Monday, 6 July 2015

HELLATUS HELPER - The Js do the FIFA Women's World Cup Final

-by sweetondean

Here's just a little fun post for some fun tweets that happened today! Which made the day totally full of awesome!

It  all kicked off last week, when the Padalecki and Ackles/Graul families 
got together in Austin to watch the semis of the 
FIFA Women's World Cup! 
(Jensen was already in Vancouver prepping his episode.)

Next stop for all but Gino was Vancouver for the finals!

Cut to final day!

And Padaleski was first to get the excitement started with a lovely photo of him and his lovely wife Gen!

Clif gave us a glimpse of the scene from the box the boys had for the event.

Jared used a bit of ingenuity to get an American flag flying...a couple of beer cans!

A proud Padaleski!

Clif and Gen took a moment for a selfie!

Next up the Ackles' made a showing. 
Who knew Jensen was one of those supporters that wears the crazy gear! Nice wig! 

The boys took a moment during the anthem. Wearing identical expressions I might add.

Then it was Jensen's turn to tweet a selfie of him and his lovely wife Danneel, decked out in team spirit!

And there was a whole lot of happiness, and apparently screaming going on when the U.S. team took out the title!

And finally, Jensen and Jared selfied the mood rather effectively!

And of course, there were a couple of cute fan selfies with Jared!

Tomorrow Season 11 kicks off principal photography, and a long 9 months of full production begins, so it sure was nice to see our boys having a fabulous time...and as they so often do, generously 
sharing it with us.


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