Thursday, 27 February 2014

Promo for Supernatural 9.15 "#THINMAN"

Here's the promo for next week's episode!

This is the episode with the Ghostfacers!

I'm looking forward to this (like I don't always look forward to Supernatural!). I love the "Ghostfacers" episode from season 3 - though I think a big part of why I love it is because Dean swears all the way through it and I want to see that episode uncensored so bad though maybe that might not be healthy because Dean swearing a blue streak is going to be super hot and I'm not sure I could cope with that level of hot but hey I'm willing to try *takes deep breath*.

Sorry...where was I? Oh yes, Dean swearing would be hot. What? No. Here's the promo for next week's episode #THINMAN.

Hey, how are we going to hashtag that one on twitter? ##THINMAN? IDK...

(p.s. I say "WINCHESTERS, YAY" all the time! Just sayin' there Harry)


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