if this was something Mary needs to do alone - damn well articulate that to the boys. Tell them, by text if you must, "I love you, but this is something I need to do alone, please try to understand, see you soon - mum." I mean, really. I know I'm probably going to come across hard and unsympathetic - but that made me twitch and hurt like crazy for the brothers! Don't get me wrong, I get why she needs to do this, I understand...but if she was my mum, I'd be hurt and mad too.

Bet Jody does some talking to one or both of the brothers- she's great at that.

What the hell is going to happen with Mary - I figure there will be a level of emotional making up/peace, probably in this ep - but then does she ride off into the sunset again WITH JOHN'S JOURNAL???? (Go freakin' photocopy it AND GIVE IT BACK TO THE BOYS! I'm sorry, but it belongs to them). Are the boys destined to know mum is out there but not see her?  Lord, if the show kills her again I might have to punch it in the face....for reasons of, I really don't want that pain for Sam and Dean! Unless it's by Mary's choice - as in she choices to go back to Heaven. Then still painful, but I'd get that, so not as bad. I can't see her moving into the bunker what the hell happens next with Mary and her boys (the grownup versions standing in front of her). I am intrigued!

Maybe some of my burning questions will be answered tonight! I do hope Mary and Dean - and Sam - can come to some kind of acceptance of each other and a mutual okayness. But I feel horrible for those boys - their mum's out there but she wants to be alone and not with them, that must stab them in the heart so bad.

Anyhoo! It's only 5am I'm going back to sleep!

I can't wait for this ep! Enjoy!


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