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SPOILERS SWEETIES! Supernatural 10x01 "Black" Sneak Peek!

Well my friends, as they say in the classics, shit's about to get real!

Here we go! With only 8 days until the season 10 premiere, we have our first sneak peek look at the season opener! And it's Sam, all fired up in search of his missing brother.

We've heard Carver and the boys talk about how we'll all start to wonder, who is the biggest monster, Sam in search of his demon brother, or his demon brother. Here we see this in play.

The show has always toyed with the concept of what constitutes a monster. That humans can be as monstrous, or even more monstrous, than actual monsters. It's been a theme they've batted around ever since season 1's "The Benders", when the Winchesters were shocked to discover that what they were fighting were just people.

We've also previously seen both brothers go down dark paths. At the end of "Mystery Spot", we saw Sam turn into a focused, angry force as he hunted down his brother's killer. We've seen Dean embrace torture and even admit to enjoying it.

As the brother's lives have become more and more tragic and tainted by their circumstances, we've seen how pragmatic they've become about what they need to do to get the job done. Remember their approach towards the young girl vamp hostage in "Alex, Annie, Alexis, Ann"? I remember feeling sad that the struggles they used to have around the complex morality of their job, are less of a struggle these days. Too much blood under the bridge. Killing monsters comes with harsh truths.

There has also been a lot of harsh, and not so harsh, truths between the Winchesters over the last couple of seasons. Through 8 and 9, they finally opened up, for good and bad. Neither can be in any doubt of how important the other is to him anymore. Whether through hurt or love. They circle around each other, and their emotional wellbeing is deeply rooted in how they see each other. For me, the journey I witnessed through 8 and 9 was essential for the boys to rediscover and refocus on that bond, which had been severely tested ever since Sam fell prey to Ruby and drank the demon blood. The last two years have been some of the toughest years of their lives. And they came through the otherside still standing next to each other and hopefully, with a little bit more understanding of each other and what they mean to each other, even if it takes a crunch to show it. Sure, that's what the show's all about, but to have that bond tested and then to have it win over and above everything, gives their dedication to each other so much more power. We like to see them fight for each other, even if sometimes that means fighting each other. They've grown into deeply, complex individuals.

Sam's not going to lose his brother again if he can absolutely help it. I feel like Sam's mentally stronger than he's ever been. His journey over the last few years, assessing his life, his job, his position in the Winchester partnership, his role in his brother's eyes and opening up in ways he has never done before, has been great to watch - even when it was tough as hell.

So here we have Sam, going uber Sam on a demon's ass, in search of the missing, formerly presumed dead, Dean. You can feel his pain. I don't see Sam as the monster here, to be honest. Though he looks helluva scary! He's looking for his brother, he doesn't know what exactly happened, and in front him is a demon who may have information. A demon who would probably just as soon strip the skin from Sam's bones as look at him. Now is not the time to play nice.

There are definitely shades of "Mystery Spot" Sam here or even "I Know What You Did Last Summer" Sam, before he was embroiled in the whole Ruby mess. He looks like he could do with a couple of weeks sleep!

This opening storyline makes me so excited for season 10. Sam on the hunt for Dean, Dean on the hunt for booze and chicks and fights and the most annoying karaoke song he can find! When these two come together in episode 3, my head is going to explode!

Only 8 days my friends. 8 DAYS!

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See you soon!

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  1. It's gonna be a wild ride. I can't wait!!!! I agree. As painful as some of S8 and S9 were, I think they were necessary to get them to a mutual understanding of each other. Walking in each others shoes.