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Supernatural family: Jason Manns' Christmas Album project - who's joining in? (Jensen is!)

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We all know Jason Manns; he's part of the Supernatural family! 

Well Jason has decided to bring some friends together and do a Christmas album and you can be part of it!

Here's what Jason has to say...

I'm going to invite some of my friends to help me spread some Christmas cheer by singing some good ole Christmas songs!

I get questions every year around this time about a Christmas album, and my answer is always, "I will do a Christmas album eventually!" Well, Kickstarter has provided an opportunity to make that eventual project a reality. I would prefer not to just do a regular album, considering what make Christmas fun is sharing it with friends and family, so what I'd like to do is pick a few of my favorite Christmas songs, (and let ya'll pick a few of your favorites too!) and invite some of my friends in the studio to help me make a fun, but really high quality Christmas album! I'll have it ready for ya to listen to in your favorite ugly sweater, (or give as a Christmas present!) by Christmas of 2014!

I was overwhelmed with the support for my first kickstarter project. I was shocked that you guys exceeded my goal by over 300%, and that allowed me to do some things with my last album I've never done before. Namely, buy some recording equipment and record a good portion of that music at my home. Because of that awesome support, the cost for this album will be significantly less than that one! I may have to pay some fees to cover the Christmas songs, and I'll definitely have to pay some musicians, get a little studio time, and pay an engineer, do some artwork, and print the CDs up, but because I can do some of this at home now I think I can do that for a lot less than last time. So I'm only trying to raise about half of what I went for on my last one. I did try to offer some great rewards though, so I hope you see something you like!

I'm excited to get back in the studio for you guys!

All my best,


So who are these friends? Well, Jason's made a few announcements already!

There's rockstar Rob Benedict:

Michael Rosenbaum, AKA Lex Luthor on Smallville.

The inimitable Richard Speight Jr.

Misha! Plus a party helping Random Acts!

Mandy Musgrave - AKA Mrs Matt Cohen! (Matt mustn't be able to sing... maybe he can do the jerk instead...)

And... drum roll... Jason's good friend, Jensen. Yes. JENSEN.

6 January
Late update! A Moose is joining the Christmas party!

7 January this is basically becoming a Supernatural Christmas album!

Time's running out! Will you be part of the best Christmas party ever?

If you want to help make Jason's album a great big success and not only get a great Christmas album with a bunch of cool people singing along, but also some neat rewards, check out Jason's kickstarter. You can get involved for as little as $5!

Here's the link. 

Jason Manns & Friends Christmas Album

Supernatural family, helping Supernatural family! 

You know what album we'll all be playing next year!

Happy holidays!


Wow! I think we've got a brilliant album coming!

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