Monday, 28 March 2016

SUPERNATURAL THINK TANK - Thinky Thoughts on 11x16 "Safe House"

-by Anna

I  really did enjoy this episode.  I love to watch Bobby and Rufus go at it.  I think the boys had it right when they referred to Bobby and Rufus as Grumpier Old Men of Letters, now that's a spin off I would absolutely watch. I thought Robbie did a masterful job with this episode tying the past and present together so beautifully.  Robbie is much like the fandom, he remembers everything, and whatever he might forget, he goes back and researches.   He really does his due diligence and it shows in his brilliant and sometimes complex scripts.  I must admit that I had to give it two watches before I fully understood what was really going on, but wow, once the lightbulb turned on, I was awed at ,how cool a story it really was. 

Firstly of course I'd love to give praise where it's due.  Jared and Jensen were amazing as always and I'm still smiling two days later from their hug...and yes it was most definitely a hug.  Love the boys banter and love that Sam won at RPS, (I actually find that comforting).  I loved the back and forth from past to present.  It was done so fluently.  The ep made me laugh and I love eps like that, the ones where I can put aside any worry and just enjoy the funny.   It managed to be creepy as well, which I always love.  Steven Williams and Jim Beaver have an awesome chemistry and Rufus and Bobby were such a delight to watch.  I find it quite humorous that Bobby, who has seen the boys dig graves, has never mentioned using a mini excavator to do the job for them.  Watching Bobby dig with no effort and then switching to the boys digging with shovels was priceless.  I do so hope we get to see those two again in some form or another in the future. 

I will say that this ep had me thinking.  I know, that's a scary thought....😂  There they were, these random thoughts swimming in my brain, so of course I had to share them with you.  

I thought Sam's comment about feeling comfort at what Dean saw in the Nest was quite telling.  It seemed to me that one saw their worst fears in the nest.  One of the victims saw her husband dead and Bobby saw the boys.  I found it comforting as well knowing that Dean's greatest fear isn't Amara or her control over him, but it's what it's always been.....losing his brother.   Regardless of what Amara or the Banshee or the Qareen might have told Dean,  Sam still comes first and foremost in his brother's thoughts.  Sam's hold on Dean is stronger than anything else, including God's maniacal sister. That is a comfort.

Speaking of Amara, did anyone else see the parallel between Amara and the Soul Eater?  They both eat souls.  The Soul Eater lived in the Nest.  Do we know where Amara has been banished to before the removal of the MOC released her?  She wasn't in Hell.  She wasn't in Heaven.  Was she in the Nest?  Is the Soul Eater Amara's creation?  Why did the Soul Eater know of Amara and what Dean supposedly wants?  Did it read Dean's thoughts when it entered him?  Was the Soul Eater channelling Amara?  Could there be a connection with Amara and the Soul Eater much like the connection between Eve and her children?   When the Soul Eater was killed all the souls were free.  If Amara is killed, do the souls she consumed become free?   What about the Nest?  Billie had mentioned the Empty to Sam when they first met.  She told him that no one comes back from the Empty.  Is the Nest a parallel to the Empty?  Will the boys' knowledge of the Nest be a reminder that the Empty is out there and it may just be the solution to trapping the Darkness forever?  

Yep this is the kind of stuff that runs through my head.  LOL.   Anybody have any thoughts on the subject?  I would so love to hear what you all think. 

I'm totally psyched for this upcoming ep.   I'm interested to see what Billie is really up to.  I'm not worried about her taking Sam, but I do wonder what it will be that will stop it....or who?

That's it for this one.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Holiday....hope there's lots of chocolate....

Til next time...


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  1. I'm glad someone else thought of amara. That was the first thing I said after they said it was a soul eater. "Like amara!" Then I said can they trap her there? I like how you think.
    Bobby and Rufus best grumpy old men ever. Hope we see them again.
    Transitions were incredible. Loved it all