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Supernatural Think Tank - Anna's Thinking Thoughts on 12x13 Family Feud

Playing With FireπŸ”₯

Crowley with Lucifer
Rowena with Crowley
Mary with BMOL
Kelly  with Dagon

True Intentions?

Mr. Ketch: Your sons – I’m sure they’re fine lads and all but it might be best if you were to disengage from them a bit. This work – it’s demanding and it must come first. The Men of Letters is my family.
Mary: I’m sorry. Nothing comes before my family, not with me.
Mr. Ketch: Really? Or is that just what you want to believe? You’re different when you talk to them. Softer. Weaker. Not an insult, just an observation. But when you hunt Mary, you’re one of the best I’ve ever seen. Now you might play at being the good mummy but when you’re in the thick of it, nothing but a blade in your hand and blood in the air, that’s the real you, the best you. And I think you know it – and I think that scares the hell out of you.

I don't think Ketch was wrong about Mary at all.  I actually believed he was spot on.  I don't think Mary went to her boys to prove Ketch wrong.....I think she went to Sam and Dean because she knew Ketch was right about her.

From what I understood, the BMOL want the Winchesters and they ain't biting, especially since Toni went rogue and off mission and tortured Sam. Now the BMOL have to find a way to get back in the Winchester's good standing and that isn't going to be an easy task. They tried gaining support from other hunters, spewing out their propaganda, but no dice. They tried a different approach...most likely imho, being responsible for the boys incarceration and then conveniently at the ready to help them in their escape. While the boys still aren't biting...seems Mary is. So the BMOL lay this big spiel on her making promises of a new and improved world without monsters, showing her their toys, having her go on hunts with them, gaining her good graces all in an effort to get to who they truly want...Sam and Dean Winchester. Ketch is no fool and it's already been established that they are indeed trying to recruit the Winchester boys. So Ketch gives Mary this speech, which I thought to be spot on and pushes both her hunter/ego button as well as her mommy button. Ketch was never trying to get Mary to disconnect herself from her boys so she can become even better....he was pushing her to go to her boys. He wants the Winchesters and it's through Mary that they'll try to get to them. He tells her all that so of course she'll want to prove him wrong. She did exactly what he wanted her to do. Now she's going to try to persuade the boys to work with the BMOL and they likely will because they'll want to protect their mom. Oh they won't trust them as far as they could throw them, but they will hear their mom out and in an effort to relate to her and again look out for her, they will follow her lead.

I am reminded of Samuel back in season 6 who threw the word family out there,  but for Samuel his family was his daughter and he didn't hesitate to throw his own grandchildren under the bus if it meant bringing her back from the dead. 'What are you supposed to be to me Dean?" that was his question. Samuel may have had grandchildren, but he didn't feel love for them.  He wasn't bonded to them.  He knew Sam a bit better but still, Sam was more of a hunting partner and Sam was ok with that because he was soulless and incapable of feeling anyway. Dean said that family is something you earn. Mary, much like Samuel, is throwing that word around, but not because she's feeling it, but because she's using it. She has made it abundantly clear that she needed time away. She's grieving for her babies and her husband. I got that and supported that. But so much time has passed and still she's done nothing to remedy the situation. If she truly wanted to get to know and bond with her children, she'd be hunting with them, making the world a better place, saving people, using their toys, all the while getting to know her children. She's not anywhere near there right now. As far as I can tell, whatever her mission is, what her real goal is, that's her priority right now...and I'm not even sure it's about getting rid of monsters. I'm not saying that she most likely won't choose her sons in the end, but as of now...I think she's just saying what the boys want to hear and need to hear for her sake and not for the family trope....she only knows the Campbell version of what family means, the boys....they learnt what it means to be family from a Winchester and a Singer.

But alas, there is hope for Mary.   While I do think she's putting the mission first,  I just don't think it's the mission of ridding the world of monsters.  I can't get her "unfinished business" out of my head.  Whatever her business was, I have a feeling it wasn't regarding a run of the mill monster.  Mary could've stopped hunting and led that normal life if it was merely about things that go bump in the night. πŸ‘Ή There were other hunters who could've taken care of that, and I do believe that she wanted her children raised away from that.  For her to sneak off from John and baby Dean? She's after something.  I know she ended up killing that werewolf along the way, but I think that was a coincidence.  I just think Asa was destined to be a great  hunter. I think Mary is after something way scarier than a monster and I can't help but wonder if Mr. Ketch is that somebody?  The new canon now is that there are at least two more Princes of Hell.  We met Dagon in this episode, who seems to have taken an interest in Rosemary's ...oh I mean, Kelly's....little devil baby. πŸ˜ˆπŸΌ Lucifer calling out to Dagon, and his confidence that those shackles are a temporary hindrance at the moment, kind of leads me to believe that Dagon is, like YED, a Lucifer loyalist.  Still we have one more Prince out there. Asmodeus, who apparently had no interest in ruling Hell, but still has his hobbies.   I just can't help but wonder if Ketch could very well be Asmodeus.  Toni and even Mick referred to Ketch as a psychopath and Toni didn't even want him anywhere near her.  Is it possible that psychopath isn't the right word?  Is it possible that "Prince of Hell" might be a better one when referring to Ketch?   Is it possible that the monster Mary is really going after is him?

