Monday, 23 December 2013

Supernatural Fanvid of the week - "These Tornadoes Are For You" by SecretlyToDream

I'm going to start posting my favourite fanvid of the week. These might be fanvids based on show content or ones put together from convention videos or cast photos. 

I work in TV - I produce and edit promos and do other stuff, so I love to watch what people are doing with fanvids and how they tell their story.

If you're a vidder and would like to submit something or you'd like to suggest a fanvid, please contact me via the contact form on the sidebar.

So, here's the first vid in this new weekly thing I'm gonna do!

It seems fitting that it would be from SecretlyToDream. Loki is a remarkable vidder and a talented story teller. 

This vid is a heart wrenching look at the brothers and their journey through the trials. To where it all left Sam and consequently Dean... beacause there ain't no me, if there ain't no you.

Just your average uplifting Supernatural stuff! ;D


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