Saturday, 22 March 2014

Dean Winchester - Worthy.

I can't get enough of the vid. It's one of the best Dean Winchester vids I've ever seen.

Amazingly powerful. Devistatingly heartbreaking.

I honestly believe that Dean Winchester will be remembered as one of the great TV characters of all time. 

Jensen Ackles and the whole Supernatural creative team should be so damn proud of what they've created in 
Dean Winchester.

I love this vid with a fiery passion...just like I love Dean.



  1. I loved this. It was a gorgeous video. It captured Dean at his fiercest. I only had 2 very tiny problems with it. The part that said "Alone".....Sam? And the part that said ''Fearless"......again Sam, Dean's greatest fear. It's what makes him human.

  2. Well I guess at the moment he does feel alone, because he doesn't feel like Sam has his back like he used to. After Sam's words about not going to any length to save him. We know what Sam was saying, but Dean would have only heard that he was not enough. So yes, right now with everything that has transpired and what he's facing with the MoC I would say he's feeling very much alone. I'm sure that won't last. We know that Sam is there and will always be there for him.

    As for fearless, I'm pretty sure this vidder was talking about when he hunts and then, he is absolutely fearless.

    There are many, many things that make Dean and keep Dean human.

    It's such a great vid. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. To me Dean's greatest strength (and maybe his weakness) is his capacity for love especially for Sam. It did capture Dean's mindset at the moment. And I have watched it a few (maybe more than a few) times already.