God/Chuck left the world in the Winchester's capable hands.  Amara gave Dean something he needed.  The assumption is his Mom.  The reality is that his version of Mom and Mary aren't the same thing.  What we've only seen so far is how disappointed and hurt the boys have been.  What if Mom isn't what Dean needed.  I think it's possible, even to Amara, that Dean always had what he needed, he has Sam.  Mom was always what he wanted, and his version of her.  What if Mary was sent back to Dean because this time around, it's Mary who will be the one to stop the big bad.  Maybe this time, she's the only one who could.  Amara's gift to Dean could very well be someone other than himself and his brother sacrificing themselves for the greater good.  Perhaps Mom not being the one Dean and Sam envisioned might make that prospect a bit more easier to bear. In that regards, she can redeem herself to the fans and her children and her sacrifice will be all the more poignant and acceptable.
Yeah, I think I'll stick with that theory.

The Point?

I'm not really buying that the only point of Gavin was to bring him back simply so that he can die.  It's never that black and white.  So I'm wondering, was the point supposed to be about revenge?  Was it about loss of a child?  Was it about doing the right thing?  or Could it be Gavin is a parallel to Mary?  Gavin was brought against his will and Crowley never sent him back.  Gavin never really belonged here.  He didn't fit.  When the opportunity came to make it right again, to save lives, he made the sacrifice.  Is this foreshadowing for Mary?  She too came here without the desire to do so.  She too doesn't belong, doesn't feel as though she fits.  She was brought back she taking this opportunity to make things right?  Is she hunting to not only save lives but to get closer to whatever it was she was after in the past?  Will she make the ultimate sacrifice to make right what is wrong and get to go back to a heaven with her true love?


    Fiona sought revenge on the teacher, on all teachers who apparently lie to children.

    Crowley sabotages Rowena's spell to cast Luci into the Cage so he can be his pet, as Crowley was once to him.
    Rowena sought revenge for Oskar.

    Ketch possibly seeking revenge on....everyone?  or the Winchesters in particular since they seem to be his primary goal?

    Mary possibly seeking revenge and playing BMOL?

    Lucifer possibly seeking revenge with Baby Spawn?

    The Silly

    I am really at a loss and I promise I'm not being snarky.  Can someone please tell me why Crowley would've picked up Nick's dead carcass, flash froze it, apparently improved it so it would be a long lasting vessel, when Sam had jumped in the pit and sent Luci down there?  Is there a reason why Crowley would assume that Lucifer would escape from that cage, body jump around, and then ...wait for it....end up back in his clutches, chained to a chair.  I'm sorry but the explanation Crowley gave for us having the awesome pleasure of seeing MP again is lame and without any real merit. I do think it was possible for a more logical and sensible explanation as to why Crowley saved Nick's vessel.  He said what he did, but gave no explanation as to why. To me the whole thing screams......just plain silly.  Add to that his demons studying the cage at the molecular level bit, which again would take years, given that Chuck/God made the cage in the first place.  How long has Crowley been plotting revenge against Luci?  Luci escaped the cage in s11, he was saving his vessel apparently since s5.

    Crowley has survived all these years because he does stay one step ahead and he doesn't underestimate his enemies. Are we to believe now that Crowley has thrown his own rule book away simply for the opportunity to become the Master while Luci becomes his dog?  Luci was right when he asked Crowley if he thought this would end well.  Luci will likely escape.  Is Crowley so blinded by the need for revenge that he's willing to risk all he's accomplished just so Luci can feel as degraded as he felt?

    I still think that Crowley will forever be affected by Sam's human blood.  I think he has overcome some of that humanity, but not all of it.  He had confessed to Sam his desire to be loved, something his mother unfortunately never showed him. I think it's why he keeps saving the Winchesters, not that his point about them being assets isn't 100% true, but he has formed a relationship with them. Crowley has never had a relationship before, maybe a fling with Naomi, but never a relationship.  Now his relationship with the boys may not be ideal, but it exists and it works.  I really think that he likes Cas too.  Crowley will never have friends, but he does have his frenemies and I think for him that's enough.  I also think that this humanity can very well play into his self esteem, which Luci took from him.  The question is, will Crowley let this be his downfall?  or as per the usual, is Crowley still one step ahead?

