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The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on NO MORE HIATUS' Squeefilled Preview of Supernatural 11x19 "The Chitters"

-by sweetondean

Oh yeahhhhhhhh we're back! 5 more episodes until the end of the season! MEEP! This is when things start to get terrifying quite frankly... but before that happens, we have this week's episode which looks like it sits outside of the main mythology...though I'm sticking with my theory that this season's arc is actually the brothers' relationship....

When we last saw our heroes....


The boys joined forces with their frenemy Crowley
Rowena came back from the dead
Lucifer made a trip to Heaven
Cas watched TV
The Hand of God needs the Chosen
The Darkness stole Casifer and is being mean to him
The boys talked...and talked...and talked again.


I guess on the way to bringing Cas home....the boys caught a case!

So I went back and looked at all the episode 19s because I know around here we often have the last, not totally devoted to the season mytharc, ep before we rush headlong towards the finale. But it's actually about 50/50. Some ep 19s are up to their elbows in mytharc, some aren' there goes that theory!


“The Chitters” 

SAM AND DEAN MEET A NEW PAIR OF HUNTERS – In a small town in Colorado, mysterious disappearances happen every 27 years. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) head to the town to investigate and meet two hunters who have a personal vendetta against these once-in-a-generation monsters. Eduardo Sanchez directed the episode written by Nancy Won (#1119). 

This is Nancy's third episode, in this her first season with the show - previous episodes being, 11.05 Thin Lizzie and 11.12 Don't You Forget About Me. I've been super impressed with Nancy's writing, especially her take on the brothers...and of course she gave us that wonderfully awkward family dinner!

Eduardo Sánchez is best known as the writer/director of The Blair Witch Project - which was one of the first (if not the first) found footage style horror movies. It was absolutely massive and revolutionary when it was released in 1999. As well as controversal. Many found the shaky cam hard to deal with, and the home video, low budget style was also critisised. But it was a huge hit in its day and generated massive amounts of press and a few sequels!

I watched The Blair Witch Project again recently, and I have to say, it stands up really well against modern horror. I think it's pretty damn cool we have Eduardo directing our show. Unfortunately he's currently directing an episode of Dusk Til Dawn so won't be available to live tweet - because that would have been fun! I'm sure he popped some Blair Witch Easter Eggs in the episode - other than the fact part of it appears to take place in the woods!

I always get nervous when the Winchesters run into other hunters - they've had some bad luck with them in the past. But on the flipside, I also love it, because I love to see the hunter world populated with others out there living the life and doing the job. I always find that fascinating. I wonder if these hunters have heard of the boys or visa versa? I wonder if they'll turn out to be friend or foe...or you, know...survive! Bet they both don't...

Okay, here is the promo!


It looks like a monster of the week - but if we are heading into a big mytharc episode next week (with the return of a certain bathrobe wearing favourite), I'm sure we'll end with something that ties us back in - if not also peppered throughout. The monster of the week stories this season have been unbelievably strong. It's part of what I think has made this season particularly great, this feeling that we have got back to the roots and the heart of the show. The brothers being hunters and the brothers being brothers. It's made season 11, and all the stories being told throughout it, highly satisfying. There have been lots of twists and turns, but it all feels firmly rooted in the history of the show. I absolutely adore it.


O.M.G. Sammy smoking weed. Dean "sinner" "rebel"! SEASON 11 BROTHERS LET ME LOVE YOU!

Dean actually looks a bit like Jensen here! And I never think they look a like. Which I know is weird. But Jensen has a lightness to him, a softness that exudes out of him and Dean carries the weight of the world etched in his beautiful face. I LOVE THIS ADORABLE, TEASING, CUTE AS A DAMN BUTTON DEAN! He looks about 12.

I better hang on to this memory...I'm think it's not going to be light and funny Dean much beyond this point!

By the way...pretty sure my body emits a buzzing sound around Jensen....

Also, no-one does, SHUT UP DEAN face like Sam!

Now...there may have been something about monsters in this...IDK...all I saw was Dean teasing Sam and being stupidly cute, Sam being adorably irritated, and something about junkless, sinner, rebel and weed.
*happily snuggles down into a love bubble*

Okay! So have fun with this epi! Enjoy any happy feels you can feel.... IT'S GETTING CLOSE TO THE SEASON END AND WE KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS....

I'll just leave you with this....

oh my god


(Oh and shameless promotion time...I wrote a wee story about the bros - just something a little fun, check it out if you like :) SNOW DAY)

Oh and here's another sneak peek from EW - that shows the boys are looking for Cas, but with no leads, they're doing their job on the side.

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  1. OMG Amy I love your previews!! I can't wait for this episode, I have missed my boys. I love any episode, Mytharc or Motw I don't care, just having Dean and Sam talking, being together I love. I love teasing Dean, Jensen Ackles sigh!! I agree, just enjoy because yes shit is about to get real lol!! ps: I read Snow Day loved it, it could be an episode!!