Friday, 22 July 2016

Supernatural at San Diego Comic Com 2016

-by sweetondean

Welcome to sweetondean's 2016 San Diego Comic Con coverage...and no, I'm not there...I'm basically Ariel in this scenario! But even though I'm home in Sydney, I will be keeping an eye on goings on and trying to collate as much Supernatural news as I can, right here!

This year, in addition to the Supernatural panel on Sunday in Hall H, press interviews and Nerd HQ panels, a whole host of Supernatural alumni will be there with new shows and comics and cool stuff!

Past showrunners Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble and Jeremy Carver will be there with their shows - Timeless, The Magicians and Frequency; Writers Ben Edlund, Robbie Thompson and Adam Glass will also be there with their projects, The Tick, Spiderverse/Marvel and Brik.

Felicia Day will be doing panels at Geek and Sundry, Nerdist and NerdHQ, and the Gishbus will be in attendance, with Misha doing a special panel on Saturday.

And Big Daddy John Winchester - AKA JDM will be in attendance with a nasty baseball bat for The Walking Dead!

There will also be other past cast members attending panels with their new shows. So lots of stuff to look forward to!

So I'll be pulling together, photos, panel videos, press interviews and all sorts of goodies!

Let's kick off the coverage of a huge 4 days!


First up - the wonderful Rich and Rob were in town launching, ComicConHQ - the platform hosting their Kings of Con series, and of course, talking all things Kings of Con - as well as Supernatural.

Here is Zap2It's interview with the boys - via their Facebook page.

Here is a periscope of the Kings of Con press room interview - you may hear my partner in podcast crime, Jules, asking some questions!
This is via @highvoltagemag

Here's Felicia's Nerd HQ panel!

Here are some fun pics from the Wayward Cocktails event!

And this one courtesy of Robbie because it's just fun!

And some new Supernatural merchandise has been revealed! Check these out!


Day 2 of SDCC gets underway with a couple of the big Supernatural related events being The Walking Dead Panel, which of course has our very own John Winchester in the shape of JDM! 

Ben Edlund also has his 30 years of The Tick Panel. 

And Rob and Rich are walking the floor and doing some coverage for Comic-ConHQ.

So here we go with some highlights from Friday!

My friend Sandra is at Comic Con reporting for The Winchester Bros and caught up with Jeff! If you want more from Sandra - check out the coverage at The Winchester Bros here.

Jeff rocked up to the TWD panel with Lucille - the bat!

This one from Norman Reedus Instagram <3

Here's the freshly released season 7 trailer

And here's the full The Walking Dead panel

Jeff talks about Neegan

This little vid from EW's Instagram is hilarious!

Ben Edlund is celebrating 30 years of The Tick as well as the launch of the new series on Amazon! Former Supernatural writer, (and Ben's girlfriend), the wonderful Jenny Klein is at Comic Con too - there's a lot of Supernatural writers past and present there this year!

Here is a lucky fan with the man himself!

Here's another fun photo of the official SDCC Supernatural bag - this time from a Men of Letters proud, Adam Glass!

The lovely Osric Chau is in town for Dirk Gently - I sure hope he has his towel! P.S. you should all read Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency because it's awesome!

Here's another look at the Supernatural plushies! WANT!

The Hillywood girls are at SDCC and attended last night's Wayward Cocktails event! With my podcast partner, the fabulous Jules!

Robbie found some breathtaking art!

And some hot action figures!

The fabulous Jules from the Wiki caught up with her buddy, Adam Glass.

Friday night saw the Warner Bros party and the boys were in town, which meant a flurry of selfies!

Jared teased Misha

Here's a couple more shots of that dress from Michelle


Back to the Padaleski selfies!

The Originals' Joseph Morgan even selfied with Jared!

And here's Jared with the fabulous Chris Hardwick!

And that was just a small portion of the Padaleski selfie fest!

And then there was Jason and Jensen....