    Just Revenge?

    Rowena is a bit of a conundrum and I do like her a lot.  I've always found her to be a worthy adversary, and yet she's quite funny too. She's layered as well, she's not just your run of the mill wicked witch.  She has a history that makes her relatable.  In a way her story is a sad one, for her and her son.  It seems to me that Rowena's love for Oskar was her way of substituting her love she could never allow herself to give to her son. In a way, losing Oskar was like losing Fergus all over again.  I knew this hit Rowena hard, but I didn't realise how much until this episode. She hadn't forgotten or forgiven Crowley for the loss of her "surrogate" child and when the opportunity came for her to exact the same opportunity, she took it and basked in it.  The thing is though, Rowena genuinely liked Gavin.  She held no ill will towards him and she didn't kill him herself and I don't think she would've.  On the contrary, I could totally see Rowena making Gavin her new Oskar.  Gavin chose his own course of action, because of love and because it was the right thing to do.  Rowena told this to Crowley.  She didn't coerce Gavin. There were no spells or tricks.  She simply tweaked a spell the boys already had to fit their need.  There was no ill will in her heart for her grandson.  She said it was the right thing to do.  She told Crowley it was right for him and for her.  Gavin provided Rowena her opportunity to enjoy the moment, but she didn't herself inflict it. Not to say she ain't basking in it's sweetness, knowing that Crowley knows what it feels like to lose a child.

    The Unnoticed?

    I had noticed this during both watches and someone else brought this up as well.  Gavin and Fiona didn't go through the wall or a closet for that matter as Abbadon and Henry had when they used the same spell. When they were casting the spell, Sam looked up for a few seconds actually, as though he was looking at heaven...perhaps praying?  Gavin and Fiona disappeared in a white light.  I wondered too if perhaps Sam had prayed for them and they didn't end up on that boat necessarily, but just went straight to heaven. I don't think an express trip to heaven would've changed the timeline, in answer to a prayer.  If Sam had prayed that they can go to heaven instead of sinking on that ship, but still save the rest....I think it's possible....πŸ™
    so yeah I'm going with that theory as well.

    The Boys

    It was a run of the mill case with lots of players on the board so not much of the boys.  What we did get however....did anyone else think it was totally hot when Sam commanded Rowena to "sit down". πŸ˜  What was even better, she did.  Then when the dimple arrived.....heart explosionπŸ’–πŸ’₯.  Dean had some good one liners of course.  The best part of the ep was the end.  The way those boys stood together on one side of the table while Mary stood alone on the other.  That's it right there and that's the way it always will be.  Sam and Dean are a unit.  Not even Mom can change that. The hurt on their faces at her confession.  The "face"....yes Dean you give her that "face".  It's a great face and it means business.  Mom may not get it now, but she will come to understand what those boys mean to each other and they will teach her what it means to be a Winchester.

    The Assumption

    Now from what I heard, next week's ep is the episode that will likely be Jensen light as he was having some babies at the time. πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ΆSo my guess is, judging from the pics of Sam and Mom....Both Sam and Dean will be against working for the BMOL, but they will hear Mom out. Dean will probably be more against it than Sam.  I know Sam was the one that was tortured, but Sam is pragmatic and logical.  He also, as we've seen, been craving some kind of relationship with his mom as he keeps trying to reach out to her, despite her lack of interest in return.  I can see Sam agreeing to go with Mom on a hunt to see for himself, but more than that, to look out for her. Now normally I can see Dean begrudgingly agreeing right away.  Given that Jensen had to leave, I'm going to go with Dean not going on the hunt, being too angry and unable to get past Mom lying and sneaking behind their backs. I can see him staying behind and calling Sam. If he did film though, I do see him changing his mind close to the end and going in to help out.   I can also see them working with the BMOLs on a few more hunts, not because they think Mom is right about them, but because of the opposite and because they want to protect her.  I do think at some point some harsh truths will come out and the boys will cut ties with them entirely.

    Best Quotes

    Sam:  "sit down"
    Crowley: “It turns out that behind that whole moron faΓ§ade, you and your brother are, in fact, morons.”
     Mr. Ketch: “You’re an excellent liar, Mary.”
    Lucifer: “Oh my Dad. I love that, you and I, both single fathers. I could use a little dad advice right about now. When do you let them date?”
    Rowena: I’m your mother, dear. Who better to crush your shrivelled heart?”

    All in all a pretty good ep.  It raised many important questions and sets up the rest of what's to come. Jared and Jensen were as per usual amazing. Everyone was great.  So love that MP is back as Luci.  Always enjoy Mark and Ruth.

    Til next week.

    I hope you enjoy the read.....the very long read...πŸ˜‚

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