Saturday, 8 March 2014

Spoilers Sweeties! Promo and Promo pics from Supernatural 9.16 "Blade Runners"

Hello! Welcome to Dean gets a new knife! Brought to you by the Mark of Cain!

So it looks like shit's about to get real and go down and hit the fan and all that stuff shit does.

Here are the promo pics for the next episode - which is March 18.

"Blade Runners"

I love how they share Ruby's knife. Very nice sharing! Now if only they can work that other crap out.

I'm happy/sad to see the beard of feels still making a showing! Happy for me, sad for Dean. Sammy looks spectacular giving the death stare of Sam!


Well here she is! Sam and Dean (and me) finally get to figure out what a Snooki is! Can anyone say crossroads demon!

Look at this beautiful lighting. Serge Ladouceur directed this episode. Everything he does is beautiful.

Seriously. Sam is making me feel feelings I'm pretty sure I should be feeling for Dean! Bad Sam! (P.S. Sam...don't stop!)

Aww Sammy. A box of files in the trunk! Love our nerdy researching Sam. The fact that he can also kill anything just makes him the most awesome of nerds!

Moose, looking about the size of a, well a moose!

I have to say, I am enjoying all of these Sam pics. Very much.

Sinister Crowley looks sinister. Shiny baby looks shiny!

Sam's tied up! Must be Tuesday! The boys are tag teaming being in peril of late! 

NOT THE FACE! Where's that magical Winchester healing cream!

Helloooooo First Blade!

Does one have to roll up his Mark of Cain sleeve to wield the knife?

Sam looks surprised...o-oh.

Wait. Does Dean have chain around his arm? They're both chained up! Double Winchester bondage! What? Nothing.

I have a feeling this guy is curtains!

Dean Winchester is not amused. Hot, but not amused.

Soooo what do we think of those! Is this the real First Blade? Who is this dude in the bowtie (P.S. bowties are cool, but maybe not this one). Let me know your thoughts!

And here's the promo! I feel the snark level will be up to 11!



  1. Thanks, Amy!

    I laughed out loud at your photo captions. Sinister Crowley looks sinister. Shiny Baby looks shiny - is my favorite. Both brothers look spectacular. Serge does know how to light them:) Supernatural has the best-looking male nerd anywhere; Arrow has the best-looking female one. Nothing against Charlie, but she's not a series regular like Felicity is.

    I think Sam is going to be surprised by the appearance of Dark Dean in this episode. I wonder if Dean will share with Sam what he found out about the MoC during that all-nighter he pulled a couple of episodes ago or if Sam will have to research it on his own. I'm sure it's nothing good.

    Have lots of fun in Vegas. Please report back! Hope your dog is doing okay!!

  2. Yep pretty sure bow-tie man is a goner. If you look at the picture of Dean holding the First Blade with your caption: "Does one have to roll up his Mark of Cain sleeve to wield the knife?" you can see blood on most of it. I am so excited for this episode. I want to see just what the blade and mark do together to Dean. Guess they get Crowley dried out and did he get the blade before or after he ends up with the human blood withdrawals? So many questions again and 4 more days to go to get answers. Hope you get to watch from Vegas if you are there by then. I'll be thinking of you and watching for all the tweets and FB postings and feeling very jealous that I couldn't go this year.

  3. These promo photos are gorgeous. That is all. I mean, not ALL. They're everything, dreamy and whoa. See, I'm just blithering. Have fun in Vegas!

  4. I'm so looking forward to this episode! (then again, I don't think there's any episode I haven't been excited to see) Amazing how Sam can be chained up with some guy pointing a knife at him and he can STILL look intimidating! And Dean too. And oh, looky, it's Major Lorne from Stargate Atlantis!

  5. I think our SPN peeps are trying to set a record for most times the main characters get tied up in one season of television, haha! Sam really should start carrying a tiny pocket knife with him or something. Come on, boy, learn from your tie ups, man! LOL!

    Dean should roll up the other sleeve and go for the 1950's Greaser Look. :)