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As per every year, we'll be bringing together all the news, photos and videos from the Supernatural team at San Diego Comic Con. This post will be updated regularly across the Comic Con weekend. Follow @AmyinSydney on twitter and subscribe to this blog for updates! 

Jensen and Jared headed to Comic Con early this year for a pre-con appearance, and it looks like they will be there right through to their main panel on Sunday, so here's hoping for plenty of shenanigans! 


Jensen and Jared on Conan O'Brien

via Warner Bros TV

Comic Con 2017 kicked off early for Supernatural, with the fantastic news that Jensen and Jared were going to be on Conan O'Brien, on Jared's birthday no less! Thankfully there were some awesome fans in the audience supporting the boys, and plenty of people outside ready to cheer them on and also wish Jared happy birthday!

Both the guys tweeted about their excitement - and also their star dressing rooms!

The boys came on after the cast of the new movie Bright, and as it was Jared's birthday, Jensen had a keg of his Family Business beer on hand! And... well... This is why we love them so much!

SuperWiki has @travelingheidi representing them across the weekend, so expect some great tweets and pressroom news from Heidi!

Here are all the videos from Conan of the boys!

There are also more segments on TeamCoco site. If they go up on Conan's YouTube I'll post them, but you can find them here

Here is a link to a Periscope recording of the whole show, the J's segment starts at about 44 mins in. 

And here's something that happened after the show wrapped! Jensen giving his beer a go!

Jensen celebrated on his Instagram what must be a super cool moment for them both!

And here's a super cute photo of the birthday boy via Gen's instagram

There were plenty of fans outside too to support the boys and to wish Jared happy birthday!

These shots are via nobbycoburn on Instagram

Here's a video of the boys arriving and leaving the show

Jensen signing autos (how the hell do they do this and stay so nice...)

Here's another vid of the boys arriving at Conan


There was not a lot to report on the Supernatural scene today. It looks like the guys enjoyed a day off. Gen and Jared took their boys to Legoland....

It also sounds like Jared was a tad hungover! As he wished Osric happy birthday - who was on his way to SDCC!

There were a few Supernatural adjacent events today... 

Supernatural Creator Eric Krypke and his Timeless team took to the stage 
to talk season 2 of their show. 
photo via Fangasam

Supernatural Writer/Executive Producer Robbie Thompson took part in a panel about 
intersectional feminism at the Intersectionality in Comics panel.
photo via Fangasam

And just because this photo pleases me so much, here's my friend
Lynn (Fangasam) catching up with The Tick!
The Tick panel is on Friday and there's a major presence for the show which premieres in
August on Amazon Prime - of course The Tick is from the brilliant brain of our very own
former Supernatural genius, Ben Edlund. 

Other Supernatural family members in events today included 

Alaina Huffman who attended the AO3 event
photo via Stands

Tahmoh Penikett " Gadreel" who attended the Battlestar Galactica reunion.
photo via headline planet

Todd Stashwick "Dracula/Shapeshifter" who was there for the 12 Monkeys panel
photo via Seat 42F

And here are some merch treats that are on show at SDCC
These adorable plushies from 

photo via @WinchesterGank.

And check out these beauties also from the @QMxInsider stand

photos via @WinchesterGank

Tomorrow we'll have the guys live on Facebook! Keep and eye on @cw_spn for more and tune into the Supernatural Facebook - they haven't confirmed at time yet - to see the guys! Also the CW are taking questions - Tweet your questions as VIDEOS using #askCWSDCC for a chance to be featured on the Facebook Live!


Friday kickstarted with the boys answering some questions and struggling to keep it PG!

Here are the guys on Facebook!

via @michellecoyle‬ (Twitter)

Behind the scenes of Facebook Live via @caipirinha101


After the Facebook Live shenanigans, they were off to TVGuide Magazine, Getty Studio, 
EW and TVLine!

via tvguidemagazine instagram

In the TVGuide and Getty suite

Photographer Robby Klien - Getty Images

via CW Instagram

Here are vids of the boys being, well, them - via EW

With audio!

At EW Radio
via @EWlive

photographer Vivien Killiea - Getty images

Jensen at @EW 360 experience

At the TVInsider lounge playing Nintendo Switch 

Michael Kovac - Getty Images

via @alohacowboy

Fun Supernatural stuff at the WB Party

When the Js met their giant Pop counterparts!
via @clarissa373

And here's Brianna and the guys at the WB party!

This is Jeremy Adams (left) co-writer of the Scooby Doo/Supernatural cross over episode, and the animation director, Spike Brandt.

via WB Facebook

via gimiwillie on Instagram

Here are the guys leaving - you can see Bob Singer with them!

And Jensen rounded out the night with this peach of a photo on his Instagram
(which quite frankly I'd love to have printed as a huge painting on my wall!)
Jeff's comment is super sweet.


Here are the shots from the EW photo shoot! Which are amazing!
Photographer Matthias Clamer for EW


Saturday saw Genevieve Padalecki speaking on a panel about bullying. As you may know Jared and Gen were part of a group that helped get some anit-cyber bullying legislation through in their home of Austin.

"It is very important to us as a family to instill empathy and sympathy for others"
 photos via @WinFamBusiness

Rich and Rob were found out and about - they'll be hosting the Supernatural panel again

Misha held GISHWHES event where he was kidnapped and needed to be found and very Mishaish things happened which included clues in fortune cookies and a lot of walking!

There were some friends and GISHWHES team members on hand to help out!

Executive Producer Jim Michaels headed to Comic Con

Jim ran into Osric and Mary Manchin (Post Production Co-Ordinator for Supernatural) helping out Misha and the GISHWHES event
via Jim's twitter

Rich caught up with some old friends including Amy Acker who was also an early Supernatural guest star from season 1's Dead in the Water!


Sunday of course is our big day! Hall H day. Signings. Press room. Loads of photos! We were super lucky this year, because the guys were there from Wednesday onwards, and we had loads of goodies. But Sunday is the day! We were promised something special, and boy did they deliver. Hall H was rocked by Kansas singing Carry On Wayward Son, live! Way to own Hall H, guys! In addition to that, Warner Bros allowed the show to use the screens it sets up for it's big movie panels, which cover the walls of the room, so images from the 12 seasons of the show flashed around as Kansas sang! Epic really isn't a big enough word! Here are a couple of vids that capture the moment and the feeling in Hall H!

Osric got the intro!

Great showing of the screens

After that it was the panel time!
photos Kevin Winter

Photos by Genevieve Collins - see more here!

Photos by Kevin Winter

via Warner Bros TV Facebook page

Here is the full panel!

Alternative panel video

via @cklinger13

Here is the epic video that played after the panel!  VID HERE

After the panel it was off to the autograph signing!

From Warner Bros Snapchat

via Warner Bros

via Warner Bros TV Facebook page (© 2017 WBEI. All Rights Reserved)

Here are the guys with Kansas - via Jared's Instagram

More Kansas via Warner Bros TV Facebook

And in a random are the Js with Doug the Pug! Yep!

Writer Davey Perez was there and caught up with Jensen (with surprise Bri!)

Then on to the press line and the press room!
via Warner Bros TV Facebook

Press line photos (press line videos to come)
via @younghollywood

Here are the press line video interviews!

Here are the press room videos with some low level spoilers!
I'll try to cover all tables and not double up!

This is the same table as above but has an additional answer at the top

And to finish off this year's AMAZING Comic Con
here's some pretty!

Hope you enjoyed this year's Comic Con coverage! Keep following sweetondean for more news on the show and previews and reviews during the season!



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