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SUPERNATURAL THINK TANK - Thinky Thoughts and Theories on Supernatural 11x15 "Beyond the Mat"

-by Anna

Beyond the Mat certainly was just that.  It was way deeper an episode than I thought it would be and it certainly got my convoluted brain stirring. LOL. Did anyone else find this episode a bit metaphorical?  Wrestlers, Demons, wrestling one's  nobody?  just me? I kind of felt that anvil hit me right on the noggin, which probably could account for all my nonsensical thoughts to follow.  I actually thought there was a lesson in here, or maybe not a lesson, more of a revelation and I think Dean actually realised it.  I know it was probably meant just for laughs, but I saw Dean in the wrestling ring as more than just a mere whimsical moment.  I actually saw that as metaphorical for Dean fighting his own demon, his fear of Amara.  I actually imagined in my head that he was wrestling her.  For a moment in that ring, I witnessed a confident Dean, the champion,  who's been missing for quite some time now.

The story itself might not have seemed relevant to the myth arc, but I believe it was quite relevant.  If one were to compare Gunnar to Dean, one might see some parallels with significant differences.  Gunnar sold his soul because he wanted to be the best, he did it for the glory. He said he was desperate but in the end it was an act committed for himself alone.   Dean sold his soul as well, he too was desperate, but unlike Gunnar, Dean's act wasn't entirely selfish,  he did it out of love.  Gunnar killed innocents for a demon to delay his damnation,  where Dean used his time to save innocents.  Both have admitted to not liking what they see when they look in the mirror. Gunnar faced his ultimate meet and greet with the hellhounds with regret and the knowledge that he had this coming, that he was not a good man, whereas Dean's last moments were moments of love.  I thought Dean's encounter with Gunnar to be very significant, and ultimately I think it gave Dean the necessary confidence boost he really needed that we all witnessed at the end of the episode.

I think it did Dean good to see his "idol" as  the truly flawed individual he was.  I think Dean seeing similar mistakes he's made by one he's always admired, has helped Dean to recognise that self punishment for these mistakes isn't beneficial for anyone. Dean, Sam and Cas have all made bad decisions, but what's important to remember is that they are all good men. Every decision has always been motivated by goodness.  To dwell on these bad decisions and to punish themselves for them doesn't do any good.  I think this is the lesson Dean learnt from Gunnar. This realisation is the boost in confidence that Dean needed, for his defeatist attitude could very well have gotten the best of him. Dean isn't dwelling on what he can't do, he's focusing on what he will do and he's not going to stop, he's going to keep on grinding and that's how the boys will win.  Sam needed to hear this from Dean as much as Dean needed to say it.  I fear for Amara and Luci now, because the Winchesters are back in it and they're ready to rumble. 

Let's talk Hand of God and my off the wall theory on that shall we? 

From Wiki: There are numerous references to the hand, or arm, of God in the Hebrew Bible, some clearly metaphorical in the way that remains current in modern English, but others capable of a literal interpretation.[7] They are usually distinguished from references to a placement at the right hand of God. There are three occasions in the gospels when the voice of God is heard, and the hand often represents this in visual art.[8] Gertrud Schiller distinguishes three functions of the hand in Christian art: as symbol of either God's presence or the voice of God, or signifying God's acceptance of a sacrifice.[9]

So by definition, the Hand of God is symbolic of God's presence or his voice.  Now there is no SPN canon for the HOG as it's just been introduced, so it's not written in stone that a Hand of God is necessarily a weapon.  According to Wiki, it's something that symbolises God's presence.  So that brings me to the Samulet.  The amulet, as noted by Cas, glows in God's presence, therefore is it not safe to assume that this amulet, by definition is a Hand of God?  It is after all a symbol of his presence. Can this amulet possibly come into play in the fight against Amara? 

I've brought this up elsewhere and it was argued that if it were a HOG then either Sam when he wore it during the time Dean was in hell, or Dean himself would've exploded.  Is that necessarily so?  Are all Hands of God the same?  What if the amulet needs an incantation to work?.Do all Hands of God have the same magnitude of power?  The Ark blew up two ships but the Staff of Aaron merely killed one demon and simply knocked Luci to the ground. Is it not possible that every Hand of God is different and that some might not necessarily be a weapon at all, but merely be symbolic of God's voice/presence, like possibly the amulet?

I can't imagine that Sam left the amulet in the trash when Dean threw it away.  I still think he has it somewhere and I still think it's going to come into play in the fight against the Darkness.  If Sam has it then why wouldn't Luci know about it, he was in Sam after all?  Is it not possible that Luci wouldn't know every single Hand of God out there?  I mean if God is omnipotent, he would foresee that Luci would betray him, don't you think it likely that God would have a couple of aces up his sleeve, like the Winchesters and the amulet they possess?