Saturday has some big events, including The Magicians panel with Sera Gamble, and Alpha Vamp, the wonderful Rick Worthy. Eric Kripke has his panel for his new show Timeless and Jeremy Carver's new show Frequency has its panel. Osric will be at the Dirk Gently panel, The Gishbus will hit town complete with Misha and surprise passenger Ruth Connell, and Misha will have a panel at Camp Cornival at Petco Park.

But first - the boys played 18 holes to shake off the night before!

And it looks like Jensen's love for snapchat continues! 

Rich and Rob were back on the floor for Comic Con HQ 
though it looks like Rich is running low on energy!

But not so tired they didn't hit the WB boat!

Here's Rob and Rich being jokers on the comic con floor!

The Magicians had their party on Friday night, and Saturday's panel saw former Supernatural writer and showrunner Sera Gamble along with the lovely Rick Worthy take the stage.

The gorgeous Jamie stepped out with Rick to the party! 
This photo gives me hearteyes - these are two super nice people!

The cast of The Magicians

Here are a couple of panel shots of Sera and Rick

 And Sera blown away by Magicians cosplay!

Ben was back on the floor representing for The Tick

Supernatural writer John Bring is at Comic Con with his comic Penguins and Possums (which is super cool FYI).

Fangasm's Lynn caught up with Robbie T

Osric caught up with Adam Glass

Misha hit Comic Con and caught up with one of my favourites!

And selfied with a fan!

He then attempted to ride Kripke's Timeless ride!

Gosh I love these guys!

And Eric did ride his ride!

This made me giggle and squee in one!

And here's Eric about to kick off his panel! Bless him.

Jeremy Carver was onboard the WB boat with the cast of Frequency!

Here's Jeremy and cast at their signing

The Gishbus arrived and got a pretty good crowd!

Ruthie was onboard the Gishbus!

Zap2it caught up with Misha and the Gishbus craziness!

Here is a periscope of Misha's Geek and Sundry panel via @kamyb22


Adam's son Aiden got a pic with Misha

Squad goals! Rob, Rich, Ruth, Ben, Jenny and Alaina out on the town in San Diego.

Love this pic from Mark!


Side note: Just on a rumour - season 13 was not confirmed. This from Holy Ollis of WBTV

What they didn't do was announce season 12 was the end - as The Vampire Diaries panel did when they announce the current season, 8, would be the final season. That is not a green light on 13. Don't expect a season 13 announcement until next year - as per usual. (But anyone thinking season 12 would be the final season hasn't been listening to Mark Pedowitz, or Jim Michaels (signed on through 13), or Jensen and Jared (signed on through 13 and openly talking about hoping to make it to 300 eps)).

FINALLY! It's Supernatural day at Comic Con! The gang were all there, and they kicked off the day with signings.

Here are some photos from the WBTV Facebook page.

Remember this little girl from last year?

Here are some pics from the WB snapchat

Here is the WBTV Facebook live stream of the signings

The whole panel lineup - via Suzanne Gomez

Misha took over the CW Instagram for this one

Before the panel, Jensen went Facebook Live! He's getting better! Though his concentration face at the end, when he has to turn it off, is the best.

And here is Misha backstage!

Here is the Supernatural Comic Con panel

Here are some shots of the guys and the panel via Gettys

And a couple of great shots of our panel moderators via Fangasm!

Here's a wrap up of the panel from Laura Prudom at Variety - Click for spoilers!

Here are a couple of small pressline vids from Zap2it

Here's some photos from the pressroom

And some pressroom interviews

And now for NERD HQ panels!
The first panel was a Supernatural panel with Jared and Jensen, Misha and Mark.
The second panel was a solo Jared panel, with Jared and Jensen, Mark and Misha!


And here's Rob and Rich at ComicConHQ

And their Amazon Video Q&A

That's it for another year at Comic Con!

Hope you enjoyed the wrap up!



  1. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  2. You're the best! Oh how I wish I was there, but I suspect your coverage is waaaay better than what I'd have access to if I was there. Love you!

  3. thanks amy, totally awesome

  4. Thanks! I've got a question tho - Why do reporters always ask the same? Couldn't they get together at one point and agree which one asks what. And why do they never ask about the previous season? I mean, these interviews happen now so rarely, once a year, why not to try spending the time more efficiently?