Sunday, 22 June 2014

Women of Letters Podcast - Supernatural Season 1 Retrospective

Hellatus dragging you down?

Join Jules from the Supernatural Wiki and I as we take a comprehensive look at Season 1.

We discuss the mythology, how it's changed over the seasons and what was established in season 1 that we saw develop and influence what we know now.

We also look at the characters, Dean, Sam and John along with Meg and Bobby,

We talk about how the characters were first presented and what was laid out that informed us to who the characters really were and how they would then develop as the seasons progressed.

Listen as we relive some of our favourite moments and also discuss some of the moments we feel are important to future story and character arcs.

You can listen and download here.

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We hope you enjoy reliving the awesomeness that is Supernatural Season 1!


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