Let's say for argument sake that Sam didn't take the amulet out of the trash, there is still one player on the board who would know about the amulet and know where it was when Dean threw it away.  Our beloved prophet Chuck, after all he wrote the Winchester Gospels.   If Sam doesn't have the amulet, then isn't it likely that Chuck could have it. I think  I'd like to take a look at Chuck's pivotal moments.

Chuck is there in The End why?  To relay the message that we need to store toilet paper because it's gold?  I don't think so.  I've always thought Chuck's presence in the End had more to do with guiding Dean.

Chuck is in Swan Song, signifying that he might be more than a mere prophet, letting us know that the boys passed the ultimate test and that their story wasn't in fact over.

Then we have Chuck in Fan Fiction.  Marie specifically tells Dean that he should never have thrown the amulet away.  At the time I thought that comment was simply Marie voicing aloud what the fandom has always felt, but looking back now...could it have meant more?  Chuck simply shows up to let Marie know that her version of the Winchester story is "not bad"?  I don't know, Chuck shows up and we get the mention of the amulet.....didn't seem like anything then, but now....I'm not so sure.
Spoiler Alert: Looks like we'll be getting a visit again from......

I don't know if a Hand of God will actually be something the boys will use to defeat Amara or if it's like the Colt and basically a red herring of sorts.  I do strongly believe that the amulet could very well make it's reappearance again, and I really believe that it can have a part to play in dealing with Amara. 

As for Crowely and Casifer, well I'm not sure who's going to win in the battle of the doublecross, perhaps it'll be the Winchesters. LOL

That's about it on my thinky thoughts for the week.

Looks like we're in for an exciting end of the season happy hellatus all.....

see you in a few weeks.

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  1. I loved your theories on the amulet and Chuck. Can't wait to see what comes next. Thanks for a great thinky thought review

  2. I love your thoughts Anna, you always make me think differently about certain parts of episodes, I love that! I think that Dean did realise this episode he needed to let that self punishment go, hopefully he can stick to it because we all know Dean always thinks the worst of himself. He needs to have confidence in himself, believe in himself because we all do!! I have wondered about the Samulet, does Sam still have it! Another random thought, after all Dean has gone through with the Mark of Cain etc, maybe he might become a hand of God? Was it all a test for Sam and Dean because God knew this would happen all along? Dean was Michael's vessel, Dean turned into a Knight of Hell, one extreme to another, and the damage done to Dean's soul by the Mark, maybe all to see if Dean was maybe worthy, able to carry the burden perhaps? I don't know, am I seeing things, reaching, perhaps but I can't wait for the rest of the season. By the way, Dean in the ring, the roll in and the geeky impersonations, loved it, Jensen killed it!! Damn that man is comedy gold, lol!!

  3. I don't think your theory is that far reaching. Everyone assumed the Michael Sword was an object, but it turned out it was Dean. I've always felt that Dean had to fall in order to rise and I believe that both boys have gone through what they've gone through, because they were being tested, for the ultimate battle....with the D. I still think that Amara's attraction to Dean has more to do with his inner darkness...after all, Cain did see him worthy of the mark. Dean has proven, even with the mark, that he is inherently more good than bad, as Sam has told him so often, especially in Brother's keeper. I think not killing Sam was in fact Dean passing a test....If Dean can kill Death for his brother, then maybe,, just maybe Dean and Sam can defeat Amara as well. (still don't think death is really dead). I think what Dean needs to do is rid himself of some of that darkness in his heart....perhaps a good start would be to not punish himself for past mistakes...and perhaps maybe a little faith in God would help as well....seems to me between the vessel and this week's ep, dean could very well be getting a little closer to being able to break that hold Amara thinks is unbreakable. We shall see....thanks for reading everyone.

  4. Wow Anna, thanks for your thoughts. That's what I love about your posts, you answer with more fantastic thoughts and don't make me feel like my thought's, idea's are out there. Wow, I really overused thought's didn't I, sorry, lol!! Anyways, thanks again,:)

  5. I think that in some episode in the future there is going to be a way to find or call on God for help. Cas is going to say that he has figured out how, but needs the amulet to do it. He'll say that it's too bad that Dean was stupid enough to throw it away. Sam will say, just a minute guys, go to his room and come back with it and mean this amulet? Because Sam is awesome!! That's my head cannon, anyway. (No offense to Dean meant..he just should never have thrown it away)

  6. i'll definitely be tuned in for that ep i'm not sure how it'll happen, but I really believe that it will.