Thursday, 23 June 2016

SUPERNATURAL HIATUS HAPPINESS! Jensen and Jared do the 42nd Annual Saturn Awards In Honour of Eric Kripke.

- by sweetondean

This really has been the hiatus that just keeps giving! On top of all the sightings of the Js hanging out in Austin, this week we got to see Jensen and Jared hit the red carpet. It's a rare thing. Seriously. How often do we get to see them suit up and do this kind of thing? I could probably count the occasions on one hand! Or maybe one and a half hands. Tops. But still! It's rare!

The Saturn Awards are held in Los Angeles, and the boys had the honour of awarding Eric Kripke with the Dan Curtis Legacy Award, which meant Jensen and Jared headed to town the day before the awards, and we were blessed with photos of them out and about being selfied with various fans!

They went Bowling at Pinz, apparently they did some shopping and then were snapped at Montage Beverly Hills (where they may have been staying).

Then the next day - much to our surprise and barely contained, okay, totally uncontained excitement, the boys and Misha did a PHOTO SHOOT for Rouge Magazine who kindly shared some outtakes with us! The photos will is a special feature on our favourite ratbag boys, in Rogue's upcoming Fall Issue 4. You will be able to order it here. They've promised to post more pics so keep an eye out!

 This one Jared shared!

Next was awards time!

Jensen decided to share with us how well he scrubs up. Him and his epic ranga beard.... scrub up excessively well. Excessively. Well. 

Ok Kripke...I got dressed up. This better be good. #saturnawards2016

Then it was red carpet time!

Finally we got some shots of the boys with the man of the hour, the creator of our wonderful show, Eric Kripke!

The night was hosted by the fabulous John Barrowman, who posted this pic!

Yaw Channel posted some lovely pics of the Js!

(1st two photos from Vlada Gelman)
(This one is currently my phone wallpaper)

Everyone wanted a selfie!

Arrow star Echo Kellum, selfied with the boys

So did Yvette Nicole Brown

Anddddd more selfies!

Days Of Our Lives star James Lastovic grabbed a pic with alum, Jensen!

These two are via zombie.vicki instagram

But of course there was an actually award to give out to this guy!


Then post the awards festivities Jensen....came face to face with Darth Vader! 
And had fun with it on his instagram!

Hey bout a quick pic?

Whoa...that was unexpected.

Was that necessary?


(Oh Ackles, you are damn delightful!)

Here are a bunch more super awesome and cute Getty Images

Awwww Jared....sweaty.

Here are some video interviews from the red carpet! One in which Jensen confirms he is the only person posting to his social media - he runs it himself - when he remembers!

Hopefully the Saturn Awards will post Jensen and Jared presenting Eric with his award, and when they will be here!


Jared is at 2.24 talking about JDM




  1. It's all so overwhelming isn't it!!

  2. Jensen looked cool and collected, but poor Jared looked like he was way too warm. He wasn't even wearing a tie like Jensen was. He also had to bend down when he was talking to the reporters and to the other guests. It must be hard to be so tall sometimes. I hope he doesn't get back aches. His smile lights up the room, though.

  3. Ok, I had a meltdown when all the fantastic pictures appeared. I agree the boys don't do enough red carpet events, (starts petition to get more red carpets for them). I love Jared all casual and cute, and then Jensen, holy hot model batman!!! I mean seriously Jensen, way to kill a girl, he really does clean up well, lol!! There's actually a picture of Jared, Jensen and Eric posing arm in arm and a woman to the side of Jensen is caught looking at him with a dazed look on her face, lol!! We get it luv, believe us! Lots of cute videos made me so proud of our beautiful boys!! Oh and Jensen, stay away from the dark side, lol!! Can't wait for Season 12!!